Why Local SEO Is Important for Furniture Stores

Have you ever desperately needed a couch or a mattress? How did you find one? Did you use Google in your search? If so, what did you find?  It is likely that local furniture stores popped up in your searches — and they did so because of search engine optimization!

Local businesses like furniture stores can benefit greatly from search engine optimization or SEO. SEO makes it easier for web users to find what you’re selling. It does this by using keywords to group together content and make some posts more relevant than others when searched on sites like Google. 

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SEO for Furniture Stores

So, what does SEO for furniture stores look like?

With SEO, the use of keywords is essential for generating traffic to a business. Luckily in the furniture business, there are tons of keywords! Furniture stores can use words like “furniture,” “couch,” “bed,” and other related terms to generate buzz around their products. 

SEO for furniture stores can also take form in the use of social media. On websites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, furniture stores can post visuals of their products and use hashtags to bring attention to them. Overall, SEO is about marketing and advertising. SEO helps businesses gain brand awareness and visibility, generating attention and revenue. 

What is Local SEO?

You may be wondering, what is local SEO? This is a great question! Normally, when discussing SEO, the focus is totally online. However, local SEO describes the use of SEO tactics to produce web and foot traffic in the physical area of a business. 

What can local SEO look like? First, it is important to mention that search engines like Google keep in mind a user’s location when they search. This means that when users search for a product or service, local options come up in their searches, too. Not only this, but users can also tack on phrases like “near me” to the end of their search to bring up goods and services in their area. 

For local businesses, it is essential to use keywords associated with the area they are located in. On the one hand, this can distinguish products from each other, but they can also help customers find products tailored to them. For example, the furniture someone needs in Florida is different than the furniture someone needs in Alaska. In Florida, clients likely need beach chairs and hammocks, while in Alaska customers may need weatherproof furniture or cozier-styled items. This is why local SEO is important for furniture stores. The tailoring of content to make it appeal to more locals will drive foot traffic to furniture stores, which is the backbone of these businesses. 

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Furniture Store Advertising

Foot traffic is important for furniture stores, and advertising helps with this. Furniture store advertising can be in many forms, both online and in person. 

In-person advertising can include billboards, posters, magazines, newspapers, and buses, too. Furniture store owners can also create radio jingles and television commercials to feature their products and get their names out there. 

The web provides an excellent resource to furniture stores. They can put their whole store online! Doing so provides customers with a virtual shopping experience like no other, allowing users to see products before making a trip to the physical store. This is also a great way to generate discussion and attention surrounding products. 

The internet is a great place to advertise because the most used websites are largely social. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and most other social media platforms have comment sections and a “like” button. This means that people can leave reviews and talk to each other about your products. Instagram has the highest engagement of all social media platforms, so it is advisable to use it to market your products. The furniture business and Instagram may seem like an odd match, however many people base their furniture purchases on how the object looks. And what does Instagram do? It shares pictures! Thus, Instagram is a great platform to post pictures of your furniture. 

This means that, in theory, people from anywhere can see your products online. The people who will be future clients will likely live in your area, however, by using social media you can expand your area of business to cover a larger area. 

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What Can Be Learned from Big Furniture Companies?

Local furniture stores are important as pillars of their communities. Furniture is something that is overlooked until you need it, and when you do need it you really feel its lack of being there. If you don’t have a bed or a couch, it’s probably something that irks you, to say the least. As humans, we need comfortable places to rest and relax! Furniture stores are there to make that happen, whether they are local or national. 

Large furniture companies are a little different than local businesses because people from anywhere can order a product from a website online, not in person. Companies like Wayfair and Raymour and Flanagan do most of their sales online. Although big corporations like these are different than local furniture stores, the latter can still learn some advertising tactics from these companies. 

For instance, something that many online furniture stores are focusing on is sustainability. Sustainability is a practice that aims to reduce waste and consumption to protect the environment. West Elm is a company that produces responsibly sourced material that is more environmentally friendly than other brands. This is something that local furniture stores can use for marketing and SEO. Becoming more environmentally friendly (and advertising that!) can boost sales as people are becoming more environmentally conscious. 

Something else big furniture corporations do is focus on the personalization of products, especially in their advertising. Local businesses can take this into account when engaging in SEO. For instance, furniture stores can use the term “sustainability” as one of their keywords to appeal to those searching for this term and other related words and phrases. 

What Makes Furniture Stores Different?

Local SEO is important for furniture stores, but it is for many businesses, too. What makes furniture store SEO different than other businesses’ usage of this tactic? 

There are many things that make furniture stores different! For example, a lot of furniture sales are in person, especially those of local furniture stores. This doesn’t mean that local furniture stores should not have an online presence. In fact, it is the opposite: local SEO is very important for furniture stores, and part of it is online advertising. 

Furniture store owners should try and use keywords that are associated with not only furniture but their location as well. This will help people in the area learn more about the furniture offered near them, generating traffic both online and in person. 

Something else that makes furniture stores different is the size of the products. A lot of pieces of furniture are big and cumbersome, making them hard to move for the average person alone. Furniture businesses have to take into account the size of their products, which can provide a good business opportunity: the option to partner with moving companies! This could really help with local advertising. Even if the partnership isn’t official, just having a good connection with another local company can expand business and revenue. The size of the products being sold is another reason to post products online

We can also learn a lot about online SEO from big furniture stores. By looking at the nature of big companies’ online presence in advertisements, local furniture stores can see and apply the tactics that work to boost business. 

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Local SEO Is Vital to Furniture Stores

So why is local SEO so important for furniture stores? For a multitude of reasons! Local SEO helps local customers find your products. Since shipping out large pieces of furniture is expensive for local furniture businesses, it is essential to increase foot traffic to these stores. This way, people can pick up furniture on their own, or have movers get the furniture for them.

Overall, utilizing SEO helps furniture stores increase traffic and revenue. Local furniture stores can really benefit from using some of the tactics big furniture corporations use, as these also boost traffic and revenue. Not only this, but these strategies also help these companies with brand awareness, which means that people are familiar with these brands. Local furniture stores can benefit greatly from brand awareness; it is good for people living everywhere to know there is a reliable furniture store near them that has whatever they need for their dwellings. 

If you are struggling with where you should start in using local SEO for your furniture store, reach out to the team at SEO Design Chicago. Our team has experience working with all kinds of businesses, including furniture stores. We would love to help your store grow and continue improving!


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