SEO Design Chicago is proud to work with all of our clientele.  Personal, is what every relationship of ours is.  We are here to help and answer questions and give you advice on any of your creative and logistical needs.

“I was using a different vendor for the past 6 months and had no understanding of the analytics and how my PPC campaign was being run.  After the analytics gurus at SEO Design Chicago took a look at my keywords and bidding practices we implemented a campaign that was more cost effective and utilized more long-tailed keywords.  I continue to seek out their advice for other digital solutions.”
Dan W.
“SEO Design Chicago helped me to create a custom targeted PPC campaign at an affordable cost.  With the keyword selection and targeting that they provided, I am increasing my leads in a growing housing market.”
Kelley C.
“As I was building my new website, I had a great idea of what to do with the design aspects.  Through consulting with SEO Design Chicago, they helped me to understand the keywords that I needed to utilize to draw potential customers to my site and make more sales.   ”
Matt P.
Graphic Designer
“Being an interior designer, style is important in everything that I do.  SEO Design Chicago implemented a custom website and fantastic photography through their on staff photographer.  I continue to use them for new projects.”
Robin H.
“SEO Design Chicago took an advanced look at my analytics and helped me to discover where the holes were.  Working with Chris and George we were able to increase my ranking on searches and implement the correct coding and tags throughout my site.”
Jesse M.