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Web Development 101: Services, Companies, and more

Ever wonder what it takes to put together a website from the ground up? Usually, we see the finished product, but no one sees the behind the scenes on how websites are made. In this article, we will talk more in depth about what web development is and its services, along with the top companies in the industry. We will also mention the differences between web design and web development and ways specific services within those fields work. 

What is Web Development?

Web development is the work involved in developing and making a website. It can be divided into two categories, the front end and the back end. The front-end development is how the website looks, the colors, and user experience.

For example, Zillow, a popular real estate website, is known for its design and aesthetic. The back end is the code is involved with the coding and programming needed to run and function the website. Engineers/developers need to learn certain coding languages in order to perform tasks. Each coding language is unique and has different functions. Wonder what a web developer does? Well, check out an in-depth analysis at What Is A Web Developer

Web Development

Here is a list of popular coding languages and their functions: 


Java is one of the most popular coding languages which is used to make video games and mobile apps. It’s portable and compatible with multiple platforms. Java has a lot of business and practical applications which is why it’s been one of the top programming languages in web development for years. Popular sites like Twitter and Spotify use Java. 


Known as one of the easiest languages to learn, Python is one of the most user-friendly languages out there. It can be used for many things ranging from Web apps and data analysis. Instagram and Pinterest are known apps built using Python. 


JavaScript? What’s the difference between Java and JavaScript? Well JavaScript is all text while Java is more compiled and although they have similar names, they have different applications. JavaScript is only used through web browsers being involved in more web pages and not applications for multifunction. For example, Java would be used for credit card transactions while Java Script would be used for interactive website features. 


C is known as the parent language, JavaScript and Python derived from it and have similar syntaxes. It’s popularly used for high build applications requiring many functions. Examples are Microsoft and Mac; these devices aren’t just mobile apps or web pages making them be coded with C.   

For more information of different programming languages, check out The Top 10 Programming Languages. Now that you have an understanding of web development, let’s talk about the services. 

Web Design Company

Web Development Services 

Each company has different web development services. However, before we look into companies, let’s look at the basics. Web development services range on what the consumer needs, for example a company could reach out to a company to make them a website or app. Or an influencer needs a Shopify to sell their merchandise, they will usually reach out to a company to do it for them.

As discussed before, there are two main categories; front end and back end. Most web development companies will deal with both categories. The front end is as if not even more important than the back end. That’s where the User experience comes into place and the overall layout. Easily navigable and visually pleasing websites have been proven to boost website traffic. Especially in an age where most things are digital, if something doesn’t catch someone’s eye in the first 5 seconds, then they are likely to later ignore it. Although front end is important, without the back end, the website wouldn’t even run. There are many components that need to be acknowledged before preparing a website.

For example, a website needs to handle an abundant number of users at a time ensuring it won’t crash. Therefore, web developers have a lot of responsibilities to make your sites and apps perfect. Next, we will talk about the top companies and their specialized services. For more information on web development services, check out our page on Web Development

Web Development Companies

Web Development Companies

So, you’re a business owner and you need help getting started with an overall list of the best companies. Well you came to the right place. We put together a list of top companies and their services. 

1. SEO Design Chicago 

What makes SEO Design Chicago so special? Well they focus on all aspects of web development with teams of experts using their knowledge to make your desires fulfilled. They have web projects across the United States and Canada, so your location doesn’t matter. Their services include WordPress websites, Shopify Websites, e-commerce websites, Drupal Websites, Joomla Websites and Magento websites. The possibilities are endless, and they have the expertise to make your project successful. SEO Design is the one of the most complete web development companies in terms of both front end and back end. 

2. Isovera 

Based in Massachusetts, Isovera has a create framework. They prioritize the customer and their needs. They believe that their diverse staff has an advantage with their different perspectives. Lastly, they “focus on learning quickly, de-risking early, and collaborating with maximum efficiency”. Isovera has proven to be a top web development company in the last 5 years. 

3. Zibtek 

With the motto “Your Dream, Our Work”, Zibtek was founded in 2009 and primarily focuses on software development. They have a much wider range than web development, more focusing on software-oriented work. However, they have great testimonies and have a team of 250+ developers and engineers. 

4. Cubix 

Cubix is one of the top mobile app developer companies out there now. They have a focus on the gaming industry with services including: E-Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SaaS, Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, and more. They work for clients including individuals, startups, and organizations, so their range is huge. 

We’d like to note that these are just some of the top web development companies and there are many more out there. We just wanted to give you ones with diverse specialties so you can see the possibilities. For a bigger database of web development companies, check out over 33,000 Web Development Companies

Web Design Company

What about a Web Design Company? 

What’s the difference between Web Development and Web Design? Well Web Design can be considered a component of Web Development. Now, since you have an understanding of Web Development, then Web Design is somewhat like the same thing. Web Design companies specialize in the front end while also still have developers working the back end. In essence, web design is a service of web development. Therefore they will use software like Photoshop and other designing software for your website or application.

Also, it’s important to mention Search Engine Optimization. All the techniques of making your site a top google pick is in the category of SEO which could be more web design oriented. There are many other web design specific services which can be found through company websites.

For tips on hiring agencies, look at How to hire the best website design agency. Finding Web Designers shouldn’t be a problem because it’s usually offered within Web development, however how do you find a web design company near you? 

“Where can I find a Web Design Company near me?” 

There are many steps you can take to find web design companies near you. However, in a time like this, everything is remote and it’s difficult to approach businesses in person. The wonderful thing about Web development is that it can be all done remotely. Everything is done at the computer and the customer and company can communicate through various methods.

For example, SEO Design Chicago, although based in Chicago, has clients across the United States and Canada. Unless the services you need are more technical and need all eyes on the work, than in person interactions are still possible but limited. To find Web Design companies near your location, check out Find a web designer near you

Web Development Services


In this article, we covered a lot, from the basics of web development to its services and companies involved. Also, specific programming languages used by developers and their perks. Web Design is an important aspect of Web development and with advice given above you can find companies. Web development’s role in the industry is massive including both front end and back end services.

In terms of back end, the use of languages like Python and JavaScript are prominent. There are many variables that categorize good web development companies and SEO Design Chicago proves to be the most transparent and has a wide range of services.

For a free consultation with SEO Design Chicago, please reach out to us through our website SEO Design Chicago. It would be a pleasure for us to work for you and we are excited to make great work. We hope you took something out of this article. For any questions, comments or concerns, call us today! 

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