Why Local SEO Is Important for Lawn and Garden Professionals

Do you have a lawn or gardening business? For many people, the care of their lawn and garden is something really important. Many people take pride in how nice their lawns look, or how much produce their garden grows. In this article, we will explore why local SEO is important for lawn and garden professionals, how they can better their marketing services, the nuanced differences between each industry, and general strategies to increase business. 

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Why Is SEO Important?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is important for any company. SEO helps boost your page in a user’s search results, increasing revenue and attention. Lawn and garden professionals can benefit from local SEO to market their services. 

Lawn and garden care are in-person services, so it is important that they market locally. This doesn’t mean all advertising has to be in person. However, lawn and garden care professionals should market their services online using SEO tactics to appear relevant to clients in their area of service. Search engine optimization, by using keywords, can market to specific audiences grouped together by their searches online, along with other factors like location. 

SEO for Lawn Care Companies

What does SEO for lawn care companies look like? Search engines like Google keep in mind a user’s location when they search, so SEO for lawn care companies should include keywords both related to lawn and garden care and also the location of service. 

Local SEO can also look like tailored advertisements and marketing that appeals specifically to a certain population. As different areas have their own unique culture, local SEO becomes essential for local businesses that rely on in-person traffic. 

SEO for lawn care and gardening companies in Dallas may look different than advertising for these businesses elsewhere because Dallas is its own unique city. For example, the hot and dry weather limits what may be grown, or how often the lawn has to be cared for.

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Lawn Care Leads

You may be wondering, what are lawn care leads? Who provides the most business to lawn care professionals? How do I find customers for my lawn or garden care services?

Leads for lawn care are usually provided by people who take pride in their lawns. Around forty percent of people hire a lawn care professional in a given year. This is a huge market, so knowing your audience will help you market your services and gain revenue. 

Leads can also come from in-person advertising and word-of-mouth, more strategies that generate lots of business and revenue for a company or professional. For instance, lawn care and gardening professionals can pay for advertisements in the local paper, on placemats at restaurants, and on local billboards. 

Leads can also come from online advertising. Lawn care companies can use social media to display their work and market their services. For instance, on Instagram, future clients can see pictures and videos of a landscaper’s work. Meanwhile, companies can share links and content on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Companies can also use LinkedIn for professional development, or post videos about their services on YouTube. Instagram, which has the most engagement out of all social media platforms, is likely the best website to advertise your services on. Also, the nature of lawn care is aesthetic, so people are very concerned with how your services will make their lawns look. 

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Keywords for Lawn Care SEO

Lawn care companies can use words like “lawn,” “lawn care,” “grass,” and “landscaping” to market their products and services. To get specific, lawn care companies should also use the words associated with their specific services. For example, that may mean using terms like “grass fertilization,” “leaf removal,” or any other related terms. This will allow future clients to search these words and find your services. It is also essential that lawn care professionals use “near me” or the name of their city to generate local business. 

Gardener SEO

Gardener SEO is similar to lawn care SEO. This is because the services are similar, and oftentimes it is the same people providing them. Also, the people who care about their lawns are also the same people who have gardens. This means that the client base for both lawn care SEO and gardening SEO is similar. 

Just like lawn care professionals, gardeners can use SEO to gain traffic. They can also use tools like social media and a good website. 

Just like lawn care, gardening is partly an aesthetic practice. People are concerned about how their plants and produce look. However, unlike lawn care, gardening can also be used to generate personal revenue or support livelihood. For example, people may grow vegetables, beans, and fruit to eat. In this way, gardeners not only support the aesthetics that a garden provides, but also the livelihood of other gardeners, too. 

What Makes Lawn and Garden SEO Different?

Local SEO is important for lawn and garden professionals because it helps market their businesses and services. But what makes lawn care and gardening different than other types of services? 

Lawn care and gardening are largely based on appearance. Landscaping serves the purpose of making someone’s lawn look well-kept, lush, and pleasing to the eye. People are very concerned with how their lawns look. This is something that lawn care companies or professionals can bank on. Similarly, gardeners care about how their gardens look. For example, someone may want a certain type of flower to be planted, or have their plants in a specific color order. Not only this, but gardening work also helps with the livelihood of the person who owns the garden, whether they have maintained it themselves or had a professional do the job. 

These are all details that lawn care and gardening professionals should know about, which they can then use to their advantage to gain business. 


Start Using Local SEO for Lawn and Garden Professionals

Local SEO in particular is important for these professionals because their services are in-person. Lawn care and gardening professionals can certainly use online marketing to advertise their services, however, they depend on in-person business to make revenue. Of course, you cannot mow somebody’s lawn over the internet! Thus, marketing to the specific area of service is essential for lawn and garden professionals so that they generate in-person attention for their business. 

Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you with local SEO for lawn and garden professionals. We use many different marketing strategies along with personalized SEO to allow your business to gain more web and foot traffic. This traffic will be unique, and the advertising will be targeted to make sure that the people who are seeing your services will want these services, too. 

Overall, local SEO is essential for lawn and garden professionals to utilize in their marketing. Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you market your lawn and gardening services! We can provide pay-per-click marketing, Facebook advertising, and LinkedIn marketing for companies. Additionally, we can assist you with content creation, both on social media and on your website. Here, marketing may look like posting pictures and testimonials, having a blog, and a comprehensive staff directory. If you’re interested in learning more, check us out today!


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