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Why Your SEO and PPC Campaigns Need to Work Together 

If you’re wondering why your SEO and PPC campaigns need to work together, you’re in the right place. PPC campaigns and SEO campaigns have very similar goals, and every business is aiming for efficiency. When you use SEO and PPC to your best advantage, your company will see great growth online.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of optimizing your site to include certain words, called keywords. This helps your website or page rank higher on Google searches that include those keywords. PPC, or pay per click, is advertising where you only pay for that ad if someone clicks on it. They both use the power of keywords to their advantage. As you sync your campaigns, you will find that they can benefit each other in many ways. 

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SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization is important for any business building an online presence. It helps your website be seen by people. If your website design is beautiful and functional, it doesn’t matter if nobody ever gets to see it! You need SEO to help your website be at the top of Google searches. When you use SEO effectively, people searching the right keywords will find your website first, and you will get more customers. 

Keywords in Your SEO Campaign

The use of keywords is key to an SEO campaign, but it has a lot to do with choosing the right ones. Using keywords called long-tail keywords are a great way to get people to find your site. These are keywords that include longer phrases rather than a single word. That way, when someone searches “Local Ice Cream Parlors in Chicago,” your ice cream shop will pop up first. Choosing a keyword like “Ice Cream” will make it a little harder for your site to be found. Choose keywords that include locations or have words that will make it unique. There are even websites that can show you which keywords are searched the most. This will help you guide your SEO campaign to get the most views on your website. 

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PPC Campaign

PPC campaigns are one of the best ways to advertise online, and are arguably the most profitable. If people aren’t clicking on your ads and visiting your website, then the ad company doesn’t make any money. They are motivated to get your ads clicked on, so they put them on sites where people will be more likely to click. When people click on your ad and visit your website, they are likely to take a look around and see what your site has to offer. 

Keywords in Your PPC Campaign

Keywords are essential to PPC campaigns, too! The importance of keywords in PPC is mostly related to Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a division of Google that places ads on the side of Google searches. It works by using keywords to target which kind of Google searches they will place your ads on. That way, when people search for that keyword, your ad pops up! It is such an effective way to get out there if your website isn’t popping up higher on Google searches. Using the right keywords to place your ad is very important so that you will get more site traffic, and in turn, more sales. 

Link Building Campaign

Another thing that will bring your website to the top of Google searches is link building. In an SEO campaign, link building is essential. First of all, Google’s analytics are geared to pick up on things that are linked. It makes the page seem more important if it is being linked to on other sites. It adds credibility to your page as well, so Google will be more likely to recommend your site if there are links in it

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How to Link

Linking is easier than you might think! If you built your website using HTML, you will know that adding a link is extremely easy within the code. If not, website building sites like or usually allow linking within your site. You just highlight a bit of text, bring up a menu bar and you will easily see a linking icon. Click on that, and you can add a web address! Once you have added one, the text usually shows up in a different color and is underlined.

That will help people know that if they click on that text, it will take them to another website or page. Links are recognizable universally, so that can help you or hurt you. Linking correctly is so important! If someone clicks on a broken link, they get pretty annoyed and will sometimes take their attention somewhere else. Make sure all your links work before you put them on your site. 

Links through Blogs

One of the best ways to include links is by creating a blog. In a blog, you can talk about different things than just your product, and it usually gives you more traffic anyway. Unfortunately, there are some wrong ways to link within a blog. When creating links, you will want to be sure that your links match the words they are attached to. If you write about puppies, and insert a link but  it is about kittens, that won’t make much sense to your viewers. You will also want to keep your links as spread out as possible. Putting a bunch of links close together makes the text hard to read. Use links to generate traffic to companies that you support.

When you link to another company, you are in some ways giving your approval to that site. Never link to anything inappropriate or harmful! As you create links either on your site or your blog, focus on your purpose for linking: to guide people to sites you support, or to get more people to come to your website. This will help your SEO campaign specifically, but it will also affect your PPC Campaign. 

Why Your SEO and PPC Campaigns Need To Work Together

Google PPC Advertising

Outside of AdWords, Google does have another PPC site called the Google Display Network. This is a more advanced campaign that advertises all over the internet. It is a little more intense and expensive than just Google AdWords, but there are a lot of customers there. You may not get your ads exactly where you want them with just AdWords, but the Display Network uses Google’s top-notch analytics to get your ads right in front of the customers you want to see. This is an important aspect to keep in mind when you are creating your PPC campaign. 

How to Connect Your SEO and PPC Campaigns 

Now that you know more about linking, SEO and PPC, and using Google, how can you put them all together? When creating an SEO Campaign, you use keywords to get your website to the top of the searches. You can use the same kinds of keywords for your ads in your PPC campaign! When you make changes to your SEO to focus on newer, more focused keywords, do the same for your ads. As you make those changes to stay relevant, your ads will keep up with your website, and vice versa. You can also use your PPC campaign to test out keywords! Once you see how well they work, or not, then you can use them in your SEO.

This will help you to avoid making big changes to your more stable website and blog, while experimenting with new keywords. Keep what works but still experiment with new things to see if you could get even better! It will also help build your brand and increase familiarity with your company. If your ads and your website are similar and have the same branding, people will recognize them. It also helps that the more people visit your website, the higher up you will be in the Google searches. These benefits will help your SEO and PPC campaigns run smoothly and gain plenty of traffic for your website. 

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Considering Hiring an SEO Company

If linking your SEO and PPC campaigns is something you’d like to do, but you’re finding yourself stuck, turn to a company who can help you. Companies who sync your SEO and PPC are specialists who can get your website traffic up while preventing any issues that come about. Usually, companies who specialize in digital advertising are also experts in SEO. Finding a company who will care about your vision and goals is very important, so look for one that will increase your profits and visitors to your site. Now that you know what to look for, make sure if you hire a company that they know and understand why you want to link your SEO and PPC campaigns. 

Linking your SEO and PPC campaigns is not an easy task, but it is worth it. Remember the benefits of combining them, and keep an eye on the numbers. You will see that combining your efforts will work out for your website and get your sales up. Keep in mind that it may take time to see improvements, but as you put your skills to the test, you will see success! 

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