How to Become a Web Designer 

Companies rely on their websites to reach a broader audience and to sell their goods or services. A website allows companies to increase their reach and visibility. A good website effectively tells online users what their company is and explains its purpose. A good web designer will be able to create a website that will benefit their clients. The website should be functional and visibly pleasing for users. A good website can take a company to the next level. If you are wanting to learn how to become a web designer, you can find out here.

What is Web Design?

Before learning how to get started in web design, let’s review what web design is. It is the process of creating websites to be published on the internet. Web designers combine their creative and technical knowledge to create websites that will help companies accomplish their business goals. 

Web design is a relatively new career path. It used to only be focused on creating websites for desktop browsers. With the constant progressions in technology, web designers are now tasked with creating websites that are also mobile and tablet friendly. 

Web design is a growing career path. The job outlook for web developers and digital designers is expected to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029. This is much faster than the national average for all occupations. The job opportunities for web developers and digital designers are expected to be plentiful in the coming years.

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Three Employment Scenarios of Web Designers 

A step in learning how to become a website designer is learning where you could work as one. The role of web designers can vary depending on one’s employment scenario. There are three common employment scenarios for web designers: freelancers, agency, and in-house.  

Freelance web designers work for themselves. If you decide to become a freelancer, you have a lot of freedom as you are your own boss. You get to decide what clients and projects you want to work on. You also get to choose what type of work you will do by deciding what specific services you want to offer. Finally, you are able to decide your own work hours. Along with these freedoms and flexibility though, is the difficulty of balancing the tasks of managing your own business and completing the client work.

Agency web designers work for some type of advertising agency. In this scenario, you do not have as much freedom as a freelancer. However, unlike a freelancer, you do not have to manage your own business.  Your work hours are decided by the agency, along with what clients and projects you will work on. The type of work you will do as an agency web designer depends on the agency and the services they offer. 

In-house web designers usually work for a single company. Similar to agency web designers, you do not have the same freedoms as freelancers. Your work hours are set by your company, along with the projects you work on. In-house web designers are typically tasked with working on a certain section of a company’s website and continually improving it. 

How to Get Started in Web Design

Becoming a web designer requires learning new skills and gaining experience.

Web designers need to understand both the creative techniques and the technological side of creating a website.

Some web designers do have a college degree, but a lot of web designers are self-taught. Below are the topics you will need to understand if you are becoming a web designer.

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Design Theory and Visual Design 

Web designers need to have an understanding of the following visual design principles: layout, typography, color theory. 


Layout is the first design principle you need to know. When learning about layouts, you need to understand grid systems. Most designers use a grid to decide where to place content. It provides order and a clean aesthetic to websites. Other layout concepts you will need for web design are emphasis and scale, balance, rule of thirds, and rule of odds. All of these concepts work simultaneously to create a visually appealing website.

Color Theory

Color theory is the group of rules used by designers to create visually appealing color schemes that communicate certain meanings to the users. To choose the best color scheme for their designs, web designers use a color wheel to create design harmony. Colors can hold a certain meaning and emotion for people who see them, called color psychology. For example, green represents growth, nature, and wealth.

You want to use a color scheme that accurately represents your brand and its personality. Along with taking color psychology into consideration, web designers need to think about creating the right contrast. This deals with finding a balance between the color temperature and color scheme. 

Color theory is a complex topic to fully understand but is very useful to web designers. It helps them understand what users want to see and what will attract their attention. If you are asking how to become a website designer, learning more about color theory is a great step in the right direction. 


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, or text. It is the process of arranging text to be visually appealing and readable on a website. You want to ensure your font combinations are easy to read and that they complement each other. Remaining consistent with your fonts is a useful typography technique. Choose one or two fonts to use throughout your website.  

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User Experience 

Web designers are responsible for creating websites that are both visually appealing and functional. User experience, also known as UX, is extremely important when designing a website. Users will not want to use your site if it is not user-friendly. 

To ensure the best user experience, you should create a sitemap for your website. This will make your website flow easily. You also want to create a menu bar that states the available pages on your site. This will make sure that the site is easy to navigate. These are just two of the many techniques available to create positive user experiences. 

An important part of user experience is ensuring your website is designed for the correct audience. A website designed for millennials is different from a website built for Gen Z. You also want to align the design of your website with the target audience.

Web Development 

Some web designers choose to simply design the website, while others do both the designing and development of the website. Web development is the process of actually creating a website. This involves the coding and programming needed for a website to work correctly. 

Web development requires knowledge of basic programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML, which is an abbreviation for HyperText Markup, allows you to put the content on the website. It gives your website its structure. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is the code that styles the website. This is the colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. JavaScript allows you to make your website interactive. This lets you program features such as hyperlinks.

Design Software

One way to answer the question of how to get started in web design is to start learning design software. If you want to be a web designer, you will need to know how to use the tools to do so. Adobe software is extremely helpful when creating a website. Adobe provides features such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, XD, and so many more. These are all programs that you can utilize to take your website to the next level. 

Adobe Dreamweaver is a unique program because it is a website builder that allows you to both design and develop a website. It allows you to enter code manually. Adobe XD is helpful because it allows you to make interactive prototypes for your website. 

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How Does Web Design Work with Digital Marketing?

Understanding the skills used in search engine optimization and digital marketing is helpful in designing a successful website. SEO is a marketing process focused on increasing website traffic. If you design a website that is SEO-friendly, you will create a website that is more likely to be seen. This will help your business or your client’s business reach its goals.

Becoming a Web Designer

If you have been wondering how to become a website designer, you can use the advice and tools above to get started. Web design is a fast-growing industry. Learning how to become a web designer can be intimidating at first, but it is an achievable goal.

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