Why Is Local SEO Important for Cosmetic Brands?

If your cosmetic brand is looking to attract more customers, increase brand awareness, and grow your business, then it must use local SEO techniques. Techniques such as using local keywords, creating social media accounts, and creating a Google My Business Profile are essential to ranking highly in search engine result pages. 

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What Is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing technique that will help you rank your cosmetic brand’s website higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). Users tend to only visit websites on the first page of search results, so ranking higher will increase your chances of new customers seeing your website. 

One of the most critical strategies for local search optimization is to create a Google My Business Profile. When customers in your area search for cosmetic companies nearby, your business will appear on a list with other local cosmetic brands. Creating this profile allows potential customers to see your company’s hours, contact information, and reviews from customers. 

Potential customers who are conducting research online will read reviews left on your profile to see if your cosmetic company is reputable. The more reviews your cosmetic brand has, the higher it will rank. 

Be sure you include essential information in your Google My Business Profile such as:

  • A link to your cosmetic company’s website homepage
  • Physical store address and hours of operation
  • Photographs of your cosmetic company’s products
  • Professional responses to possible negative reviews

All of these elements will help you rank your cosmetic brand higher on local search engine result pages, thus attracting more potential clients to your website. If your cosmetic company needs professional assistance setting up and optimizing your Google My Business account, contact SEO Design Chicago today.

Beauty Industry Marketing

The beauty industry is a $445 billion market. If your beauty brand wants to stand out from competitors, having a strategic marketing plan implemented is crucial. This marketing plan should consist of creating different social media accounts and using local search engine optimization techniques.

Besides having a great product that customers will fall in love with, it is essential to find your community on social media. A majority of your followers will have similar interests, and figuring out what interest niche your cosmetic company falls into is essential. 

Important questions to keep in mind when thinking of who your target audience is consists of:

  • Do your consumers use your beauty products because they are cruelty-free or vegan? 
  • Do people purchase your cosmetic brand because they are dermatologist-approved products?  
  • Are people buying your beauty products because you offer competitive prices?

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Who Is Your Target Audience?

Once your beauty brand has discovered your target audience, then it can begin to create appealing content and gain a following on social media. Content geared towards your target audience will increase the number of active followers; people who engage with your content. The more likes and comments your posts get, the more followers you will receive. 

Different customers have different mindsets, so being able to think as similarly to them as possible is critical. For example, a Gen Z female who finds makeup recommendations through social media is going to think and shop differently than a Gen X female browsing products based on anti-aging properties. Ensuring your brand knows who you are communicating with is essential to any form of marketing.

Creating a Social Media Account

Your social media account will help to boost the local SEO of your cosmetic brand because 42% of 18- to 24-year-olds are inspired by social media when it comes to makeup. The opinion that these consumers trust the most are reviews from fellow consumers or people from their personal circle. 

Second to average consumers, people trust beauty influencers to give their honest opinions on different products. Beauty influencers create mostly sponsored content on their platform that can range from videos to makeup tips. The influencers give their reviews about different products that they receive as gifts or that they purchase directly. Creating your own social media account for your beauty brand will make it simple to connect with beauty influencers. These people will be essential to spreading the word about your brand and typically offer fair prices for posting different sponsored content. 

Be sure to engage with customers who are commenting on your social media posts. This makes people feel like your brand is more reputable and personable. The comment section is also a great place to showcase how your cosmetic company approaches issues or complaints professionally. Customers who post on social media about your brand also enjoy being reposted by your profile because they feel more valued by your brand. 

People that follow these beauty influencers will be more inclined to purchase your products if an influencer they trust is speaking positively about your products. Influencers can tag your brand’s account in a social media post so that their followers can also access and follow your cosmetic company’s profile.

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Content for a Cosmetic Company

One of the most popular forms of content for a cosmetic company is user-generated content. Posting videos or photos of customers using your beauty products is the easiest way to win over potential customers. It gives an inside look at how your product is going to work and makes your brand more trustworthy. Sending customers free products in exchange for content is the easiest way to obtain user-generated content. 

Other content can consist of professional product photography with backgrounds that match your brand’s colors. Including pictures of people modeling your cosmetics is also an effective way of appealing to social media users that follow skincare brands.

Keywords for Skin Care

Keyword research consists of finding the words customers use to describe your cosmetic brand. You can choose words by thinking about your type of skincare brand and where it is located geographically. The best strategy to come up with the keywords to use is to describe your cosmetic company. Use short phrases or words that people who want to find your business would type into the search bar. Depending on what your brand niche is, it will determine the different keywords your skincare brand will use.

Finding the Right Keywords

Choosing the correct keywords will be based on the type of products your beauty brand offers. However, based on the Google Ads Keyword Planner, the best keywords for a skincare company are:

  • “best moisturizer for dry skin”
  • “natural skin care”
  • “best face cleanser”
  • “acne cream”
  • “natural makeup”
  • “best eye cream for wrinkles”

Figuring out what your target audience is interested in getting out of your skin care product will help determine which keywords and key phrases to use.

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Top Cosmetic Companies

It can be difficult to stand out in one of the biggest industries in the world, but getting marketing ideas from top cosmetic companies is definitely not cheating. Seeing how competitors create content for similar audiences is a great strategy for thinking of new marketing techniques.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush is a British cosmetic company devoted to delivering fresh, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free products. All of their cosmetics and skincare are also handmade and are created using low waste. Although they have taken a social media hiatus from Instagram, their user-friendly website and enjoyable in-store experiences keep customers coming back for more effective and deliciously-scented products. 


Glossier creates products that users recommend or wish were in production. Their products are designed with a customer’s real beauty routine in mind and offer skincare, makeup, and fragrances. Their social media and websites are super interactive. They also play on the concept that their brand creates with the customer always in mind.

Top 25 List

Some of the best beauty brands can provide inspiration for your own brand, and using different ways of marketing your product will result in the most customers. Consumers can sometimes get overwhelmed with the number of different beauty brands on the market. By using the correct marketing techniques, your brand can stand out. Utilize similar branding strategies that align with your beauty brand and ensure your business is creating social media and Google My Business profiles.

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