The Benefits of Using “People Also Ask”

When you can’t find what you are looking for on Google, you might go to the “People Also Ask” box to help you. You can look at these questions to see if you find a more specific question that could give you the information you are looking for. 

The “People Also Ask” feature on Google helps users to redefine their search. There are many benefits of using this feature. This article will explain what exactly the Google people also ask feature is and how it is beneficial.

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What is Google’s “People Also Ask?”

Google people also ask is a Google search engine result page (SERP) feature that answers questions related to the user’s search query. It displays a list of related questions and answers to the one you asked. The answers to each question come from a webpage. If you click on one of the people also ask questions, the Google search boxes will expand to show a short snippet from the web page. A clickable link to the webpage is also provided, so you can find more information.

Each time you click on a question, the Google search boxes expand to add more related questions. It can add an infinite number of additional questions to the people also ask for box. The feature is also known as “People Also Search For.” 

Key Insights on People Also Ask

Before learning about the three reasons why you should use the people also search for feature, you need to know these four things about it. 

First, these Google search boxes can appear in different SERP positions. They are not the same as featured snippets, which appear either first or second in the SERP. They can appear in any position on the SERPs – at the top, near the bottom, or anywhere in between. Sometimes the people also ask for feature will appear in the second position, and other times it will appear in the seventh position.

Second, people also ask questions are seemingly infinite. As previously mentioned, when you click on a question in the people also ask for section, more questions will be added. The more you click, the more questions are added. Therefore it can seem like there is no end to this feature. 

Third, the people also ask for answer formats vary. The answers can appear in different formats. The four most common answer formats are paragraphs, lists, tables, and videos.

Fourth, the people also ask for feature always triggers the same answer. Google almost always uses the same source for questions that appear across multiple search queries. The same question can show up in the people also ask for section with different search queries. Despite the different search queries, Google almost always uses the same source to answer the question. 

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Three Reasons to Use “People Also Ask”

1 – Discover Related Keywords

Using the people also ask feature allows you to better understand Google. It shows what Google deems relevant to the original search query. You can use this to your advantage. You can use this information to find long-tail keywords. Using the people also ask feature is one of many ways to choose long-tail keywords to be used in your content and on your website. It gives you insight into what related phrases people are also searching for. You can use these phrases as long-tail keywords for your website. This allows you to optimize your website’s content. 

The best way to use this information to your advantage is to first do some research on which people also ask phrases would be the best as long-tail keywords. You can do this by manually recording the data in a spreadsheet or you can use SEO tools, like STAT or Screaming Frog. One of the most common tools used for this data research is STAT. It is a product of Moz that focuses on large-scale rank tracking and SERP analytics. STAT reports on the keywords that trigger a people also ask box. The STAT report will state where it ranks in the Google search boxes. It even includes the clickable link that Google used as the source. 

You can use this data to determine which long-tail keywords will provide the best results. Then, you can begin to incorporate them into your content. One way to do this is to have a “Frequently Asked Questions”, or FAQ, section on your webpage. This way you can include the long-tail keywords to optimize your content, as well as answering the questions. It will help your chances of winning a people also ask box for your own business.

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2 – Target the People Also Ask Feature

Search engine optimization, SEO, is constantly changing. One way to keep up with the change is to optimize your content for SERPs. This can help you to increase your ranking on SERPs. By doing so, you can increase traffic to your website. 

You can target the people also ask feature by optimizing your content for SERP features. People also ask questions can provide paragraphs, lists, and video answers. The process is similar to how you work to increase your ranking on SERPs for featured snippets. You need to optimize your content for natural-sounding queries. Target the questions from the people also ask boxes to do this. 

Another option is to do other research to find what else people ask. Use websites like Reddit, Quora, and other forums to discover what questions people are asking in relation to your topic. A useful tool to find the right questions is the AnswerThePublic. This website provides instant, raw search insights directly from customers. It helps you discover what exactly people are thinking and asking about. You simply need to enter one to two words about a topic, brand, or product and click search. AnswerThePublic will then provide you with a list of questions auto-suggested by search engines. The site even goes as far as grouping the questions based on the first word of the question. These words are “how”, “are”, “can”, “will”, “where”, “who”, “what”, “which”, “when”, and “why.” It will then provide a group of questions for each word. 

As previously mentioned, there are four common types of answers for people also ask for questions. You can target this feature by ensuring your content fits your desired format. For example, if you want your content to show up as a list, you need to make sure that it is clear. You need a logical structure with relevant header tags. This will help Google find the relevant information on your webpage.

Additionally, you can use the people also ask feature to understand how people have ranked highly on the SERP. You can use their formatting, keywords, and topics as inspiration for your own website. You can use that information to increase your ranking because it shows what formatting, keywords, and topic are ranking highly. Take this information into consideration when working on your own webpage.

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3 – Create Better Content

A benefit of using the people also ask feature is that it helps you to create better content. Content is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO and your website. Optimizing your content is a vital part of SEO. 

To successfully optimize your content, start using the people also ask feature to your advantage. This feature provides insight to users’ search intent. In other words, the feature reveals what people are searching for. It tells you what content they are looking for, which you can use to your advantage. You’ll know what type of content you should be making to match their interests. You can also use the question, or a similar version of it, to title your content. 

Why Should I Use “People Also Ask?”

There are many benefits of using the Google people also ask feature. You can use this feature to create long-tail keywords that can be used to optimize your website. You can also use the information to target the people also ask feature with your content. Finally, you can use the people also search feature to help you create better content. 

These are three reasons why you should be using the people also ask feature. Essentially, using this feature will give you valuable insight that you can use to optimize your website so you can obtain a higher ranking on Google and gain more website traffic.


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