Why Local SEO Is Important for Tool and Die Makers

As a tool and die maker, the services you provide are often invaluable for your local area’s industrial success. You’re the lifeline for any and all manufacturing-related businesses, as well as an important fixture in whatever community you inhabit. This might lead you to think that marketing yourself and your brand, especially in the local area, isn’t necessary. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and such thinking has been the downfall of countless small businesses in times of economic uncertainty and stagnation. 

If only providing an essential service was enough to stay afloat. Just like any other company, you need to confidently embed yourself in your local environment to ensure your continued prosperity. Even if you aren’t concerned with losing your business, marketing can help you reach greater revenue goals and pave the way for expansion. In this article, we’ll be discussing an often overlooked, yet powerful digital marketing tool: search engine optimization (SEO), and how it can help your tool and die making business.

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What Is SEO?

So what is SEO? SEO for tool and die makers describes any and all efforts to improve your online visibility to search engines, such as Google. To know what to show users, search engines use algorithms to determine a website’s relevance to the entered search terms. SEO strategies for tool and die makers mainly deal with how your website is constructed and how to make it more appealing to search engines. The website’s metadata, or contents and formatting, plays a huge role not only in what topics your website is considered linked to but also its ranking on the search results page. A staggering number of people will only ever see what’s on top of the page, so you can’t afford to exclude SEO from your marketing strategies.

You might be wondering how expensive SEO for tool and die makers must be considering its impact on modern marketing. Do I need to hire experts? Is that worth it? Employing digital marketing consultants is certainly a valid route regarding SEO, but the good news is that you don’t have to! SEO can be done by anyone who knows how to create or edit a website, which is the easiest it’s ever been thanks to software such as Wix, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Squarespace. If you don’t already have a website, you should get one as soon as possible. Many small businesses either have one already or want one and for good reason. Having a website brings a plethora of benefits, including online visibility, a way to make announcements and advertise, and a place for customers to leave positive feedback. SEO is also made useless by not having a website, as it only amplifies your already established online presence.

What’s Different About Local SEO?

Now that the concept of SEO has been explained, what’s local SEO? How is it different from normal SEO for tool and die makers? They’re both essentially the same thing, just with different scopes. With normal SEO, you might want your website to be the top result when someone searches up “tool and die maker” from anywhere on the planet. For most businesses, this goal is both unattainable and unproductive. Unless your business can serve customers the world over, there’s no point to having the top global spot, and to reach this spot is incredibly expensive. You’d need a massive advertising budget, as well as huge online engagement and traffic to boot. 

As a small business, you most likely want to entice your local community, not the whole world. Local SEO does just that, making your website more visible to those in the nearby area. Almost half of all Google searches are concerned with local information, meaning the potential of gaining new customers from local SEO is significant. There are also some strategies you can use to appeal to your local area that makes local SEO easier than its larger counterpart. Let’s get into some strategies you can easily apply to your website.

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Local SEO Strategies for Tool and Die Makers

Remember, the goal of local SEO for tool and die makers is to attract the attention of consumers in your immediate area. When someone nearby uses the search terms “tool and die maker near me,” it’s your time to shine. To accomplish this, you need to pay close attention to the text and formatting of your website. To take advantage of Google’s algorithm, you need the right ideas to be emphasized. Here are the basics you need to know:


To start off, all good SEO for tool and die makers starts with using the right keywords. Keywords are a fancy way of labeling the common words and phrases that people use when researching certain topics. If someone wanted to find an aquarium, for example, terms such as “aquarium,” “shark tank,” and “jellyfish exhibit” might be entered into the search bar. This might seem elementary, but it’s important to keep in mind the ways people might search for your business on Google. By using these keywords frequently throughout your website, it helps Google know who to show you to. You want to make finding your brand as easy as possible, so knowing what keywords apply to you is important. For tool and die makers, some common keywords include:

  • Tool and die maker near me
  • Die maker
  • Plastic die mold manufacturer
  • Tool jig and die maker
  • Cutting die maker
  • Tool and die machinist

Depending on your exact specialty, these terms are likely to change somewhat, but the examples should give you an idea of what makes a good keyword. Additionally, since we’re talking about local SEO, you should be aware of the words that locals might use to find you. There might be a word or phrase not commonly spoken elsewhere that you can use to help you appeal specifically to your area. If you’re having trouble with this, be sure to check out the Google Ads Keyword Planner. It will help you find the right keywords to use, and you can even tailor it to localities as well.

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Building on the importance of keywords, headings are another consideration of Google’s search algorithm. Headings are simply the larger pieces of text used to subdivide sections of text on the webpage, like the one just above this paragraph. Google gives special weight to the words used in your headings, so make sure to use lots of keywords on your headings!


This next tip is something that’s easy to ignore, and for good reason. It turns out that Google also uses the number of links on your website to help determine your search ranking. It might seem odd that Google does this, but it makes sense when you consider it from a credibility perspective. Websites that use lots of links are usually going to be more grounded in research and facts, and are resultantly more trustworthy. For both Google and any visitors of your website, seeing a healthy number of links is likely to increase your perceived credibility. Putting in links is bound to improve your ranking on the search results page, so don’t forget to do this!


Traffic, as you might expect, serves to bolster your search result ranking when you are getting a lot of it. While local SEO for tool and die makers can help, all forms of advertising can help direct attention to your website, and thus your brand. Be sure to direct consumers who see your marketing content to your website, as it helps tremendously with local SEO!

Community Interaction

One of the main benefits of local SEO over regular SEO is that it uniquely benefits from attention from locals. You can use this to your advantage by involving yourself in your local community, thus driving up discussion and awareness of your brand. There are a number of ways you can do this. A few examples include hiring locals, sponsoring local events, and donating to local charities. Doing these things will ensure that you become a facet of your community, and make you the go-to tool and die maker for customers looking to support local businesses.

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Google My Business

Finally, if you haven’t made a Google My Business account yet, do it now! Google My Business is a fantastic way to appear more professional and become easier to find. Making an account requires certain verification measures, which lets consumers know you’re a reputable business. Additionally, making an account lets you place your business on Google Maps and correlate your location with contact information. It also allows customers to leave public reviews, which you can use to attract new customers.

SEO Design Chicago Can Help Tool and Die Makers

If the above information seems a lot to take in, don’t worry; it is. If you would rather leave your digital marketing and website design in the hands of professionals, SEO Design Chicago has exactly what you need. We can help with almost any issue related to digital marketing, even including any local SEO questions for tool and die making you might have.


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