Why Local SEO Is Important for Fashion Companies

Within the large and diverse industry of fashion, there are millions of highly competitive fashion companies in need of local SEO. This will help ensure that your fashion business’s website is reaching the right audience in your local community. In today’s world, the fashion industry has become increasingly popular to get into. This is because fashion does not discriminate, it’s for everyone! Therefore, the need for more companies that will suit the desires of all different kinds of people is desperately needed. 

As the use of digital technology continues to grow in the fashion industry, competitiveness is at an all-time high. By embracing local SEO strategies and techniques, your fashion company can outreach its biggest competitors. Now that most people are choosing to shop online with popular e-commerce fashion sites, your business must establish a strong online presence. This will allow you to create an engaging and trusting relationship with your local target audience as well as the rest of the world.

Making sure to stay on top of popular SEO trends within the fashion industry can enhance your customer’s experience with your website. Not only does practicing local SEO bring more traffic to your fashion company’s site, but it will also bring your brand awareness to a whole new level. With the help of SEO Design Chicago, you can achieve this for your fashion business! After reading this article, you will know exactly what local SEO is all about, how it can help fashion companies and important fashion SEO strategies.

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Fashion SEO

When it comes to the fashion industry, there are many similar styles that companies try to sell to appeal to what is called “fast fashion.” This term describes lower-priced, popular clothing that relates to the current fashion trends at that current time. Two of the top biggest stores today, Zara and H&M, are in the field of fast fashion. Making sure your fashion company is keeping up with the latest trends without changing its overall brand and message is important. Conducting SEO research is key when managing a company in any industry. 

Fashion SEO is all about sticking to your brand’s image and perfecting it to speak to its target consumer audience. Doing so will require creating top-quality content and images within the web pages of your company’s website. Quality content comes from keyword research within the fashion industry and studying other successful fashion companies. Since this particular industry is extremely competitive as fashion trends are constantly changing, SEO research is key for survival.

By establishing local SEO tactics into your fashion website, you’re able to reach interested online shoppers in your region. This will strengthen the relationship your business has with its customers and benefit your direct sales as well. The purpose of SEO within the fashion industry is to provide online shoppers with an enticing experience that results in them becoming a recurring customer. 

E-Commerce SEO

As most fashion companies have online storefronts, the industry has become more digitally competitive. These e-commerce fashion sites need SEO in order to attract traffic and increase their customer base to then increase their sales. The goal of e-commerce local SEO should be to focus on boosting the quantity, quality, and production of your business listings within user search results. This is because business listings make it easier for people within your local community to find your company online. 

Making sure your fashion website is easily discoverable and navigable is just as important as establishing one! Incorporating local SEO strategies into your fashion business’s marketing campaign will help optimize its ranking by search engines. For e-commerce SEO, search engines such as Google play a big role. That’s because users expect to find local and relevant results when searching for certain places or websites. Therefore, establishing a Google Business profile is important for getting your fashion company noticed online.  

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Local Citations

Building local citations is also important, as there are numerous directories online that will contain your company’s information. With building local citations, it is possible to get listings from big brand names like Facebook but you must claim these listings. Turning to social media platforms to raise awareness of your brand is key, as most people are on social media for a long period of time. 

Schema Markup

To make sure search engines like Google understand your fashion website’s information, adding schema markup can help. Schema markups are presented within search results and provide a summary of a website’s content. By providing a better clarification for your fashion content, Google will be more readily and likely to rank your site higher. This points out the purpose of your website right off the bat. To encourage your site viewers to engage more with your fashion company by buying your clothing, it’s important to have customer reviews. This shows a good level of engagement within your business as you should be responding to these comments. 


The use of backlinks can be very beneficial for your e-commerce fashion business. This is because backlinks are an important factor search engines look for when ranking websites. When other reputable sites contain links that lead back to your website, your business is getting more exposure to other viewers. To gain these backlinks, it’s important to have top quality content that is shaped with SEO in mind. Not only do you want to show off your brand, but you also want it to have a positive impact on other people.

To fully optimize your e-commerce store’s online presence, you should be focusing on improving its on-page SEO. On-page SEO is all about conducting keyword research to allow your website to find the right people that are potential customers!

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Fashion Keywords

There are particular keywords and phrases that you should incorporate into your fashion website. In this case, these keywords should be a reflection of the products you are selling on your site. The keywords you use should be found through research within your industry to ensure that you are using the correct ones in the proper places. For example, some keywords could be “bags,” “tops,” “women’s sunglasses,” etc. Not only does this allow search engine users to find your products, but will allow for a good user experience. This is because keywords can organize a website through simple navigation and tabs. 


Since the term fashion can relate to anything from clothing to hats, purses, and much more, there are different kinds of keywords that relate to each of these categories. These keywords also depend on the category of fashion. For example, if your fashion company focuses on selling gym clothing, then keywords can include “gym wear,” “fitness clothing,” or “men’s/women’s activewear.” These phrases tell potential customers what they are looking at and where to click to find it. The more specific you are with keywords, the more likely other fashion sites are not to be using them. 

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Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO strategy is about making sure your local target audience finds you easily when searching keywords you include within your website. When your fashion company’s webpage is at the top of local search results, it helps increase your brand awareness. By reaching out to the community around you as well as networking with the right crowd, more people will be exposed to your fashion business. Local SEO differs from general SEO as it puts more of a focus on ranking in certain locations. SEO in general focuses more on gaining a high rank for your web pages based on searches. 

Having a specific target location and target audience in mind makes it easier to connect to those people. This is important because when you are able to gain the attention of a local community, trying to conquer the rest of the world is made a little easier. Engaging with the people around your business locally allows you to understand more about your own target audience and what can be made better. The better you understand your fashion company’s style and “edge,” the more you will realize what you need to be doing with it. The message your fashion styles send its audience should reflect strongly on your brand’s purpose. People like it when they can find something/ a style they can relate to. 

SEO Design Chicago Services for Fashion Companies

When it comes to needing a local SEO strategy for fashion companies, SEO Design Chicago is here to help you! Here at SEO Design Chicago, we provide businesses in all industries with the tools they need to succeed and grow. With our local SEO design and marketing services, any fashion company can benefit from the help of our team of SEO experts. Please contact us today for further information about our many SEO services.


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