What is InDesign?

InDesign is a software made to help create beautifully laid out digital and print media. Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, people use it to design and make many different kinds of projects. InDesign is useful in many types of businesses and it is an amazing program and a great tool.

What is Adobe InDesign?

When InDesign was launched in 1999, it changed the world of publishing. It allowed individuals, local companies, and big businesses to design and produce content with little work or experience. Today, InDesign continues to be accessible to everyone. This software has had major upgrades since 1999. Adobe continues to innovate their software to be user friendly but also allow for creative minds to prosper and specialize. This desktop publishing software can help your business step up its design game.

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What is Adobe InDesign Used For?

Adobe InDesign can be used for a variety of different tasks from needing an updated business card to making interactive PDFs. This software can help with creative page layouts and designs that are for print, online, or both. InDesign allows for maximum creativity and control.

What can be Created through InDesign?

There are many different kinds of media that can be produced through InDesign, but some are:

  • Publish books
  • Digital magazines
  • eBooks
  • Logos
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Annual reports
  • Infographics
  • Business cards
  • And so much more

How can InDesign help Build SEO? 

Making sure your content is done right for SEO (search engine optimization) is important. Most companies know that and are implementing strategies to make content built for optimization. But did you know SEO looks at your web design too? Content and web design need to both be utilized well to get the best SEO ranking for your website. This can help more people see the content you or your team spend a lot of time working on.

Mobile and Desktop View Control

Instead of letting each device determine how your content looks, InDesign allows you to choose how it will look. This means that between desktop view and mobile view, you can switch around formats and make sure you like what others will see. This could be making some images bigger or smaller depending on the device’s dimensions. You have total control over your website’s image.

Easy to Use, Easy to Look At

If you have a website that is easy to use, viewers are more likely to stay on it longer. That means more traffic for your website. This all factors into how your website is ranked in SEO. Making templates that you can easily import your content into will not only help your content promotion with search engines, but also by people who view it. Having a consistent layout and theme makes a well-rounded brand.

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When to Use InDesign?

Adobe has a lot of programs, so knowing when to use which one can be a challenge. One of the nice features Adobe offers is the Adobe Creative Cloud.

InDesign and the Adobe Creative Cloud

With over 20 applications, the Adobe Creative Cloud can be used to do it all. This gives you a full creative toolbox to work with. Adobe understands you are likely to use more than just one tool to make amazing designs. That is why they have added collaboration tools to help businesses work as cohesively as possible. Some collaboration tools that Adobe features are sharing files and content, providing instant feedback, and allowing your stakeholders to view and comment on your work. This is cloud-based collaboration at its finest. InDesign, as a part of this, has these benefits as well.

InDesign or Different Software?

If you are creating a piece of content and you want total control over how it looks, use InDesign. This powerful software allows you to tweak and make little adjustments other software doesn’t allow. You no longer have to limit your creativity based on your computer’s ability. Comparing InDesign to another publishing software, like Word, is very difficult. InDesign has all you need and more. Other publishing software can do some of what InDesign does, just not as user friendly. InDesign also has a wide range of capability. If you have a multipage document that you want to position images and text in specific places, InDesign can do that easily, while other programs may struggle to format things the way you want.

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What is the Difference Between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign?

This is a common question people have when they want to know which software to use. These programs can do similar tasks but have better control in certain areas.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is used for creating computer images, graphics, or drawings. These are vector images, meaning they are made with different lines and shapes. This is used mainly to draw and enhance designs. If you want to create a single page design, Illustrator may give you more control. Illustrator lets you manipulate all the elements in your design. It is used for drawing, editing, and creating things that tend to have mostly pictures, not words.

Adobe InDesign

InDesign is used for creating a layout. Incorporating images and words to create appealing content is what InDesign is all about. InDesign was created for multi-page documents (books and magazines). The software’s number one strength is designing layouts. You have so much control over your specific layout and design, but it isn’t great for drawing or artwork.

Which One is Best?

This depends on what you are creating. Each Adobe application has its strengths. They cross over each other on their skills so you are still able to create quality work with one application.

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Indesign Tutorial: Getting Started

Download InDesign

This digital publishing software comes alone or in a package. Whatever you choose, you can create something unique by just having this software.

Make a Document

There are many ways to start a new document, but first, you should think if you want to start from scratch or a template? You open a document by going to Choose File > New > Document. You can pick from multiple document sizes and templates to get started.

InDesign Workspace

How to get started is easy once you get a basic understanding of what is in your workspace.

Menu Bar

If you know any other Adobe software, this one is easy to get around. You have the menu bar at the top that allows you to open other files, make small adjustments, and change settings and viewing panels.


The toolbox on the left side with all the icons, allows you to edit. A new feature Adobe added to some of their applications is by hovering over the icon it shows you what the tool does and how to use it. You can also take classes to better learn how to use these tools directly in InDesign.


On the right side of InDesign are the panels. These include properties, pages, a library full of images free for you to use. You can change what panels are shown by going to Window > Select Panels you want


One of the best ways to learn InDesign is by using it. You can experiment with different layouts and features on a practice document. That way there is no need to worry about a deadline or standards. Practice helps prepare you for when that time does come.

What Can InDesign Do for my Business?

Lots of things need designing for your company.These include business cards, website banners, PDFs, and pricing guides. Anything your company puts out shows your audience who you are. If you are “getting by” with the design you have now, consider enhancing your design to show what your company is about.

Impressions are Everything

When customers see your website, business card, or even just your logo, they are deciding if they want to continue looking at your business. Your design has a big impact. We are visual beings. If you can impress with a design, your viewer is more likely to stay to discover how amazing your company is. Give people the first impression you want to portray by putting together your content look.


Having consistent templates, colors, and fonts can help your company gain favor with people. If you have a website, make sure your pages look similar. People just know where a title and images should be located. When they are off, your brand can appear off. Consistency goes beyond your website but into other content, you make as well. Make sure any content that goes externally looks professional. It can also help if your internal communication looks the same as well. All this provides your company credibility because of your unique and put together design.

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InDesign Overview

What can InDesign do for you? The possibilities are endless. It allows you to be as creative as you wish to be. It is industry-standard publishing software that brings your infographics, logo, business card, and more to the next level. When something is visually appealing, people spend more time looking at it. It makes people notice your website, company graphics, and other materials you might publish.

Ready to Take Your Company to the Next Level?

Designing and creating a logo, making website page templates, and creating other content needed for business is a lot of work. By using InDesign, you can step up your company design elements. You might not have the time or interest to learn new software. That is where SEO Design Chicago can help. A team of graphic designers is ready to impress your clients.


  • What is InDesign?
  • How should I use InDesign?
  • What is the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign?
  • How can I get started using InDesign?
  • What can InDesign do for my business?

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