The Essential Social Media Guide for Breweries

Are you looking to spread the word about your new brewery? Or perhaps you’re interested in showing off your new selection of craft beer, or how your brewery can work as an event space/ In this essential social media guide for breweries, we’ll describe how using social media can help your business grow, as each social media platform offers different tools to help you market everything that your brewery has to offer

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Marketing for Craft Beer

When marketing your brewery and/or craft beer, it’s important to get the basics down, such as creating your brand. Branding is the process of creating an image for your business, that you will use to advertise your products and services, especially online as you build up a social media presence! Once you’ve created your brand identity, it’s time to conduct some market research to determine the best strategies for marketing your brewery. In this essential social media guide for breweries, we recommend that you find the target audience of your brewery, so that marketing for craft beer and your other products is effective as you build your customer base. The most common craft beer consumer is 35-44 years old, so it’s important to devise an advertising strategy that these millennial craft beer consumers are likely to find intriguing.

Marketing for craft beer on social media is a must since almost everyone within this age group has some kind of social media presence. But, regardless of demographic, you can build up a social media presence that can get anyone interested in craft beer to notice your social media presence! The key is creating intriguing and engaging content for your social media posts that reach your target demographic. In this essential social media guide for breweries, we emphasize that you become familiar with each major social media platform. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. This effort will allow you to curate your posts for each platform so that your content will reach social media users interested in a cool craft brewing experience! 

SEO for Craft Beer

In conjunction with creating and maintaining social media profiles, you’ll want to incorporate SEO or search engine optimization. Good SEO practices include using location-relevant keywords in and around your website so that if someone local to Orlando, for example, searches online “Orlando craft beer,” and your Orlando-based brewery website uses those keywords, your brewery will appear in the search results. SEO practices also include using location-relevant hashtags in your social media posts, so they can reach social media users who are near your brewery! Beyond these free ways of marketing craft beer, other marketing services include pay-per-click ads and geofencing. Both of these strategies ensure that information about your brewery reaches your target audience!

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Craft Beer Social Media

Marketing for craft beer has never been easier, thanks to craft beer social media opportunities! There are so many ways to boost engagement online and improve customer turnout to your brewery. In this essential social media guide for breweries, let’s dive into how to use different social media platforms to effectively reach your target customer base. 


Facebook is the platform that can act together with your website. Both your website and Facebook profile can have your business information, like phone number, contact information, and address. However, you can use your Facebook to post quick and recent updates such as new hours or a special event. You can also add pictures and videos to show off your new selection of crafts on tap. Like with other social media platforms, you can engage with your customers through comments on your posts, which creates a strong sense of community that will bring visitors back to your brewery!


Another way to reach your millennial craft beer-drinking demographic is by posting on Instagram. Here, you’ll want to curate aesthetic content, since using Instagram is all about posting beautiful content! You can post pictures and videos to your profile, and be sure to use relevant hashtags, so people that are in the area or are interested in visiting can find your posts within the app. This way, they’ll see what kind of experience is waiting for them at your brewery. In this essential social media guide for breweries, we suggest that a good example of an Instagram post would be a picture of your holiday craft beer selection or a video of your guests having a great time during a theme night trivia.


Like with Facebook, you can use Twitter to post updates or any last-minute changes that affect your usual day-to-day operations. If you incorporate relevant hashtags, people can find your profile and learn more about your brewery. Tweeting updates is especially helpful since updating your website may take days or even weeks.

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TikTok is the hottest social media platform, due to the demand of creativity users require for a video to do well. When you make a TikTok video, be sure to use popular sounds and video trends, along with relevant hashtags in the description so your video can reach a wide audience. For craft beer social media, you can make a funny TikTok about “which craft brew are you according to your astrological sign!” Creating engaging content will persuade viewers to click on your profile and learn more about your brewery. 

Creating and Maintaining Content

Once you’ve set up your social media profiles, it’s crucial to consistently post about any new craft beers you’re offering as well as any other specials. Consistent content posting and maintaining an online presence show your customers that you’re up and running and committed to creating a memorable experience. You can even utilize the poll function on Instagram or Twitter to see what flavor your customers would enjoy next! Besides these marketing tips about craft beer, we’ll describe other ideas of how to market your brewery–from contests to hosting events!

Brewery Social Media 

As it is important to post about the selection of beer you offer, you should also post regularly about your brewery as a whole. Since we’ve detailed how to best use different social media to meet your craft beer social media needs, let’s apply these basics to promoting your brewery as an enjoyable space for visitors to find their new favorite pint.

Using any of the aforementioned social media platforms is the best way to start establishing your social media following. Still, running fun events, specials, and deals will help your brewery take its next step. One way to introduce your brewery to new customers is to host brewery wedding receptions. Breweries are rustic and picturesque places, made for community, which is the perfect location to hold a reception! Brewery receptions are increasingly popular, especially since the drinks are made in-house. You can use your space for other events as well, such as retirement parties or birthday gatherings, and you can post pictures of these events on your brewery social media to not only promote your brewery but also show off how great the space is! 

Hosting a trivia night during the week is another way to promote your brewery, together with happy-hour specials, to ensure that your brewery sees a steady influx of visitors during off-peak days. Be sure to offer fun prizes for the winning team, such as brewery merchandise or drink comps. Posting about the events you plan on hosting will engage your community and brewery social media following. 

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From Event Posts to Creating Community Engagement

Using social media to promote your brewery and all that it has to offer is a free and immediate way to connect with your community and find potential customers. You can even host local musicians to play in your brewery to attract local guests since community members appreciate the opportunity to support local art. Members of your community are always looking to support local businesses. Finding social media posts like yours help social media users find out what’s going on around their neighborhood. 

Consistently engaging with your community online will bring more customers through your doors, since they’re able to find out about all the different types of events and specials you host. Posting on various social media platforms allows you to reach a wide audience, and it’s a convenient way of marketing your business. There are a plethora of ways to advertise your brewery, and this essential social media guide for breweries provides the basics of using different social media platforms and introduced a few content ideas to establish an effective social media presence. 


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