What is a Favicon?

Maybe you’re not sure what a favicon is, but you’ve seen them before! Say you’re bookmarking an article online you’d like to go back and read later. However, when you go back to your bookmarks, you can’t remember what the page or article was called. However, you see the tiny icon in your bookmarks and realize it’s the right website! 

That tiny icon is what’s called a favicon. Favicons are extremely important for brand recognition for any company with a website. In this article, we’ll talk about what favicons are, why you should have one for your website, some tips for creating a favicon, and more. For assistance creating a favicon, contact SEO Design Chicago today! 

Favicons: Everything You Need to Know

Create a favicon

A favicon (pronounced fave-icon) is the tiny, iconic image that represents your website. It shows up next to your website’s page name or title tag. But where else can you find your favicon? Here are some places they appear: 


  • Browser tab
  • Bookmarks
  • Toolbar
  • Recently visited pages
  • Search bars
  • Mobile searches 


Though tiny, a favicon is actually an important piece of your website’s branding. Having a clean and easy-to-recognize image allows customers to be familiar with your brand. They are useful when a user bookmarks your site so they can go back to it at another time. Some companies overlook this important step when building a website, but it’s recommended to have one for every site. 

Many businesses utilize their logo or another simple image for their favicon. Target is a great example. Go to www.target.com and check out the bullseye icon they use as their favicon. 

Some other businesses use an icon with one to three characters of text. One example is Wikipedia. They use their classic “W”. This is just one example of how you can use text instead of an image for your favicon. 

Check out more examples of favicons online to get ideas for your own website’s favicon. Just keep in mind that your image needs to be unique yet simple, so it’s memorable. 

What’s the Right Size for a Favicon?

What is a favicon

So, now that you know all about what a favicon is, you are probably wondering what size yours should be. It’s important to know the correct dimensions. However, the size of your favicon can depend on a couple factors, like the browser or if you use a website host. 

Generally, the file size of your favicon should be a multiple of 48 pixels square. So, your icon file size could be 48x48px of 144x144px. No matter which of those icons you use, the image will get rescaled to a 16×16 ratio. 

If you host your website on a website builder, your favicon size will not be the same. WordPress, for instance, requires 512×512 pixels for their favicon. Squarespace, on the other hand, requires 300×300 pixels for theirs. So, always check with your website host before sizing your brand-new favicon! 

Keep in mind that favicons show up on browser tabs, bookmark lists, frequently visited sections, or even in a shortcut icon on a user’s desktop. So, your favicon needs to be easily scalable for those instances. If you know the sizing for these various instances, you can design the best possible favicon for your website. Or, you can hire a website design agency to help you

Do I Need a Website Favicon? 

There are several reasons why your website can benefit from having a favicon. Here are a few: 

Brand Recognition 

They help improve your brand recognition. Your favicon will help people recognize your branding and become familiar with your business. This helps them remember you later!


A favicon adds an air of professionalism to your website. It helps your website look legitimate and stand out from your competitors online. 


Did you know that a it helps your SEO? It’s true! Favicons make your website more user-friendly, which in turn helps your SEO. It also increases the chances that someone will return to your website and convert into a customer. 


If someone bookmarks your website, they will find it easier later on if you have a favicon. An icon is easier to remember than a brand name! 


Chances are, you have multiple tabs open even while reading this email. A favicon helps users recognize your site among their open tabs in their web browser. They’re more likely to click on the open tab when they see and recognize it! 

How Do I Create a Favicon? 

Are you ready to design a favicon for your own site? Here are a few tips from the experts at SEO Design Chicago about how to create and design your own favicon. 

Favicon designs

Be Smart About Space

It’s important to use the small amount of space you have for your favicon judiciously. You want to leave some white space, but you also don’t want to leave so much that your users can’t see the image. Many businesses utilize their logo for their favicon, which is very smart for branding purposes. However, if your logo doesn’t look right as a favicon or doesn’t scale down, you might have to choose another image. 

Whether you choose to use your company logo or create a new image for your favicon, just make sure to use your space smartly and keep it balanced. Don’t leave it too empty – or make it too crowded! 

Make it Simple

Make sure when you are designing your favicon to keep it simple. You want it to be different enough from others so that is can be recognizable, but you also don’t want to use a complicated design. The point of a having one is to help users find you easier online and emphasize your branding. Keep your favicon simple, clean, and easy to recognize. 

Keep it Consistent with Your Brand

Especially if you choose to create a new image for your favicon, make sure to keep it consistent with the rest of your company’s branding. It’s important to reflect the rest of your brand, which makes it more recognizable for users. If you use colors in yours, make sure to stick to your brand colors. (As mentioned earlier, Target uses their iconic red branding.) Using the same consistent colors increases brand recognition. 

Use a Designer

Design a favicon

If you aren’t a professional graphic designer, consider using one to create your website’s favicon. A web designer can design a unique favicon just for your site, and as a bonus, they’ll be able to scale it correctly for any and all instances. 

There are some favicon generators that exist to build one for your website. These generators might be easy and cheap (or even free.) But, if you hire a web designer, you will get an exclusive, well-designed favicon just for your site. 

Get Started Creating Your Favicon Today! 

A favicon is a tiny yet important piece of your website and company’s brand recognition. It helps users recognize and find your website quickly on their browsers, and it has the added bonuses of helping your SEO and upgrading your professionalism online. 

If you don’t know how to get started designing your own, contact SEO Design Chicago today! Our team of web designers is happy to help you create a unique favicon just for your site. 

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