Coffee Shop Branding

Coffee shop branding is an imperative part of your coffee business and overall marketing strategy. When you think about different coffee shop’s branding among popular chains, you most likely think about their logo and what represents the brand. Starbucks uses their defined green packaging accompanied by their mermaid logo on every item they sell. This sets the tone for the brand and helps you recognize and differentiate them from other coffee companies. Coffee shop branding allows companies to express their tone and what they want their customers to feel while drinking and eating at their shop. Starbucks packaging is clean and simplistic, reflecting the upscale vibe of their company. This is why branding is so important: it helps you determine how you want to be positioned in the minds of consumers and what kind of products and services you want to offer.

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Brands Are Recognizable

When you think about other chains like Dunkin, their coffee shop branding is significantly different than Starbucks. They use youthful, bright colors, and their packaging does not look as elegant. This is done intentionally. Dunkin positions themself in a way that they seem more inexpensive and reasonable. Even the way their dining is set up gives the impression to get your coffee and donuts and go, as opposed to Starbucks’ dining area that fosters communication among people and a nice work environment.

Coffee Shop Websites

Your coffee shop website should include a certain look along with easy navigation to attract consumers. Coffee shop websites should place emphasis on your brand identity and where you want to go in the future. You want to convey your brand’s story. Think about what makes you different and gives you a competitive advantage and implement that in your branding and website. For example, if you have the largest variety of frosted donuts in the nation, focus on that and vocalize it repetitively on your website. This makes consumers feel more inclined to want to visit your shop for its unique features.

Simple Interface

As you start the process of designing your coffee shop website, make sure to choose a layout that is simple and to the point. You should include accessible tabs that customers can find and click on with ease. Example tabs include: menu, contact, about us, locations, fan favorites, Blogs, and anything else that aligns with what your company offers. When you think about what websites are most appealing, it is always the ones that give you what you are looking for in the least number of steps possible.

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Home Page

The homepage of your coffee shop website should include your logo and a design that represents what you offer to customers. If you are environmentally friendly, using different shades of green will help support this idea and better position in consumers’ minds what your company values. Your homepage can also offer photos of your most popular product so customers can associate that item with your brand.

Coffee Shop Marketing Ideas

There are a variety of coffee shop marketing ideas that can work well for your brand. The goal is to obtain a loyal client base that chooses your coffee shop when they are in need of a caffeine boost. How can you do this? Everything goes back to how you want to position your coffee shop and what will give you a great ROI or return on investment. In general, marketing is all about finding the best ways to get products/services to your customers and delivering them in a way that is both cost effective and desirable to the consumer. This looks different for every business in every industry. Coffee shops present similar characteristics that customers recognize. However, the atmosphere of your café will speak volumes about your company.

A Connected Society: Coffee Shop Wi-Fi

People are connected to their phones and electronic devices more than ever. In fact, people often go to coffee shops to get their work done because of the relaxing atmosphere and endless caffeine. Making Wi-fi available to your guests results in a great opportunity for you and your customers. If people are purchasing your products, then sitting down for hours, they are likely going to buy a refill or two, resulting in more profit. This also lets business people in the area know you are a great place to hold small business meetings or interviews, which will result in a higher traffic volume and overall profit. The option of Wi-fi opens endless doors for your business and customers who visit your shop. You can even attach a small premium on each cup of coffee to cover the added expenses of Wi-fi. If you think about it, customers will most likely choose your coffee shop over your competitor’s down the street because of the convenience of being able to do work at your location. Again, this is a huge competitive advantage that you will want to invest in.

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Know Your Customers

A defining character of any marketing strategy is the target market. This sets the tone for the entire business and what you offer or how you promote. A recent study has discovered that over 45% of people aged 18-23 spend more money on coffee than investing in their retirement plan. This is a great audience to work with and to know inside-out. Most people in this specific demographic prefer to get their news and information from social media like Instagram, Twitter, etc. This means these platforms are where you are going to want to primarily direct your promotional efforts. If you have a buy one-get one deal for two days only, posting on social media will be the most effective way to reach a younger age group.

Surveys and Analytics

Social media allows you to interact with and receive instant feedback from customers. Collecting information from physical surveys could take months, but social media shows you results instantly. Whatever demographic your coffee shop branding is targeting, you want to make sure you are actively satisfying that group. You might have to revamp your menu to include products that your target audience favors. Doing your research is a huge part of understanding your target market and should be something you are constantly doing.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most successful coffee shop marketing strategies that will help with your branding. People are constantly searching videos on “how to make coffee” or “coffee art.” Making videos not only retains the interest of current customers, but it also attracts new ones. Your video can feature the unique design you can create with coffee or how your shop is more sustainable than others through certain practices you take. Coffee videos give a preview of what your company offers and helps customers visualize going into your shop. It also assures consumers that you are confident in your product and increases your credibility.

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Best Coffee Shop Websites

The best coffee shop websites are captivating and showcase their products in a way that will attract their target market. Having a good functioning website is a great branding tool. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, meaning there will be a lot of competition. How can you beat this competition? By standing out, which starts with your website.

Look at Successful Coffee Shop Websites

The first and arguably the most important thing you can do is look at current coffee shops’ websites that seem to be successful. You can get ideas by what layout and design they use throughout. Do they use multiple colors? An interactive page? Whatever it might be, you are going to want to take notes so you can create the best coffee shop website for your brand. You can use these ideas you have gathered to create your brand and website, but never copy.

Stay Consistent

Once you have determined the look and vibe of your brand you want your website to consistently reflect it. The website should be easily recognizable so people will associate it with your brand right away. If you frequently use subdue tones in store, but neon colors online, customers will not attribute your website to your brand and will give your company a skewed image. This is why it is so important to stay consistent and use the same color schemes and font choices throughout.

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Making your Coffee Shop Stand Out

Coffee is a huge part of daily life for people all over the world, meaning that it has a very high demand. You want to make sure you are effectively implementing a successful marketing strategy to give you an advantage over a large pool of competitors. For help with all your digital marketing needs and questions, contact SEO Design Chicago today to create a plan for your coffee shop branding.


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