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Do you need to figure out your churn rate? Use our free churn rate calculator to determine exactly what your rate is.

Churn Rate

Churn Rate Calculator

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Churn Rate Calculator

Problems with holding onto customers? Need a measurement of regular customers on your website?

It’s time to consider churn. Churn rate, churn or customer attrition can help many webmasters gauge how many customers their websites are losing. 

If any of the following information reminds you of a problem within your business, consider using the churn rate calculator to see what is going on with your customers.

Churn rate calculator
Churn rate reasons

What is Churn Rate?

A Churn rate calculator tells you the number of customers that have stopped using a website for a specific period of time. This calculation is shown as a percent and can be easily calculated using a churn rate calculator, like ours!

When using our churn rate calculator all you need to have ready is a starting amount of customers and ending amount of customers for a period of time. Then in seconds your churn rate will be generated.

Churn rate is an aspect of SEO strategies that can get very detailed and confusing, refer to the following article, What Is Churn Rate and Why It Will Mess With Your Growth, for information on the many ways Churn rate can affect a business.

Churn Rate Formula

To calculate churn rate follow the formula below.

Begin with deciding on a time period that you would like to calculate for, then get the following information in the formula.

(Customers at Start) / (Customers at End) x 100

With this simple formula you will get a number that is read as a percent. The basis of calculating churn rate is simple to understand. However, using a churn rate calculator is no help if you do not address the underlying problem.

It is always important to trust your SEO agency with finding solutions for a high churn rate. This way you can be on top of customer loss and effectively solve the churn issues with your website.

Benefits of Churn Rate

As always, if any of the following information is confusing and hard to figure out, a full service SEO agency can help with churn rate and so much more.

The following article, SEO Optimization for 2020, explains how SEO Design Chicago can elevate your SEO practices and results. Most importantly, SEO Design Chicago can help with any churn rate questions or issues you may have. 

Churn rate is far more than just one number. It can help influence so many SEO decisions and strategies that it has proven to have many benefits. The reason why companies are so invested in their churn rate is because this analytic has a large connection to revenue.

In short, a high churn rate negatively affects revenue and can contribute to sinking a business. Churn rate calculators help regularly define how your website is losing customers and notifies webmasters of potential issues.

For this reason and many more it is important to monitor churn rates regularly. It can affect your business in several ways and the following are some of the most important.

Why is Churn Rate Valuable?

Churn rate gives you updates on how many customers you are losing over a period of time. Since this value is displayed in a percent it is easy to keep in mind a churn rate of 2% as a goal. 

However, Churn rates have many more values than simply being another analytics figure. So what does a churn rate tell you about your website?

A high Churn rate establishes that something is wrong with your business. Without addressing churn rate or regular use of a churn rate calculator, your other marketing strategies will miss customers that could be receiving marketing messages and driving impressions.

Ultimately, if you ignore churn rate this will result in a decrease in customers visiting your site, and this will continue to hurt a business by causing a drop in revenue.

What Causes Churn Rate to Increase?

Many things can influence a fluctuation of churn rate and luckily most of these causes can be traced and changed. Below are a few common reasons your churn rate may increase.

Market Changes

Competitors may make a smart move to gain customers and this may mean some of your regular website visitors and spenders leave for another product. With this situation your SEO agency can look into what is causing the increase in churn and come up with a strategy to maintain your previous relevancy.

Customer Support

When products are sold soon comes the need for customer support. It is clear that a helpful and welcoming customer support staff can do a lot to help maintain a customer base. Making sure your customer base is supported and treated fairly has a lasting impact on consumers and will most likely influence your churn rate. 

Product Quality

One of the most simple to understand is product quality. Sometimes the standard of a product may drop slightly, or the manufacturing is of a lower quality and customers notice. 

Usually this affect doesn’t set in for a while, especially if you have a consistent customer base. However, with time a slow increase in customer attrition numbers could mean that people are becoming increasingly aware of a product’s value.

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How to Avoid Customer Attrition

Product Quality

One of the simple ways to ensure people come back to your website is by producing the best product or service you can. This is also just a business basic. If people like what they are purchasing then they will come back to buy more.

This concept holds true with any marketing. An outstanding marketing or advertising campaign can only do so much with a sub par product. However, if you have a good product and there is still a high churn rate then it could be any of the following factors.


While this section may be vague it’s important to know that many overarching marketing decisions have effects on things like churn rate. 

For example: You are experiencing a high churn rate and cannot understand why. However, you are reaching more than enough people and impressions are high, but that you are still losing customers over time.

The problem: You may not be reaching the right people. Maybe your marketing strategy had too much focus on awareness getting efforts and is not doing enough to retarget people who are more likely to consistently purchase from your business. 

By making these high level marketing strategy changes you can significantly affect the churn rate of your website. Make sure to communicate this with your SEO agency as these changes will influence the whole campaign moving forward.

Target Audience

Target audience is rather simple to understand. The people you are targeting are not buying your product consistently. So it’s time to re-think the target audience.

By taking steps to overhaul a target audience that isn’t working along with continuously working to find the right people for your business, means a higher chance you see a big change in churn rate. 

There’s also the possibility that a high churn rate is the result of a broad target audience.

So you are actually reaching the people that you need to but are also reaching a whole lot more people who are not going to support your business. When you specify more and more about your target audience then you could trim down many people who are contributing to your churn rate while spending less on advertising and marketing strategies.

When rethinking a target audience marketing strategies make sure to consult with your SEO agency or at least some SEO specialists. Keep in mind that decisions like these have many impacts and should be considered thoroughly.

See how SEO Design Chicago can help you build an SEO strategy here, SEO Marketing Strategy 2020.

User Experience

User experience is a term we use with SEO strategies often. Google is ranking user experience within its algorithm, and yes it’s important to consider UX design for Google rankings.

User experience also affects your churn rate negatively. It’s simple, if people are not having a good time on your website, they will not return. A fix to this is a job for website designers.

SEO Design Chicago has a host of web design services. A website design agency is your best friend in this situation since they can use their expertise and multiple perspectives to formulate a website that works with customers seamlessly. This way when people interact with your website they will be happy and more likely to return.

Over time you should see a decrease in churn. However, like always keep using a churn rate calculator to see where your site is standing in terms of customer attrition.

How to Improve your Churn Rate

The most important thing to do when addressing a high churn rate is to consult with your SEO agency. SEO Design Chicago offers strategic services for any struggling website and is fully equipped to take on churn rate issues. 

Customer attrition is something that SEO Design Chicago takes seriously and will be able to address and offer improved results.

Check out SEO Design Chicago’s services and SEO packages to take a look at what works best for your business and website.

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