How to Perform Google Search Console Verification

You’ve just created a website, and want to add it to the Google Search Console for it to be viewable on Google. You might be thinking, “wait, verify Google Search Console?” Before you can do anything else, you must prove that you own your own site to Google. Basically, this means that you have to do a Google Search Console verification. Google wants users to do site verification since they need to know who owns the site. (Yes, you basically have to prove your site ownership to Google.)

A Google Search Console verification is simple to do and has multiple options for you. We will go over a number of ways to perform a Google Search Console verification, as well as what the Google Search Console is. Also, we will give a quick overview of Google Analytics, because it can help your website after the verification by the Google Search Console is complete. These are skills that every digital marketing expert should have. 

Google search console verification

The Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is one of the most important tools when measuring the health of your site. Its features allow you to do an analysis of your site. There are many ways to use the Google Search Console to your advantage. Basically, if you want to add your site to Google Search, you need the GSC. In this context of using the Console, we will discuss Google Search Console Verification. This is one of the security tools that the Console provides.

In a sense, it is requiring you to verify that you own your website. Other cool features of the Console include the access it gives you to Google’s tools. Some of these tools include the Analytics tool and the AdSense tool. If you have already added Google Analytics and understand how it works, it can massively help your site. Google Search Console verification is an important step to take in starting out your website on the internet. 

How to Verify Google Search Console

Once you have polished your website and are ready to make it available to the public, you have to submit it to Google’s Search Console. Skipping this step means that it will take months for the search console to find your site through crawlers. If you decide to go that route, your site will take longer to attract traffic. When you submit the site to the search console, it will ask for proof, or verification, that the site belongs to you. 

There are multiple ways to do a Google site verification. The ones that we will go over are the ones through Google Analytics and HTML Verification. These two methods are the simplest, and easiest to remember, but are not the only two ways to site verify. A Google Site Verification will be needed for each website you decide to make public. Keep these methods in mind for future reference.

Google site verification id

HTML Site Verification

The first simple method of Google Site Verification is the HTML method. Before you go further, it should be noted that this method requires you to have access to your server. When you add your file to the Google Search Console, there is an option to download an HTML verification file. Download this file to your computer.

This file now needs to be uploaded to your root directory of the server. It will not affect your server, it is just needed for verification. Make sure you upload it to the main folder, and not a subfolder. Once it is uploaded, go to the address of the file, and make sure that it confirms that the file was uploaded.

After this, you should press verify in the original prompt that gave you the HTML file. This will complete the process, and Google will search for the file in the server. It may take up to an hour to verify, but after that, you are good to go. 

Does It Matter Which Operating System I Am Using?

This is a great question to ask. When doing a Google Search Console verification, the operating system in use will not matter. Both Apple and Windows users will have the same simple steps to follow. Google offers its tools for a variety of mobile and computer operating systems. The interface for Google Analytics is almost identical in the Mac and Windows settings. 

Google Analytics Site Verification

If Google site verification does not work with HTML, then you can do it with your Google Analytics account. Doing it with Google Analytics is not any more difficult than it was with HTML. It is still a Google Search Console verification method. The step-by-step process is actually simpler. We will go over this process and explain each step for clarity.

How to Verify with Analytics

  1. Register For Google Analytics: Set up an account with Google Analytics and add your site there.
  2. Grab the Asynchronous Java Script Code: This is a pre-formed web tracking code for Google Analytics. 
  3. Use the Code to Verify: Take the code and install it on your site. Once you do so, the code can be used to verify any of the Google Webmaster Tools.

Verifying with Google Analytics also unlocks more opportunities. You can follow up and verify with the other Google Webmaster Tools. When you complete a site verification for the first time, it may seem difficult. Once you learn the habits, and which tools to use, it becomes very simple to do.

Another Method to Verify Your Website for Google Search Console

Another way to verify your website property in the Google Search Console is through your DNS. As long as you have access to your domain provider, you can take the text string from the instructions and add it as a TXT record on the domain you want to track. Save the DNS with the TXT record added. Then, wait at least 15 minutes for the changes to take effect. Next, click Verify. After clicking Verify, you’re done!

How to Verify Website Property Without Direct Access to the DNS

If you need to verify your website property without DNS (for instance, if you’re a marketing team or 3rd party tech) you can add a website with a specific website prefix and verify ownership through several different methods:

  • Adding an HTML file to your site
  • Adding an HTML meta tag to your site’s homepage
  • Utilizing a DNS provider
  • Using Google Tag Manager
  • Using an existing Google Analytics Account

site verify

Other Benefits of Google Analytics

While Google Search Console Verification can happen through Google Analytics, it is not the only use of Analytics. Google Analytics can also be used to gather important data about your site. This data can then be used to make necessary changes regarding the search engine optimization (SEO) of the site. Also, Google Analytics can help determine how effective a marketing campaign is.

When you see statistics about certain pages that were part of that campaign, you can decide whether or not it was successful. You can uncover your top content by seeing what users are clicking on. You can also see where users are visiting your site from, and see your worst performing pages. When you combine all of these tools together, your site will greatly improve. Google Analytics is awesome, so using it to power your website will make great things happen. 

Other Ways To Site Verify

While the two simplest ways to site verify are the HTML and the Google Analytics variants, they are not the only two ways. You can choose another method to verify your site. The Google Search Console has many tools available for effective use. Thus, they offer a variety of ways for site verification, because more users can then verify and take advantage of the tools.

You can also verify with Squarespace. Squarespace verification requires you to connect your Squarespace website to the Google Search Console. All it does is verify that your domain is registered to Squarespace. WordPress also has its own verification process. When your WordPress site is done, you will take a link from the Google Search Console. This link will be placed in your header, and the Search Console will search for it to verify. Both Squarespace and WordPress offer simple ways to site verify your new website. 

Secure Your Google Site Verification ID

Your Google Site Verification ID is essentially what you use to verify your site as being yours. To find your Google Site Verification ID, select your site’s domain in the property dropdown. Open Settings in the Google Search Console. Then, choose “Ownership Verification.” Choose the “HTML tag” option again, and your verification ID will be the string of numbers and letters that appears in between the quotations after “content.” 

Your Google Site Verification ID should not be shared with anyone, because they can use it to compromise important information. As with anything else pertaining to your site, verifying it with Google has to be done in a secure manner. Securing your website should be another top priority. SSL certificates are one way to secure your website. The quick need-to-know of an SSL certificate is that it grants domain protection of private data.

Be aware that the SSL certificate needs to be applied to each individual domain that you have. Anyways, having an SSL certificate for your domain will provide additional security. If private information such as your Google Site Verification ID is exposed, having an SSL certification will prevent that data from being accessed. 

Don’t Forget Google Tag Manager! 

You will also want to verify your site with the Google Tag Manager. You can do it the same way as Google Analytics, as long as you have the right permissions.

The Future of Your Site

Starting a new website can be an exciting time. Research goes into each element of the site, and the design is changed multiple times in order to fit your needs. Like any other person, you want the best that you can get for your website. Using the Google Search Console to verify that you own your site is one of the first steps to take. You will have a secure verification that the site is yours.

Once your site is up, you will attract visitors. With more visitors, comes a greater security risk, so adding an SSL certification is a must. The SSL certification will provide ample protection for your site, from possible data breaches by hackers. While SSL is a great addition, do not forget about using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool that Google offers and can help you track the metrics of your site. With the combination of hard work and Google Analytics, your site can have a great future in store. For help with your website, contact us at SEO Design Chicago today! 

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