The Future of Web Development

Many of us who want to start a business and sell a product have thought about creating a web page for our company or service. Developing a web page for your business may have a lot of benefits for you and your business. Your business can bloom by developing a web page that provides a responsive and smooth working environment for your customers. If you want to create a web page, you may wonder what the future holds for web development.

What Is Web Page Development?

In general, web development is the process of creating, developing, and maintaining a website on the internet. Developing a website includes the complete process of designing a web page and making it look good and work perfectly. Web development can be classified into two major categories which include front-end and back-end development. Developing a web page includes several important stages that every professional web developer must be aware of. For example, in the first stage, you should start gathering information about creating a website. You must know exactly what you want to provide to your customers and what purpose you want to pursue by developing a website before planning your website. 

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What Is the Difference Between Front-End and Back-End Development?

Web development is divided into front-end and back-end development. Front-end is mostly related to what a web page looks like and what your users see on your web page. It includes layouts, images, content organization, and so on. Front-end development plays a significant role in your web page since it may be the first encounter that your potential customers have with your product or service. However, the back-end development is related to your server and what the customers do not see. Several popular coding languages are used by web developers such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Python. These coding languages are known as development technologies. Web development is also a part of web technologies. 

Development Technologies

As it was mentioned before, there are a series of coding languages that web developers use for creating and developing a web page. Such languages are well-known as development technologies that are applied in the web development industry. Some of the most popular software are JavaScript, Java, C, Python, HTML, C++, Blockchain, Git, CSS, and SQL.

What Are Web Technologies?

While web page development is for creating and developing a website, web technology is more related to the methods and techniques that are used to communicate with various types of electronic devices through the Internet. Web development is known as a section in web technologies. Web technology is divided into several categories such as WWW which stands for World Wide Web, web pages, web server, web browser, and web development. 

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World Wide Web (WWW)

The World Wide Web is a virtual space through which users can gain access to a lot of information through web browsers on many web pages. 

Web Pages

Web pages is an online document that is accessible through various web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. A web page is also known as one single page of a website. Many people may confuse web pages with websites as they are usually used interchangeably. However, it is important to know that web pages are different from websites. While a web page is a document, a website is a series of web pages that are related to one domain name.

Web Server

A web server has two parts. Software and hardware use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to respond to queries that users make on the Internet. Web servers deliver information to users according to their requests on the World Wide Web. 

Web Browser

A web browser is a software application that helps users access information on the World Wide Web. As you know, there are many different web browsers. The most famous web browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and so on. 

Web Development

Web technologies also include web development tools to create, develop and maintain a web page. 

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The Future of Web Development

Now that we learned about web development and its relation to web technologies, we can gain more information about the future of web development. Learning about the future of web development can help us to stay up to date. By staying up to date, we can make our web pages work more efficiently, be more responsive, and look better compared to our competitors. Several web development trends will rule in the future. Some of these trends are progressive web apps (PWAs), single-page applications (SPA), voice search, dark mode UI, the internet of things (IoT), and blockchain technology. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive web apps are a kind of software application that work on both desktop and mobile devices that use standard browsers.

Single Page Application (SPA)

A single page application is a single web application or website that looks more like a native app by interacting with the user and rewriting the web page with new information from the web server. Single page application will give users the opportunity to get the information that they want by just scrolling up and down a single page. 

Voice Search

Voice search (also known as voice command) is one of the most anticipated trends in future web development. More users are using voice recognition and voice search on a daily basis. 

Dark Mode UI

Since the appearance of a dark mode on mobile devices, this feature has become very popular among users around the world. Accordingly, it has become one of the anticipated features in future web development. The dark-themed design will give the users the opportunity to enjoy this popular theme without being concerned about the devices that they are using.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) uses sensors, software, and other technologies that connect with other devices to transfer information in order to describe physical objects through the internet. The Internet of things is anticipated to be another trend in the future of web development, so it is important that web developers get familiar with it.

Blockchain Technology

In blockchain technology, the information and data will be stored in a chain of blocks. Bitcoin is an example of blockchain technology that has gained popularity since 2020. Each block contains information about the number of bitcoins that were transferred, the sender, and the receiver. This technology will be a trend in the future. There are also other trends that will also affect the future of web development.

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What to Do If You Want to Develop Your Web Page?

Now that we have learned about the future of web development, the best thing to do if you want to develop a web page for your business is to find a trustworthy web development company. Professional web developers such as reliable web development companies know these trends and they will develop your web page with these trends in mind which will make your web page look up to date and more interesting to use in the eyes of your users. Moreover, they provide their customers with various types of web page development according to their customers’ needs. 

SEO Chicago Design Is the Most Reliable Web Development Company

SEO Chicago Design is the best and more reliable web development company. Our teams of experts have up-to-date knowledge about the latest trends in the web development industry. They will use the latest technologies and the newest trends to create and develop the best possible web page for you and your clients. Each web development company has various services for its customers and clients. For example, a Shopify website helps you sell your product more easily. Our award-winning team provides their customers with various services such as WordPress websites, e-commerce websites, Shopify websites, Joomla websites, Drupal websites, and Magento websites

Moreover, as we mentioned before, web development includes two categories: front end and back end. SEO Chicago Design Company deals with both web development categories with the highest expertise. Our company has many years of experience in creating and developing websites according to the customers’ needs. To attract potential customers, your website must have the ability to attract users very quickly, otherwise, they will ignore your website and your product. Subsequently, finding an experienced and reliable web development company is an investment that will help the future of your business. We also provide web design and website hosting services to our customers. 


Creating a responsive, user-friendly, and attractive website is only the first step of starting a successful business. Your next step is to maintain your website. A professional web development company such as SEO Chicago Design can help you maintain your website in the best possible way. 


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