How Much Does It Cost to Create a Website For a Small Business?

When beginning your journey to creating your small business, it may seem overwhelming at times. However, if you take it step by step and carefully put all the pieces together, it will be worth it! Building a website for your small business is just as important, as that will be a large part of gaining a loyal and consistent customer base.  Making sure your logo and name for your business is strong, catchy, and meaningful can help attract people to your shop if you have one as well as your website. When first starting to create your website, it’s important to make your domain name or the name of your business website reflect the purpose of your business. It should be short and easy for people to remember. 

You’ll then have to follow a number of steps to get your website recognized and running efficiently, which will be discussed later on in this article. There are also many digital tools for anyone to use that will be beneficial for perfecting your small business site as well as help advertise it to potential customers. The design of your website should be easy to navigate and understand for anyone. After reading this article, you will know how to get your small business started, build a website for it, and understand the importance of having one.

Starting Your Small Business

When trying to build your small business from scratch, you should have a well-developed idea of what it is your business provides and its purpose. Understanding these things is what makes a strong base for your business to flourish and will help you know what direction you’re going. Doing your research is vital for learning more about the industry your small business is in and how others got started. Learning from other small business owners will be beneficial for gaining new tips and ideas. 

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Create a Business Plan

Creating a business plan should be one of the first things you do, which requires your research and understanding of your product or service’s purpose. Within this plan, describe your company, founders, and why its purpose is important for people. Create a list of the products or services you will provide with your small business and your prices. Conducting a market analysis is crucial because it will help you learn about your industry, customer base, and other small business in that same industry. When doing so, you will also choose your target market. A business’s target market is its customer group, also known as its target audience.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Once you identify your customers, creating a clear marketing strategy is important. This will be how you plan on promoting your small business to people. Having an idea of how you will advertise your small business website will make it easier when you actually create your website. Although this can be further developed once your site is up and running, it’s important to get ahead while you can. An important part of your small business plan is figuring out how you can fund your business and calculating how much money you’ll need to start. If your business is solely online, then costs should be a lot less. However, if you plan on owning a shop as well, you will have to pay rent, electricity, and more. Once you have established these aspects of your business plan, you must register your business’s name. This will provide legal protection for your brand. 

Building A Website

Building a website for your small business is simple when you know your business’s purpose and what it offers people. Establishing a professional business site can help build your customer base and brand awareness to people all over the world. Doing so is vital for marketing your business, updating customers, and making sales. You first must establish your budget, although small businesses usually will have a very small budget compared to larger business sites. This is because there is less content that is needed to be organized within its web pages. This budget will be based on things such as standard site costs like finding a host for your site. Once you have chosen your site’s domain name and have it registered, also known as its URL, you must find a host for your site.

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Find a Hosting Service

Establishing your hosting service is required when having any website. This is because you need something to store the data of the website to keep it running. Some of the best hosting providers for small business websites are BlueHost, SiteGround, WP Engine, Hostinger, etc. However, SiteGround is best for e-commerce sites and Hostinger is best when looking for a cheap price. What makes a good hosting provider is based on factors such as storage, features, pricing, customer support, and bandwidth. These features are what will help you decide which is best for you personally. 

Plan Web Pages and Content

Once you have established your hosting service provider for your small business site, you must plan out your site’s web pages and its content. For instance, you have to set up your site’s homepage, perhaps a page about your business’s history and background, and an information page on contacts. This page should include an email address for your business for people to be able to contact as well as a phone number and address. Making sure to display a proper description of your business will give potential customers an idea of who you are and why you started this platform. This should display on your site’s homepage.

Implement a Content Management System

Once your layout is complete, you must implement a content management system (CMS). A CMS is a software program that will help manage your site’s digital content. Making sure to choose one that will benefit your small business website is important. A popular CMS is WordPress, which is free to install. This platform is recommended for small businesses due to its flexibility. Some other popular ones are known as Drupal, Joomla!, and Squarespace. 

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Why a Website Is Important 

Establishing an efficient website for your small business has never been easier and more important than it is right now. This is because these days, everyone is online and this is an easy way to reach a much larger audience. It allows you to help build your business’s credibility and create leads with a larger demographic. Your website will also communicate to potential customers your brand and its values. It will create a sense of trust with your customers, as customer loyalty is extremely important for sales and getting even more people to visit your site.

Having exposure to anyone who has access to Google or other search engine browsers can help grow your business. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), you want your website noticed by search engine crawlers and customers who are searching for what you have to offer. Your website is an all-day advertisement for your business and why people should choose to use it! So it’s crucial for its success to make sure it’s efficiently running and providing the correct and reliable information customers need. It will establish your brand’s credibility which can create more sales as well as customers. 

Costs of a Small Business Site

The cost of running and maintaining a small business website can be very manageable when done correctly. The average cost for small businesses to create their website can be anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on what you put into it. There are several influencing factors of cost here such as registering your domain name, host, SSL certificate, design, CMS, etc. Registering your site’s domain name only will cost anywhere from $1 to $12 depending on what platform you do it from. Choosing and using your website’s host can cost a small business up to $120 per year, but can be as low as $20. 

Purchasing an SSL certificate, which stands for a Secure Sockets Layer certificate, is optional for small businesses, but is important. This will help protect customer data as well as your website’s data from hackers or any outside threats. This can cost up to $1,500 a year for small business sites. When it comes to your site’s design costs, this might be the most important factor of your site. This cost can be around $2,000 for small businesses. SEO Design Chicago can help any business with reaching its goals, as we have the tools you need to succeed.

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Small Business Website Design

The beginning of your small business journey can seem overwhelming, which is why people choose to turn to SEO Design Chicago. Our company can help any business, big or small, with perfecting your website’s content and corporate web design. Our team of experts will help design a website that attracts customers, new and old.


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