Why Is Local SEO Important for Architecture Firms?

Most architects desire to work with local clients that are within driving distance away. To be sure your architecture firm’s webpage is reaching web users in the correct location, local SEO is here to help.

In 2022, your architecture business needs to have more than just a webpage to reach your desired clients. According to statistics, over one-third of web users click on the first website they see. If you want to get the right users, your business has to be one of the first on the list. Local search engine optimization (SEO) will help boost your site to the top so you can reach your ideal clients.

Before ensuring your local SEO is functioning correctly, your architecture company must ensure your basic search engine optimization tools are in use. Basic SEO can be anywhere from using the correct keywords, including accurate metadata, or ensuring your business is making the most out of digital marketing. After your architecture firm has the standard SEO requirements, then your architecture firm can start investing in local search engine optimization. 

Architecture firms need to be able to reach the search results of people in the same area as your business. Otherwise, your architecture firm may appear on search results of people from other states. This information will be irrelevant to those users and will cause a decrease in visitors to your website. Local SEO for architecture firms can also ensure that your website is reaching customers in the correct location. This article will give some tips and tricks as well as explain the best ways to optimize local SEO for your architecture firm.

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Architect SEO

Ninety-seven percent of people discover a local business online. Your architecture firm can stand out and be the first in the search results by optimizing for local SEO. Local SEO for an architect will help boost your site to the top of the search results. Making sure your local SEO reaches the right audience is as simple as hiring a talented local architect SEO designer

The search for the right architecture firm can be overwhelming for some consumers. People generally click on the first few web pages within a search result. Local SEO can ensure your architecture firm’s website is one of those web pages. Without local SEO, your architecture firm will be appearing in areas that you may not operate in or that are irrelevant to your company. Appearing on irrelevant search results can damage your brand’s reputation. It can also decrease the number of potential visitors to your architecture firm’s website. 

Traditional digital marketing for architects involves messages directed to consumers, but SEO design is a different kind of digital marketing. It is a way of communicating with consumers to invite them to visit your site. Optimized local SEO for an architecture firm will generate more traffic to your website, give you an advantage over your competitors, and allow your architecture business to gain more clients in your local area.

SEO Criteria

The first step is ensuring your architecture firm’s website contains the most simple SEO criteria. These criteria include specialized keywords and different metadata. To get your site to rank well on a search engine, you must have good title tags and meta description tags. Meta title tags contribute to keywords and are the words that appear to be the title of your website on search engine results. Include the words that will hook your audience into wanting to know more about your business. You should also include popular descriptions of your industry.

Meta description tags are just as important. These description tags appear under the meta title tags in the search engine result and provide a brief description of your services. Your architecture firm should give an on-brand description of your business. Any information a customer would want to know off-the-bat is essential to bringing users to your site. Also, be sure to include a call to action. Enticing users to click on your site by using phrases such as “see our projects here” can benefit an architect’s SEO. 

The last and most basic SEO necessity is making sure your website is user-friendly, as well as making sure to include page headings within your website. Headings such as different service categories, an “About Us,” “Contact Us,” or “Services” are essential to your architecture company’s website. This way, users can easily find the information that brought them to your site in the first place. Making sure important information is clearly written and easily accessible will boost the search engine optimization of your architecture website.

Also, be sure to publish on your website often. This is critical to local SEO and ensuring your architecture website is at the top of search results. Creating a blog and posting regularly, updating different projects, or publishing pictures are all ways to ensure you have the basic necessities for local SEO. 

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Keywords for Architects

The most important part of local SEO for architecture companies is to include the correct keywords. Keywords are terms the user types into the search bar to find specific information. Top keywords for architects include “architect,” “architecture,” and “Frank Lloyd Wright.” 

Finding the right words for your architecture company is the key to boosting the success of your local SEO. For architects, keywords help the search engine determine your page’s relevance to the user’s questions. Essentially, keywords form the user’s query they want a search engine to answer.

Choosing the right keyword can depend on what kind of architecture company you have. Whether you deal with residential architecture or commercial can determine which words will bring the most customers to your website. Writing these keywords should come naturally, as they are words you most often use to describe your business.

Residential Architecture Keywords

For example, if you build residential properties, including words such as “local residential architect,” “home,” “residence,” and “single-family home” will make sure the correct people are seeing your site. Sprinkling these keywords throughout your site will also ensure that your architecture company gets the right amount of attention. 

Be sure to use these keywords in a sentence and keep them contextualized. Avoiding random or irrelevant words will help boost your page to the top of the search results. The easiest way to think of keywords would be to ask yourself what you would search for if you were trying to look for your own company. 

Optimizing your architecture firm’s website for local SEO will ensure that customers in your area can find your website easily. When local SEO works correctly and the user is in an area near your business, your architecture website should be at the top of their search results. People searching for local architects use the top phrase: “architects near me.” Architects at the top of this search result list will generate the most customers since people tend to click on the first few options available. 

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Finding Keywords

There is a website to view the top SEO keywords for architects, how many people are searching for them, and how popular they are. It is a good idea to look through this list and ensure you have some of the exact keywords for this website. The most critical numbers to notice on this site are the high, average monthly searches and making sure the competition is either low or medium. Using keywords from this list should generate the most relevant users for your website. 

Including keyword-related content such as a blog can also help optimize your website. Writing blog posts that include keywords your architecture firm has gathered will help Google recognize that your website is helpful and relevant. Make sure these posts contain content that is relevant to your architecture company. These blog posts may range from highlighting different projects your company is working on or giving architecture tips. 

Link Building

An external link is a link to a different site, most commonly anchored in text. An internal link is a link that connects to a webpage within your website. These links can help Google to recognize that your website is reputable and more relevant than other websites. Including external and internal links to blog posts will help boost your local SEO by connecting your blog to other sites. 

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Finding the Right Local SEO Design Company

When it comes to local SEO design for architecture companies, your business must find the right balance of knowledge and experience. SEO Design Chicago is here to help your architecture firm! We offer local SEO design and advertising services for architecture companies all around the country. Contact us today to receive more information about our services.


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