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Why Should You Use Hero Images in Your Web Design?

When you first visit a website, does anything in particular catch your eye? Sometimes, this can be a big catchy headline, or an image that takes up half of the screen. But, it makes you decide whether to stay on that site or not. The big image in question, is defined as a hero image. Website hero images are used to build trust and credibility for your brand. We will be discussing website hero images, and other tactics that will help your site grow.  

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Website Hero Images

Website hero images can contribute to a decreased bounce rate on your website. They can also make your website look good, while promoting your brand. Many businesses have had to move online, but struggle to attract more visitors. Regardless of what the issue may be, they can employ a strategy that utilizes website hero images. This blog will discuss the importance of hero images, how they benefit your site, and when to know if they hurt your site. 

Hero Images’ Web Design Contribution 

Hero images can make a big impact on your website. They can add style to the landing page of your site, and reduce the bounce rate. Hero images’ web design contribution includes them being strategically placed. Also, these images can slow down the load speed of your site. Especially on mobile devices.

Mobile compatibility is important, especially if you are selling on an e-commerce site. Some images may not be compressed, so they will reduce compatibility of your site. This is another one of the hero images’ web design features, as negative as it may be. Luckily, there are ways around this issue. Hero Images’ web design contribution will always play a big role. People enjoy images that associate a feeling with a product. Which is exactly what many hero images do. 

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Mobile Compatibility of Images

Your website hero images may look stunning. They may be very high quality, and make your home page very attractive. But, this has a hidden downside. These images can slow down your website. The first thing you should do right now is to put your website’s URL into Google PageSpeed Insights. Then, you should see a score. If the score is close to 100, then your site is pretty quick. If not, then it means something is slowing it down. No one likes visiting a slow website. Especially not mobile users. This increases bounce rate, reduces the chance of a visitor visiting in the future, and also leaves you a dilemma.

Fear not! You can score better with PageSpeed Insights. The first key to scoring better is to take a look at your website hero images. For starters, if your image quality is above 1920 x 1080, chances are, it is a reason for the slow loading speeds. Using compression tools can be of great help. Reduce the size of the images by compressing them, and your speed should improve. And, you will still have a hero image on your home page. WordPress websites have special plugins that can do this. The specific plugin is known as WP Smush Image Compression and Optimization.

It is not guaranteed that your website hero image is the reason for a slow website. Remember, users may just have a slow internet speed. Also, you may be using an older hosting service. Images are just a very common reason for the slowdown of a site. Regardless, running a test through PageSpeed Insights can let you know if you need to do anything to speed up your site. 

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Hero Image Definition

We have been discussing website hero images in great depth. Now, let’s go back a bit and go over the definition of hero image. As we mentioned earlier, a hero image is the large image seen on the home page of many websites, meant to draw your attention to it. To add to the hero image definition, it can also be static or moving. Some websites have a video on their home page that can be compared to a live photo. Landing pages are crucial for your website. While we discuss the hero image definition, we should also discuss why you need landing pages. 

Landing Pages

A landing page is a bit different than a home page. It is a page that helps convert users, or in other words, it pushes them to do an action on your site. These pages are usually stumbled upon after clicking a link from an ad or a social media post. The quickest way to tell if you are on a landing page is to see how many links it has. If it has a single link, it is a landing page. This link is the call to action.

But, a landing page can look like your home page. Your website’s main focus should be on there. It should also include website hero images. In fact, a hero image is a big factor that can make your landing page get more conversions. If your landing page includes plenty of references to your page, it means users will know what to expect. Always have a landing page ready, especially if you want more conversions.

Hero Web Design

Hero images may need to be created specifically for your site. This is because there may not be  a specific image that matches your site’s theme. Thus, you may have to hire out someone to design it. Here are some great examples of hero web design. As you can see, these images are catchy, and relate to the expected content. 

Hero web design can be complemented by SEO web design. A big aspect of SEO web design is site speed. Yes, we mentioned that earlier. Site speed will vary based on what is on your site, and how it is programmed. If your site speed is faster, it will rank higher. You can use SEO web design to also look more trustworthy and legitimate. A well designed site, which includes hero web design and SEO web design will be more trusted than one that is not. Protection for users’ privacy through the use of an SSL certificate will not go unnoticed either. People that go online want a safe experience. Providing them with one that makes them feel that way will convert them for your site. 

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Web Design Tools

Web design is not easy. Hero images need to be placed properly. The right call to action must be written. And, it must all be a smooth experience for the user. There are many tools that can assist you with your web design. Some are free, while others are paid services. Regardless, they will make a difference for your website. 

First, there is Google Web Designer. Google Web Designer is a free tool that allows you to create HTML5 content. One of the best parts about Google Web Designer is the fact that it easily pairs with other Google Services. You will probably use Google Ads on your site, so it can easily pair with that. It also has connectivity with Google Drive. 

Second, there is WordPress. One of the most popular website building software, WordPress can help you sculpt a website from the bottom up. WordPress has free packages, as well as paid packages. If you really want control of your site, paying for WordPress is the way to go. WordPress can actually link to other tools such as Elementor Pro, that allow even more web design capabilities. The best part about WordPress is its popularity. This is because you will be able to find tutorials online for multiple aspects of WordPress.

Finally, a great tool that can assist you with web design is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop will help you create a hero image the way you want it. Now, Photoshop is also on the paid side. If you do see it in your budget, it has many benefits. Your site will benefit from the authenticity that Photoshop will bring to it. Also, knowing Photoshop in general is a good skill that can be put on a resume. Therefore, if your budget allows it, Photoshop is a great aid to web design. 

why should you use hero images in your web design

So, Why Should You Use Hero Images in Web Design? 

Hero images are important images. As we have discussed the hero image definition, we have learned even more about their importance. A well designed hero image on your site will definitely increase the amount of people who interact with the site. Pairing a hero image with a web design tool like Photoshop or WordPress is also a way to make it more effective. This is due to their ability to aid in web design. Hero images don’t just have to be on your home page. You can put them on a landing page. The landing page may do a better job with a proper hero image there. Overall, the importance of hero images should not be overlooked. They provide an important gateway to increasing the popularity to your site. 


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