Ways to Build Your Architectural Credibility With Social Media

Let’s talk about credibility. Credibility is the capacity for which viewers believe you are trustworthy. What does this have to do with architects? This concept is extremely important in businesses because your audience is going to want to trust you in everything you do, considering they are paying you for your business. They’ll want to be sure that you know what you are doing and are worth the money.

Architects have had a history of credibility issues in the past, with several architects who have not been registered. Before a new law, anyone could call themselves an architect. Recently, 200 illicit architects were confronted for never obtaining architecture qualifications. Because of this, there were a lot of difficulties with trust in the industry.  

How can architects surpass this stereotype and regain the trust they lost? In this article, we will talk about how architecture social media increases credibility within the industry.

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Having an Online Presence

Before we get into architecture social media, let’s talk about having an online presence in general and how this increases credibility. Having a successful online presence takes more than simply being online. It is being on multiple platforms, engaging in two-way communication with your audiences, and always evaluating your performance. When you have two-way communication with your audience, you look more credible because it means you are willing to take criticism, be truthful, and hold yourself accountable for your work. Audiences like having a voice. 

Create a Website

The first step to making your architectural business thrive online is to create a website. Websites give your company a personal space to provide basic information while also making your business your own. Create different tabs within the website that hold key information along with one-of-a-kind graphics and interesting side content. The more content you have on your website, the better. 

Content Creation 

When you are preparing content, it is important to make sure you have a writing team. Whether it is you, a writing staff, or a hired group of interns, it is important to ensure that you have enough support to create content constantly and keep your website up to date. When your website is up-to-date, it draws more people in and keeps you relevant. We’ll talk more about how social media does this later in the article. 

Create Blogs

One way to constantly be keeping your website up to date is through blogs, which are very important for architects. Blogging for architects will spark interest and make your website thrive. Make sure to come up with a calendar for your blogs to hold yourself accountable for posting frequently. The more organized you are, the more likely you will be successful. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is using various social media platforms to market your business. With the digital age upon us, social media has become a groundbreaking new method for advertising a business. Since many people are on social media, you can target a large audience and relate to them better. How many people exactly? More than 4 billion people are using social media which is part of the reason why social media is important for businesses. We will get into this idea about architecture social media more throughout the article. 

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Architecture Social Media

We now know what social media marketing is and why it is important for businesses, but how does it affect architects specifically? Let’s further talk about some of these ideas through examples and go through how social media helps with credibility.

Here are some specific uses for architecture social media:

  • Architecture social media can increase credibility. Social media provides a space for architects to display more information about themselves and prove that they know what they are doing and are experts in their craft.
  • It can be used for research and two-way communication so architects can better understand manufacturing processes, reliability, performance, and support.
  • Using architect social media can promote your business on a global scale.
  • All popular social media platforms have a community of architects and those looking for architecture services because they are good for visual and technical sharing, which are aspects of importance to architects.
  • Architect social media encourages communication between architects and their peers, and images.
  • Social media for architects allows for a place to proudly present past, present, and possible future projects in the architecture world.
  • Social media for architects will get other people to talk about you and your brand.

Best Platforms for Architecture Social Media 

Useful social media platforms would be those that provide a space for visual representation so you can proudly display photos of your architectural design. However, you should not be choosing between these platforms. You should be utilizing all of them. Each platform brings a different perspective for your architecture, and highlights various parts of its greatness. 

Here are some of the best social media platforms for architects:


Visuals are the main part of Instagram. When using the app, you simply scroll through images and videos. Through Instagram, architects can attract scrollers’ attention with their architectural images, showing off their work proudly. You can even create a business account through Instagram, which will allow you to post sponsored ads that allow you to go to crowds outside of your following. Through Instagram, architects can reach a huge group of potential new customers.

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Facebook is a popular platform used by a large group of people. 2 billion, in fact. Their advertising system is similar to Instagram’s, so architects will be able to post pictures and videos that have the potential to reach new customers. Facebook’s ad system is even more advanced, however, because it allows architects to choose the demographics of the audience they want to reach. This will make it easier for architects to get new clients. 


LinkedIn is an extremely professional platform that will allow architects to communicate with one another along with being inspired by one another. Since the platform is so professional, it is a great place for architects to show that they are credible because they can show their expertise. LinkedIn is the place to showcase projects and professional photos.  


YouTube is meant for videos, which can be very useful for architects. Architects can make video blogs (aka vlogs) about their architecture. This can include not just the architecture itself, but advice, information on their brand, and more. Your videos can be extremely helpful to people and build a community for your architecture. 

Using Social Media Today

There has been a big increase of social media within the digital age, so it is important for businesses to understand how to use the most popular platforms with the latest trends. Architects need to keep up with the latest changes in technology so that they stay relevant with their audience and fulfill everyone’s needs. Social media will not only make your services available to a wider audience, but it will make you accessible for many people. 

Using social media today means architects are better able to relate with the public. It also leads to a more diverse audience globally. Social media allows architects to be more personable with their customers, not only posting about their professionalism but their personal highlights.  

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