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When you write articles or content for your website, focusing on a keyword is a great way to improve your SEO. With our keyword density checker, you can learn exactly how many times your keyword has been used, along with other helpful tips.

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What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that people search for on the internet. To increase your site’s SEO, you can find a keyword that applies to your business and use it within the text of your website. Using keywords can be difficult, because overusing them can reduce your SEO, or search engine optimization. Optimal keyword usage depends on the length of the text and the type of keyword you are using. This is where a keyword density checker can be very helpful for your SEO. 

How Keywords Increase SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, increases your website’s ranking on Google. Google uses software that reads through websites to determine that ranking, and part of it checks for keywords. The keywords Google finds will help the software categorize your website. If someone searches “Real Estate in Chicago”, and you have used that keyword on your website, it could select your site to appear at the top of that person’s search. Every company should have the goal of being in the top spot on the SERP, or Search Engine Results Page. Almost every time someone searches, they select the top website that appears on Google. This is why keywords are so important!

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Using Keywords Effectively

When you use keywords, it is important to identify what role your business fills for a searcher on the internet. If your business is a used car dealership in Chicago on the south side, maybe using the keyword “cars in Chicago” would be too broad. If any other car company uses this keyword, you might not be the first result on the SERP. If you use a keyword like “used car deals in Oak Park”, then maybe you might appear at the top! Using different combinations of keywords can help your site as well. If you have multiple pages of your website, using keywords for each of those can help your ranking also. This is where creating a blog could be a great asset to your website. Blog posts and articles are perfect for using keywords. In a 1500 word article, ideally your keyword would be used about 7-40 times. Any less, or any more, and your article could be skipped over by Google. This is why using a keyword density checker is so helpful! 

Why Use A Keyword Density Checker? 

When you use a keyword density checker, you can find out exactly how many times your keyword has been used in your article or block of text. It can be so tedious to go through your website and count your keywords, and sometimes the length of your text can make it difficult to calculate the ideal amount of keywords per total words. Our keyword density checker tool is easy to use and is essential for any up-and-coming business to optimize their website.

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What Comes Next?

If you use our keyword density checker but you still feel like your SEO could use some help, check out our other free tools and schedule a consultation with us at SEO Design Chicago today! We help businesses learn how to optimize their keywords and use software that can increase their ranking in the SERP quickly and efficiently. SEO can be difficult to understand, and keywords only make up a small part of the ranking algorithms Google uses. We offer free SEO analysis to help you see where you stand. We even offer content writing services that are affordable and scalable to your needs. Schedule an online consultation with us today!