Does A Carpet Cleaning Service Need A Blog?

Do you have a carpet cleaning service? Have you had trouble marketing it, or have you had a sluggish plateau in business? If you’re interested in trying something new to market your business, why not try a carpet cleaning service blog?

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Strategies

Many of the marketing campaigns that work for other types of small businesses work for carpet cleaning services, like blogging. Blogging is a great way to put out content to market your services because it employs the use of search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization uses keywords to group together search results and make certain ones appear more relevant to users on the web. The keywords you use in your blog posts must match the keywords that people type into search engines. For this reason, you want to make sure your blog posts are using these keywords throughout your content. This is how you will reach your customer base.

carpet cleaner keywords

Carpet Cleaner Keywords

Since SEO utilizes keywords, it is essential to employ the use of consistent carpet cleaner keywords in your blog posts. Only when this is done can carpet cleaners get more clients by blogging.

Some of the general keywords you can use for cleaning a carpet may be “carpet cleaning,” “carpet steaming,” “upholstery cleaner,” “carpet cleaning services,” or “rug cleaning.” These keywords will match what users type into search engines to find your service. This being said, it is essential that you use your carpet cleaner keywords repeatedly throughout your content. A blog is a perfect place to do this, as you’ll be writing about your keywords as blog topics.

Local Carpet Cleaner Keywords

Carpet cleaning services are in-person. After all, you can’t clean someone’s carpet virtually. Because of this, it is essential to use local search engine optimization. Local SEO is the use of search engine optimization in the context of your general area of service. There are specific words you should use to put your services in an area-specific context to market your services locally.

For local carpet cleaner keywords, you can use the name of your city or county. Take Palm Springs, California for example. Local SEO keywords include “Palm Springs,” “Palm Desert,” “Cathedral City,” “Indio,” “La Quinta,” or “Thousand Palms.” These keywords should be used in conjunction with the keywords related to carpet cleaning.

So, keywords used in your blogs could be something like “carpet cleaning in Cathedral City,” or “steam cleaning in Palm Springs.” Using both types of keywords will set you apart and highlight your services to people in your area, increasing foot traffic to your business.

blogging for carpet cleaners

Blogging for Carpet Cleaners

You may be wondering what a carpet cleaning blog may look like. The answer is varied because as a carpet cleaner, you can write about whatever you like, as long as it is related somehow to carpet cleaning.

For instance, blogging for carpet cleaners may look like content about keeping your house clean, how to clean up spills on carpet, or how to remove animal dander from your carpet. These are all different types of blog posts. But one thing they all have in common: they offer valuable information to potential clients.

Blogs for carpet cleaners will cover a variety of topics, and will consistently put out engaging content for readers. Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you write blog posts for your carpet cleaning service! We have a talented staff of writers whose main focus is on creating content for you!

For carpet cleaners, blogging is also important because it builds your credibility. Writing a blog all about carpet cleaning shows clients that you care about the work you do. So much so, in fact, that you choose to write about carpet cleaning as well as do the carpet cleaning.

In this way, blogging can help you with brand awareness, making your company more well-known and familiar to the people in your community. This is essential for marketing purposes because people need to view your business as the best carpet cleaning service in your area. If you have a blog that shows your dedication to carpet cleaning, you are more likely to have that reputation in your area of service.

Carpet Cleaner Marketing and Advertising

Social media is pertinent in carpet cleaner marketing and advertising. Social media does a few different things that will aid your business. First, it takes a user’s location into account when they search, so those local keywords will really help you in your area of service. Some platforms allow you to post videos or images, which is a great thing to have on your website or account.

Carpet cleaning is partly an aesthetic industry, so it’s important to show people the before and after pictures of different cleaning jobs you’ve done. In addition, client testimonials are an important element of your website, and something you should most definitely include in the content you create!

Apps like YouTube and TikTok are great for showcasing what a carpet cleaned by you looks like, acting as evidence for future clients as to why they should use your services. You can also post videos and shorts of you cleaning dirty carpets, which people find satisfying. Meanwhile, Instagram has the highest engagement out of all social media websites, so it is essential to use this platform. On Instagram, you can share videos, images, text posts, and shorts. Instagram also gives you the opportunity to use hashtags which serve a dual purpose as keywords, too.

carpet cleaning blog

Carpet Cleaner Websites

A good website makes the world of a difference! But what does a good carpet cleaning website look like? There are some things that every website should have in order to be called “good.”

First and foremost, since carpet cleaners get more clients by blogging, it is essential that you include a blog page on your website. The blog should be comprehensive and dynamic, with new posts being added frequently to diversify your online presence as a company. Blogging serves an excellent service: it allows you to expand upon the industry you are interested in along with providing a perfect opportunity to utilize those keywords that are so important for SEO.

A good website should also be attractive, easy to navigate, and have a logo. These elements will make people feel more comfortable with your brand, along with appearing professional and developed. Additionally, your website should have contact information, and even a form for interested clients to fill out when they visit the website. A form is a great way to get people engaged with your business, as it is simple and doesn’t even require a phone call.

Boost Your Business With a Blog

Overall, carpet cleaners can get lots more clients by blogging! If you have a carpet cleaning business and are wondering how to market it better, then look no further. A solid website with some good blog content should not be underestimated; in fact, blogging can make or break your business, because it brings in so many clients who are interested in your industry.

Local SEO should not be overlooked, though! Don’t fret, your blog will give you ample opportunity to market your business in your area of service. As long as you are using keywords about carpet cleaning in conjunction with keywords about your area, SEO will work in your favor over time.

Local advertisements shouldn’t be overlooked either. In fact, you can publish content in public papers, advertisements, and more! This, in addition to a strong website and good content production, will boost traffic to your business. At the end of the day, carpet cleaning is both for aesthetics and health. It is important to highlight both of these elements in your online content and social media posts.

You should think about your audience when you are marketing your services. Much of the time, the people who use the keywords you use will have certain things in common. Once you pick up on the details regarding your audience, you can market to them specifically.

Google My Business for Carpet Care Companies

Local businesses can also benefit from creating and maintaining a Google Business Profile. This ensures that your business appears on Google Maps and helps you reach more potential customers.

carpet cleaner blog

Get Help With Your Carpet Cleaning Blog from SEO Design Chicago

If you’re a carpet cleaner looking to boost your business, look no further than a blog! Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you write blog content for your carpet cleaning business needs. But our capabilities go even further. Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you market your carpet cleaning business in a wide variety of ways. We are a full-service digital marketing company with plenty of carpet cleaning marketing ideas. We can provide many different marketing tactics to help you get more clients. For example, we can help you with web development, web design, Facebook and LinkedIn marketing, Google Ads, other types of paid ads, local SEO, link building, Google My Business, positive reviews, and display advertising. All of these are essential to market your carpet cleaning brand. These will additionally help with brand awareness, and make your business more well-known to the people in your area. Contact us today to get started with a carpet cleaning marketing plan!


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