Why Local SEO Is Important for Spas

Local search engine optimization, or SEO, is a great tool for spa owners to use that will generate traffic to their locations. SEO is essentially a set of tools used to rank you higher in a user’s search online.

In this article, we will explore how your spa can benefit from having a thought-out SEO strategy. Because local SEO in particular is important for spas, we will also include information about how to market in your area of service. 

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Introduction to Spa SEO

Search engine optimization utilizes keywords to group together search results best suited to the user’s search. Some keywords associated with spas that could be used for SEO include “spa,” “salon,” “massage,” “facial,” “manicure,” or “pedicure,” for a start. 

It is essential that spa owners utilize these spa SEO terms in conjunction with keywords related to the areas they serve. For instance, in New York City, spa owners can market their services using the terms listed above alongside words like “New York City,” “Brooklyn,” “Queens,” “the Bronx,” “Manhatten,” or “Staten Island.” Basically, the best spa keywords will be ones such as the following that combine a service and a location. An example is “facials in Brooklyn” or “pedicure in Queens.” 

Spas can also use the term “near me” as a keyword, helping people who are looking for services in their area. 

SEO for Spas

What does SEO for spas look like? There are many strategies involving SEO that spa owners can use that will generate more business! 

Specifically, some marketing strategies that include the use of SEO are pay-per-click (or PPC) advertisements, Facebook advertisements, and LinkedIn marketing. PPC advertisements help with brand visibility, while Facebook advertising allows you to focus on specific clientele bases. Finally, LinkedIn marketing allows you to showcase the good things your company is doing for various causes. 

Spa Websites

SEO is important for spas, and content creation and website development are additional subjects spa owners should focus on in marketing their business. 

A good website is key for any business, but especially one like spas. This is because there is essential information people need to know about before going to the spa, like the price per service, or what services are provided in the first place. 

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Information to Include on Website

There are many key pieces of information that should be included on your website. First, your location should not be hard to find. In fact, there should be a whole page devoted to your location with directions and any other relevant information. 

Spa owners should include an “about” page to introduce the business to people who visit the website. This will make people feel more comfortable with your spa by increasing familiarity and clearing up some initial questions they may have. 

Another crucial piece of information that should be on your website is a comprehensive list of all the services you provide along with their prices. This is likely the most important thing to include on your website and should be one of the first things you add to your site. People like to know how much they will pay for a service before they buy it. Plus, they are more willing to trust you and your services if you’re clear and honest about the prices from the beginning. 

Client testimonials are another thing that could be on your website. In terms of content creation, client reviews and testimonials are a great way to show future clients how other people liked your services. Plus, it’s an additional way of producing content. 

Content for Spa Websites

All businesses should have some sort of content on their website. Having content in addition to basic information regarding your services will differentiate you from other spas while increasing your credibility as a spa owner by making you look more professional. 

So what does this content for spa websites look like? It can be a wide array of things. Speaking in terms of spas, the content you share may be about relaxation, beauty, health, or wellness. When future customers see that you have posted extra content on your website, they will be impressed by your commitment to the practice, and again feel that your business is more trustworthy. 

Your website should be cohesive and should show that your brand is developed. A logo for your spa could be especially helpful at this, as a business always looks more professional with a logo. Additionally, the website should have good utilization of color, theme, and basic design concepts. 

There is also a unique essence that you may want your website to radiate. You want people to view your spa as an inviting, warm, calm, and relaxing getaway from the busy and stressful daily life they normally lead. Both your website’s design and content should aim to make people feel this way about your spa.  

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Spa Keywords

Search engine optimization keywords are generally those associated with relaxation, beauty, and wellness. However, these keywords can also tap into niche groups of people. For instance, spas could use keywords like “new parents,” who are generally tired and stressed, or “prom” for high schoolers when they need hair and makeup done. 

Spas can also utilize spa keywords on social media, which is another great way to market your business. You can also use platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to visually showcase the services they provide. Spas can also use sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread information about pricing, location, new deals, and more! 

It is essential that spas use keywords on social media to highlight their services. With the concept of “self care” on the rise as more people learn to make time for themselves, social media is an excellent place to market this sort of thing. 

Spa Marketing

Spa marketing includes all of the things discussed earlier and more. There are tons of ways that spas can market their services! Many of these take place online. Spa owners can utilize social media to post pricing and service information while having a comprehensive website will allow greater accessibility to your future clients. 

There are many other ways that spas can market. For example, they can encourage networking by accepting referral discounts to clients who recommend your services elsewhere. Spas can also advertise locally in newspapers, magazines, placemats, bulletin boards, and more! 

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Local Spa SEO

It is essential that spas engage in local spa SEO specifically, as spas rely on in-person clients to make money. After all, you can’t perform a “virtual” massage! 

Spas should aim to become well-known in their area for the great services they provide. This way, when someone in your area is interested in a service like a massage, they already have your spa in mind as a local option. 

This is how we like to help spas market their services. In fact, we have many business hubs in large cities across America that focus on spa marketing, and New York City is one of them. In New York City, we can help spas market their services in accordance with their location so that they get more foot traffic. We offer general SEO services, website design, local marketing, web development, e-commerce, PPC marketing, link building, display advertising, content marketing, Facebook advertising, and blogging. 

It is essential that you know your clientele base, and if you keep local SEO in mind while marketing your services, you will get more in-person traffic than if you hadn’t thought about it. Local spa SEO will increase brand visibility and awareness, ultimately boosting your revenue. 

Just Sit Back and Relax

Overall, local SEO is incredibly important for spas to market their services and grow their brand. Specifically, the use of keywords is critical in order to get more website traction. SEO utilizes keywords to group together search results and make certain ones more relevant to the user who searched them. 

Social media is another great tool to market your services! The use of hashtags on sites like Instagram and Twitter is also a perfect opportunity to utilize keywords associated with spas and spa services. Of course, a comprehensive website with ample information cannot be overlooked in the marketing process. Remember, a good website makes clients feel more confident in your ability to provide them with relaxing services! 

As long as you’re employing the use of local SEO, you can just sit back and relax along with your clients, more of whom will be coming to your business once you start these SEO tactics! Check out SEO Design Chicago today so that we can work on your spa SEO needs!


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