How to Become a Top Fan on FB

If you are seeking to obtain a Facebook Top Fan Badge, you’ve come to the right place. This feature on Facebook has many fans seeking to obtain the badge so that it displays next to their name on the comments section of the site. This article will help you understand what a Facebook top fan badge is, as well as how to get one of these, and how to have your page give these out to actual top fans of your page, as the essential answer to, “Who gives top fan badges on Facebook?” is individuals or companies through Facebook pages. We will also go over what is a top fan on Facebook, and how top fans can affect a business’s overall marketing strategy on Facebook.

What is a Top Fan on Facebook?

The first question we will answer is, “what is a Top Fan on Facebook?” A Facebook top fan is someone who is one of the most active people for a Facebook page. Once you learn what a top fan on Facebook is and the answer to, “Who gives top fan badges on Facebook?,” you can use a given page to reward a person by giving them a top fan badge on Facebook. This is a great tool for marketing on Facebook for companies. Their pages can recognize that certain people devote more time to their page, and should be rewarded with a top fan badge on Facebook. This badge is not just a display of your commitment to the page. A top fan badge on Facebook brings many benefits for the time you have put into being committed to the page. Page owners will interact more with their top fans. This could push others to become top fans, so it is an excellent strategy to increase business.

Once marketers realize the answer to, “Who gives top fan badges on Facebook?” can be them, they can use these badges as a good way to connect with their fans online and take action and do more with Facebook top fan badges. There are also other marketing strategies on Facebook that businesses can use, but using top fan badges is one of the newer strategies. We will discuss the other strategies on marketing on Facebook later in the article. Now, in order for your page to be giving out top fan badges, there are a few steps to follow. We will go over these steps next. 

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How to Enable Top Fan Badges as a Page

Since we just discussed what is a top fan on Facebook, it is only proper to show you how to enable top fan badges for your Facebook page. Also, we will go over how to remove a badge from a fan, in case you wish to do so. Here are the steps to take.

Turning On a Top Fan Badge

  1. Click Pages in the left menu from your news feed.
  2. Go to your Facebook page.
  3. On the top right, click settings.
  4. On the left side, click Facebook Badges.
  5. Click next to turn on Top Fan Badges.
  6. Do the same if you wish to turn the badges off.

Remove a Badge from a Fan

  1. From the news feed, click on Pages on the left.
  2. Go to your Facebook page.
  3. Click Community on the left.
  4. Find the person you want to remove from the badge and click ***.
  5. Select Remove Top Fan Badge.

If, unfortunately, you have to remove a badge from someone for whatever reason it may be, you now know how to do so. 

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How Do I Become a Top Fan?

If you want to become a top fan on Facebook, you most likely will have to interact often with a page, and perhaps contribute to their content in order to earn a badge. Often posting positive comments that reinforce the page, as well as posting comments that have many reactions is one way of doing so. Since page owners are the ones that give the badges out, your job as a Facebook user, is just to maximize positive interaction with a page and await your recognition with a Facebook top fan badge. After you get the badge, you may unlock more opportunities with the page.

You can see your Top Fan badges on your Facebook page by clicking on the “Community” button on the left-hand panel.

The Importance of a Facebook Top Fan Badge

Being a top fan for a page may not be your greatest achievement; you may just be happy about the recognition you are receiving from the page. For some Facebook pages though, they will be very happy that you are a top fan. A Facebook top fan is able to be recognized by pages who have 10,000 or more likes, is older than 28 days, and has switched to the video template. If you meet all three requirements, you will be able to recognize top fans.

Facebook top fans and Facebook top fan badges are important for any marketing strategy, as those top fans interact the most with your page. This means that they can give you feedback on how certain posts are affecting them, and if a specific marketing strategy worked out well. A good Facebook top fan is taking time out of their day and devoting it to your page to be an advisor of some sort, which is fantastic. They help the growth of your page, and also help you out if you need feedback before you do a marketing campaign. Recognizing these fans is the least one could do for all the help they give.

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Leveraging Top Fans

Top fans on Facebook are very important for a page, as we have already discussed. They can also be leveraged to see specifically marketed content designed just for them. Also, businesses can have promos and discounts that go exclusively to top fans. This will give them a reward for being a loyal fan to your Facebook page and helping out when you needed feedback. These types of rewards also attempt to gain other fans for your business.

In a way, offering additional content as well as special discounts or promotions for your top fans also creates a sense of community in your Facebook page. More interactions are possible to happen with your top fans, and they may give you referrals to their friends or family. Also, they will be happy to receive all of the great promotions your page may be offering to them. These are all benefits of having a page which gives out a Facebook top fan badge.            

Other Facebook Marketing Strategies

While a Facebook top fan badge is one way to recognize those that support and help you market your page, it is not the only form of marketing on Facebook. You should be marketing your Facebook page by utilizing all aspects of Facebook. Content creation is one of the ways to do so. Creating content is a form of expanding your business on Facebook, and this can further lead to you being able to recognize more fans with a Facebook top fan badge. It is important to optimize your content to target the demographics that you want to be viewing your page.

Also, some businesses look to sell on Facebook, or at least link their e-commerce site to Facebook. Some of these businesses utilize content marketing, which is a process of educating your customers, rather than promoting just their product. An example of this is TD Ameritrade’s magazine, which educates traders. The magazine’s readers trade much more than those who did not read the magazine, which benefits TD Ameritrade. Getting started with content marketing is just a click away.

Facebook pages can also use these types of educational content marketing, to have a greater user involvement rate, which then leads to the awarding of Facebook top fan badges. Being open to a different form of advertising may be the future of online businesses. Facebook users are probably tired of scrolling past endless ads, and educational content at a time when many are stuck at home could prove to be worth it in the long run. 

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Overall Impact of Facebook Top Fan Badges

The Facebook Top Fan Badge is one of Facebook’s additions that will leave a lasting impact on the future of reaching out to fans of pages. Not only does it look cool, but also top fans interact with pages more often than regular users that just have the page liked. They are then rewarded with the top fan badge, and can display it next to their name every time they comment on a post by the page.

Top fans provide many advantages to page owners on Facebook. When a page owner hits the minimum thresholds to have Facebook top fan badges displaying, they should award their top fans with the badges. Fans appreciate being given attention, and this can lead to more engagement for your page. Top fans can also receive special deals on whatever the business is marketing, and it will encourage more interaction from other users on the page, so that they too can become top fans.

Using top fans and Facebook top fan badges is just one of many forms of marketing on Facebook. Marketing on Facebook has many other aspects, such as educational content, and can be used to boost your overall presence online. Ultimately, Facebook top fan badges are a great way to launch a marketing campaign. 

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