Why Local SEO Is Important for Car Rental Companies

Chances are you’ve heard the terms “SEO” and “local SEO” thrown around before, and while you probably know the importance of utilizing digital marketing for the best rental car companies, maybe you’re still confused about the logistics of it. Well, we are here to help you understand what SEO and local SEO means for car rental companies and why it’s important for the automotive industry to have a strong SEO strategy! We will provide you with local SEO tips for car rentals and more.

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What Is Local SEO?

First things first: what exactly are SEO and local SEO? SEO, or search engine optimization, is the marketing technique of improving the quality and quantity of the traffic sent to your car rental website from search engines. More importantly, it is getting traffic from free and organic search results, so you don’t have to spend money doing it! This will help increase your rankings on the search engine result page (SERP) so that your website appears to more people.

Local SEO is the same idea as SEO, but with a location-based target attached to it. So, you are focused on a specific geographical area for your SEO efforts. It uses optimization, link building, content creation, and more to find customers who search for your services or who just want more information. This is great for smaller, local businesses that are trying to reach a localized audience. It is also useful for a bigger business that might have a good standing with their audience on a more widespread angle, but want to target the locals. With a wider audience, you can become number one on the search engine’s list of best car rental companies.

With local SEO, the search query might look something like, “Car rental company near me,” or “Best car rental within 10 miles of…” Those keywords are what make it local SEO because it is narrowed down to a certain proximity.

No matter what size your business is, SEO Design Chicago can help with your car company’s rankings on the search engine result page so its visibility to potential customers goes up.

Why Should You Use Local SEO?

Now that we know what local SEO is, that leaves one question: why is it important for your website’s search engine rankings?

First of all, local SEO is important because if you are based in Austin, you do not want to be advertising to people in Seattle. They are not your target audience. Local SEO helps narrow that audience down so you can save time and money on marketing plans.

Local SEO for automotives is designed specifically to increase the likelihood that your car rental company will be found by customers who use the same keywords throughout their research process.

Google has strict protocols on how it ranks websites on the search engine result page, so by using local SEO for automotives, car rental companies have the best chance of being on the search engine result page. In turn, this helps boost your website’s relevancy and quality while also increasing traffic to your website as well as sales and conversions.

Remember, only one website can be at that first spot for any one search query on the search engine result page. Plus, only a handful more are on the entire first page. The closer to the top your company is on the search engine page, the more trustworthy and reliable customers perceive it to be. That number one spot will receive more traffic and thus more sales from customers than any other spot.

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How to Utilize Local SEO

So, we explained what local SEO is and why it is important for your car rental company rankings. Local SEO is an important part of automotive marketing. Now, we will go over some local SEO best practices to get your car company website to that number one spot on the search engine result page!

Keywords Are Key

We mentioned keywords previously, and if you don’t know what they are, don’t fret. They are exactly what they sound like. Keywords are words that a customer might use in their search query when searching for the best car rental company. If your website contains one of those keywords, it will show up on the customer’s search result page. The more keywords your website has, the higher up Google will rank it so more people end up seeing it.

With local SEO, you can’t just pick any word and toss it into your website. It’s important to choose words that target the local audience and are relevant to the area. In this case, it would be the automotive industry and people looking to rent a car. You can start off by brainstorming some seed keywords. Seed keywords are one- or two-word combinations that are a good foundation to start finding words more closely related to your business. A good first step to this is figuring out the user’s intent.

Content Creation

Original content is one of the best local SEO practices for any company. Original content means the content you come up with or create yourself. This makes your business more specialized and your website more personalized. You want original content so it will set you apart from other rental company websites. It also helps create a connection between the individual customer and the company.

This content can be anything from photos and videos to a blog with written content and links to your social media. This also includes custom landing pages for your website. It is within this content that you will integrate the keywords we talked about previously. That way, when Google SEO crawlers begin to index websites that match the search query’s keywords, it will flag down your website as a potential match.

Other easy ways to optimize your content include:

  • Headlines
  • Subheaders and footers
  • Introduction and conclusion
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Include a value proposition

All of these will aid in optimizing your website to gain more traffic and conversions.

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If you want to improve your automotive SEO tactics, link-building is the way to go. Link-building is the art of acquiring high-quality, relevant links to add to your website. In the eyes of Google, this will build your car rental company’s search engine ranking and overall authority.

Google uses an advanced ranking algorithm, so links signal authority and quality. Google is able to tell when a link is irrelevant or useless and may disregard the website altogether if it spots one. That’s why links related to the automotive industry are essential.

Google My Business

Time and time again, you will hear about Google My Business and its SEO benefits for all industries, including the automotive industry. That’s because it establishes your business as an actual business online and helps put those keywords and original content into play.

It’s also one of the top factors Google considers when ranking automotive businesses in organic local search and the local pack results.

For your Google Business Profile, you will need to provide the following:

  • Your full and correct business name
  • Physical address
  • Exact location on a map
  • Phone number, email, and website (if applicable)
  • Business category

Once they accept your listing, you will need to verify it. Here’s how to optimize your Google My Business listing even further:

  • Upload photos of your business, usually the inside area
  • Include hours of operation
  • Include additional categories that may be relevant to your business
  • Provide additional phone numbers if needed

You can continue to regularly update your Google My Business profile with new content and business updates. All of these simple steps will help optimize your website to gain a good reputation with Google.


Business reviews are often ignored, but we think they are a diamond in the rough for local SEO. They’re easy to get and do so much for your company’s search engine reputation!

Did you know that most people perceive a business online to be more trustworthy if it has reviews? That’s because they trust the reviews from people just like them. This is especially important for a car rental company.

Work on getting some reviews, particularly positive ones, for your Google My Business page. If you had a good experience with a customer or feel they enjoyed their service or product, ask them to leave a review. Most of the time people will leave a review without anything in return. You can also ask via email or over the phone to existing customers, and in a purchase confirmation receipt.

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Get the Best Out of Local SEO For Your Car Rental Business!

Hopefully, after reading this short tutorial on local SEO, you feel more prepared to tackle it with guns blazing. It’s more simple than it seems and just because it is online doesn’t mean it has to be tricky or overwhelming. We are the best SEO company for car rental services. SEO Design Chicago is here for all your car rental marketing and search engine questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out! We also provide marketing strategies for car dealerships, dealership websites, and more automotive SEO strategies.


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