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How Schema Markups Can Improve Your Web Pages

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When looking at the search results on Google do you ever notice that not all results are equal? Do you ever notice some links have fully fleshed out details such as ratings, prices, or video links while others do not? Ever wonder how these details got listed and how you can list your own? All […]

BERT: Google’s Newest Advancement in Natural Language Processing

If you are like me, ever since you started using the internet you learned how to properly formulate a search query. Early on it was vital to focus solely on keywords and minimal variables that might throw off your search results. The difference between typing “best Chicago daycares” and “Which daycare in Chicago is the […]

5 Great SEO Tips for Photographers

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Photography is more than just images. For professional photographers, text and descriptions of their photography is becoming more and more relevant.  Even if you are using a system such as Smugmug, Photoshelter, Flicker or another Photo based CMS, there are a few great techniques that will help you get ahead of the pack Backlinks – […]

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