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SEO Design Chicago has worked with hundreds of clients all across the country.  Are you ready to start seeing results?

Will I Lose any Data When I Migrate My Website?

No you will not. SEO Design Chicago has migrated thousands of webpages and know how to keep your data secure. Our web design team will seamlessly transfer all of your data without losing a thing!

Web developers will most likely create a backup for website migrations.  If the website is being fully rebuilt, then most developers will use a developmental server to accomplish this.It’s always best to backup your website before serious updates and to most developers choose to do major updates over the weekends or late at night outside of business hours.

Choosing an ecommerce platform depends on a number of factors including:

  • number of products
  • variations of products
  • scalability
  • third-party fulfillment

Most businesses will choose between WordPress Woocommerce, Shopify or Magento for their ecommerce needs.

If you cannot find a developer that knows how to update your site, it may be time to upgrade!  We have experience migrating websites from dozens of current and obsolete platforms.

Newer websites should be faster, easy to navigate and responsive.  Websites should always include a SSL certificate for security as well.

If you are using a platform that is not made for ecommerce, it may make more sense to build a new website with a CMS that is built for online sales.

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