The Essential Social Media Guide for Caterers

Event planners, weddings, restaurants, food bloggers, caterers, and family businesses revolve around a similar industry. To generate revenue and create B2B partnerships, the catering business must appeal to all these businesses when crafting catering advertising. With all the hype surrounding these businesses – due to the event and experience-focused industry – these businesses thrive when implementing social media marketing techniques. Whether through Pinterest, hashtags, or partnering with a notable food blogger, this article provides a guide to using social media for caterers

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How to Promote Catering Businesses on Social Media

Many startups or even traditional “old-school” businesses may wonder how to promote catering businesses on social media for the first time. Working with social media – whether as a beginner or an advanced marketer – can seem intimidating due to all the various social platforms, features offered, and catering marketing strategies. Despite your social media marketing experience, some essential social media strategies include using local SEO, engaging with the community or target audience, and creating a steady stream of content.

Local SEO

When in the market for a caterer, potential customers usually search for something other than a business across the country from their location. Customers prefer to stick to local venues and catering companies unless they intend to host a destination wedding or event. As such, caterers who rank higher in web search results for local catering companies receive more business. 

Local SEO has become a standard tool for catering advertisements. When creating your social media content and your business website, consider implementing local SEO strategies or local search engine optimization to enhance the reach of your business. SEO will increase your catering business’ digital media rank in consumer search results. Effective SEO in your social media will likely push your brand higher in the rankings when integrating the right keywords. Along with pursuing a high-volume and high-quality content strategy, consider using educational and informative keywords that clients may search for when researching a credible catering company. Additionally, as “near me” searches have surged, local SEO can improve your brand’s visibility among competitors that appear higher in the search rankings.  

Engage With the Local Foodie Community

Catering often requires extensive networking. Closely linked with other businesses, such as the wedding or event planning industry, networking allows catering businesses to develop a network of business opportunities with similar target audiences. One of the primary audiences for these industries consists of local “foodies,” or those invested in well-prepared, delicious, and credibly backed food. To increase your catering advertising, partner with local focal bloggers and create joint blog posts, food reviews, and special promos for your food. “Foodie directories” will direct traffic to your business. Yelp, LocalCatering, and WeddingWire are a few directories that may acquire positive reviews online of your business. 

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Become a Content Driven Brand

The catering business is flooded with other companies, entrepreneurs, and competing industries that also seek to appear high in the search rankings. Social media offers a convenient solution to working within this flooded market. Unless your catering company has stellar business through word of mouth alone, you may wish to try to implement other ideas in your catering marketing plans. 

Regarding how to promote your catering marketing business on social media, all digital marketing plans should emphasize content production. To drive customer engagement, build your brand, maintain consistent and effective marketing, and produce creative, varied, and on-trend content. Catering businesses will experience the benefits of organized posts thanks to social content calendars and focused team efforts.

Essential tips to remember for curating your catering advertising on social media include maintaining consistency over frequency and quality over quantity. Ideally, you want to create consistently high-quality content, which communicates authority in your industry. Quality content creation leads to increased digital traffic. More importantly, in a sensory-heavy field like catering, you must engage social media users with photo-heavy content. These should be complemented by apt descriptions of your culinary and event planning skills. 

Create a Community

According to CVENT, a popular event planning platform, you should try to attract some clout in your industry. Food writers and bloggers have the greatest amount of clout or influence. Therefore, when executing your catering marketing plan, ensure you have dedicated resources for building your social media presence. Partner with food bloggers and influencers who have loyal followers invested in the industry. Suppose you feature your food or catering services at a hotel, family restaurant, or wedding. In that case, you may even develop an established partnership between your respective businesses for future events. 

Best Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a great place to focus your content building. Some suggestions for content building on social media platforms include social media contests, leading tutorials online such as baking or event planning tutorials, leveraging user-generated content, linking your blog in your socials’ bios, and encouraging customer feedback via short social platform surveys. Organizations that invest their resources into generating high-volume, high-quality content will ultimately increase sales, grow online visibility, and increase website traffic. 

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Market to Your Target Audience

Effective catering advertising requires knowledge of social media and targeted audiences. The ability to target certain audience demographics enables your business to design your various social media platforms strategically. 

When performing audience research, pay attention to the importance of social listening. Social listening or social media listening is a valued skill in the prep stage when developing your catering marketing plan. Social listening involves monitoring your business’s social media platforms as well as others related to your business. For the catering industry, related business social media may include various “foodie communities,” wedding planners, restaurants, and photographers. Information gathered from customer reviews, conversations, and comments will inform your marketing strategy’s direction. Through actively applying social listening to your marketing strategy, you can identify your campaign’s success and note which type of content most engages your audience so that you can further create similar content. A proactive approach as well, social listening provides time to gather analytics when evaluating the health of your business plan.

Social Media Platforms for Catering Advertising

These are the best social media platforms to use for catering marketing in conjunction with social listening:


One of the most beneficial social media platforms, Pinterest pairs the visual component to an imagined event, making dreams a reality for many. Pinterest’s primary audience consists of women, with 42% identifying as women between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. This platform becomes particularly useful when appealing to this demographic as this range has the highest search results for planning weddings, performing research for home remodels, and sharing images of newly created recipes. 

Many consider Pinterest one of the first successful platforms emphasizing photo-based searches, where anyone may share photography without the added limitation of private vs. public vs. friends as featured on other platforms. For those looking to develop B2C connections, this platform offers an “easy” way to build your business’ reputation. 


Another photo-heavy platform, a surprising myth for catering advertising on this platform concerns the promotion of business IG pages hurting your profile. Since the goal of Instagram and social media marketing is to increase our visibility, Instagram does just that. The myth may have originated from the difference between standard business pages – which allow you to directly include links for inquiries – and social media pages that enable followers to connect in many ways, including comments, direct messaging, and live feeds. For its business profiles, Instagram offers an ads feature. This feature provides a unique experience for catering advertising in that it promotes your business and services with call-to-action options for social media users. 

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Great for developing B2B connections in the catering or event planning industry, LinkedIn provides opportunities to create long-lasting business-oriented relationships. LinkedIn offers a realistic chance of forming solid business connections without ever having to meet in person. This can be beneficial whether you are an entrepreneur in the catering industry, a startup company, or a well-established business. 


YouTube offers many low-end catering advertisement opportunities, making this platform an affordable option when considering how to promote catering businesses for the first time. On this platform, you can host a YouTube channel to promote your business and potentially reach many more users than on other platforms. This is possible due to YouTube’s suggested video algorithm.


Facebook ad campaigns allow you to target the specific age, gender, and geographic location of your targeted audiences. By using Facebook’s filtering tools, you might even be able to target audiences that will potentially start searching for catering services, such as those with “Engaged” statuses in their profiles, upcoming parents, and family gatherings. 

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