What Are Video Link Best Practices?

Some of the most popular content online these days are videos. Just like any other form of content, there is an ideal way to utilize SEO for video content. Video content is only growing online and there is evidence that implies that websites with videos have higher conversion rates. Typically, they also outperform and rank higher among search engines so it is important to link videos correctly. In this article, we will describe the benefits of implementing video content on your website and video link best practices.

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Why Should I Use Video on My Website?

There are so many websites out there vying for a viewer’s attention that video might be the key to making yours stand out. No matter how good your content is, if your website is lacking visually interesting elements and multimedia platforms, then a user might click away. Anyone in the modern day can make a video, since we all carry smartphones with us everywhere we go.

The way to differentiate yourself is to produce quality video content and doing so takes research, experience, and skills. These efforts are worth it in the long run because videos have so many benefits for your website. Videos are appealing visually and auditorily. They demand a viewer’s attention even if it is just for a little bit. This can amount to a lingering viewer who might stay long enough to purchase a good or service.

One reason videos are so beneficial for your website is that they increase web traffic. This helps to bring more visitors to your website, which is something all websites want. Users prefer learning about a good or service from a video compared to other forms of content. Speaking of engagement, website visitors have a higher chance of staying on a site that features video. If they engage with the video, then they have to stay for at least some time. 

According to Google’s algorithm, websites with videos rank higher than those without. So one video link best practice is to simply have videos on your website. Videos assist with higher conversion rates, which goes back to the previous points. If you have increased traffic, more engaged visitors, and higher ranks, then your conversions should improve.

Video SEO Tactics

Video SEO is a way to optimize your video to perform better and rank higher on search engines. Just as relevant keywords are important to other kinds of online content, they are necessary for videos as well. 

Keyword Research

It is important to conduct thorough keyword research for the best video SEO. A way to proceed with this research is to utilize YouTube suggest and Google suggest. This is where you look up a keyword in the search bar and take note of the suggestions that follow said keyword. The purpose of this is that it tells you what people are interested in and what they are looking up, so you know how to better market your content. Video marketing has increased in the past few years and that brings about more videos being produced as well as increased conversions.

Appealing and Relevant Visuals

A part of the video SEO process is the visual aspect to it. In other words, your video needs to be appealing, with an appropriate and engaging thumbnail. This is what people will see when they are looking up videos. Often, the video with the most compelling thumbnail gets clicked. Custom-made thumbnails that feature humans get the most traction and a higher play rate. Another aspect of your video thumbnail is to ensure that it is actually relevant to your video. For example, if your video is about how to take care of a puppy, do not have a thumbnail that features a car parking. So make sure that the thumbnail of your video is one that relates to the content you are trying to rank for.

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Strong Title and Description

While on the topic of relevant content, the title and description of your video should match up with your target keywords. However, with this video link best practice, It is important to not keyword stuff. Also, you want to make sure the title is interesting and something users would want to click on. Ideally, you want the title and description to be engaging, utilize keywords, and be relevant to the content.

Quality Webpage

The video you are trying to rank is important, but so is the rest of the page it is on. This page needs to be relevant to the video and be of good quality. Your video will not get any traction if the page it is linked to is of bad quality. You cannot put a video on any old page and expect it to receive playbacks. You must personalize the content to the video and vice versa. If you want your video ranked and are putting multiple on a page, make sure that the one you want to be seen is the first one linked. This is because Google only indexes one video per page. It is probably best to focus on one video, especially if you want it to get more playbacks and Google rankings. 

On the page itself, make the video the main attraction and work around it. If you want a video to be seen and played, it is necessary to make it noticeable so people actually click on it. Google will not bother to index the video if it is hidden on the page, which results in lower playbacks. For video SEO, it is important to include appealing aesthetics, relevant keywords, engaging titles, and proper video placement in order to fully boost rankings. 

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Video Link Best Practices

Here we will list some video best practices you need to know to make your video successful.

Video Content Quality

Just like any other form of content, the quality of your video is of the utmost importance. If your video is boring, visually unappealing, or factually incorrect, it is not going to keep and engage website visitors. In fact, they will most likely lose trust and respect for your business and not return to your site. The most significant quality factors are good lighting, sound, and a clear message behind the video. These are the basics of a good quality video that will attract, retain, and make customers out of website visitors. Plus, quality video content encourages other websites to link yours. 

Video Hosting

Where you decide to host your video is an important decision. It really is dependent on if you want more brand awareness or if you want increased website traffic and conversions. If your company wants to prioritize brand awareness, then a platform like YouTube and Vimeo are your best options. Most of the traffic goes to these hosting sites rather than your own website so that is an important factor to consider. 

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform on the internet so it has the widest reach. When people are specifically looking at videos to watch, YouTube is the first place they go. Uploading your videos to platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are the most user-friendly options, but not ideal if you want to increase your own website traffic. In that case, it is better to use another platform that supports your chance of being indexed while retaining the ability to get traffic to your website.

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Building Links and Social Media Shares

Once you have produced a quality video and decided which platform is going to host it, then the next step is building links and ensuring social media sharing abilities are engaged. Link-building is one of the most important parts of SEO because it dramatically helps increase your rankings.

The caveat to building links is that quality ones take time and effort. Good quality links from legitimate websites work as a vote for your website that it can be trusted and is a good source. A quality video with links to it and social media sharing can help grow your company, boost its rankings, and create more brand awareness. Through these channels is how so many videos become popular nowadays and build brand awareness. Your video has to be good enough and evoke a strong reaction (negative or positive) to convince someone to share it. 

Brand awareness and link building are interconnected because to be able to grow your company, you have to have links and shares from respectable companies. If your video has good production value and incites powerful feelings from the viewers, then it will be more popular than a poor-quality video that is very neutral. Some video best practices to take away from all this is to produce an impactful video with sharing capabilities onto social networks to expand the reach and vouch for legitimacy. 


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