Different Ways to Promote Your Facebook Posts 

If you have just written a really good blog post and want to share your post on social media platforms, you can start by learning how to promote a post on Facebook. Facebook is a great advertising tool to use for many companies. You can reach a larger audience and increase your following by promoting your Facebook posts. This is why every business should utilize the power of Facebook for their marketing and advertising. In this article, we will teach you how to promote a Facebook post so you can start improving your marketing results. 

What Does Promoting a Facebook Post Do? 

Promoting a post on Facebook will allow your existing posts to be seen by more people by paying Facebook to “boost” its distribution. A Facebook boosted or promoted post is a type of paid advertisement product from Facebook. Facebook gives you the option to promote plain posts, GIFs, videos, links, and offers from your business page so that they appear higher in the news feed of your target audience. 

Tips to Effectively Promote a Facebook Post: 

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1 – Add the Facebook Like Button on Your Posts 

Make sure you always have social sharing buttons on your blog posts. If you don’t already have them, now is the time to install them. You will want the Facebook like button, Twitter retweet button, LinkedIn share button (for business content), Pinterest pin button and Google +1 button. If you have WordPress and regularly use WordPress for your content creation, you’ll already have access to these plugins. This is one of the advantages to using WordPress for your blog and a great way to promote a post on Facebook. 

2 – Share Your Post in 4 Different Ways 

You will have 4 ways to promote a Facebook post. The options are: link updates, photo updates, video updates, and text updates. Use all four in order to get the most out of promoting a post on Facebook. This strategy will also allow you to experiment with different types of updates and times to see which gets the most engagement. Here is more information on the four updates.

  • You can start with a link by sharing the URL of your blog post and adding a short description. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action so people know what to do next. 
  • You can also add a photo to promote a post on Facebook. Sharing a photo works really well for companies that have physical products. Always make sure your photos are high-quality. The importance of high-quality photography for promoted photo posts cannot be stressed enough. 
  • Another idea is to add a video that relates to your blog post but make sure others can share it. Did you know that over 70% of marketers plan to increase their use of video ads next year and some are already working on their Facebook feed video? Using video is a great way to promote a post on Facebook. A Facebook feed video is short and doesn’t even need sound. Millennial news site Mic, which averages 150 million Facebook views monthly, says that 85% of its 30-second videos are without sound.
  • You can also do a traditional text-only status update where you can ask your audience a question and include a link for reference. The right question can get a lot of responses.

You can even try to run a reactions poll to promote a post on Facebook: 

  • Facebook reactions is a great tool because it lets users go beyond liking a post by letting them choose from six different emojis that show an emotion.
  • Reaction voting is useful because you can see exactly how your audience feels about the content, status updates, and announcements that you make. You can also figure out a general consensus of the mindset of your fans who don’t want to comment or share your posts. 

3 – Share Your Post on Your Personal Facebook Page 

Sharing a blog post on your personal Facebook page helps you boost the popularity of the post by giving it another share. It also allows you to get your blog post in front of your personal profile followers and friends. 

You can also create an image, video, or post that will resonate with your fans and inspire them to tag their friends. Put in your post, “tag a friend who would look great in our product” or cater it to your company. “Tag a friend” posts work very well for engagement and if it is done right, it can also work for web traffic and sales. 

4 – Boost Your Post Engagement through Facebook Ads 

To get more fans on your Facebook page, and reach an even bigger audience, invest in a Facebook Ad campaign! To do this, go to the pulldown arrow on the top right of your page. Click on “create ads.” With Facebook Ads, you have 3 options:

  1. Create a boost campaign to drive engagement to the status update on your Facebook page. 
  2. Promote likes on your page.
  3. Increase traffic to your website. 

Either option 2 or 3 will give you a large audience targeting. You can target different audiences using a wide range of criteria. You can also use custom audiences. Create a custom audience in the ads interface in order to target specific people. For example, you can target email subscribers and contacts from LinkedIn or Gmail. All you have to do is export email lists and create a custom audience in Facebook Ads Manager

5 – Use Group Search to Find Different Discussion Groups 

Facebook groups have a search box that allows you to find different updates by keyword. You can use it in order to find discussions related to the post you are trying to promote. When you find a good discussion and one that is relevant to answering your question, share your post! However, make sure you are strategic about this. Don’t simply try to post in any discussion group. You only want to do it where it makes the most sense.

How to Promote a post on Facebook

6 – Use Facebook Comments on Your Website 

By using the Facebook comments plugin, any visitor can comment on your blog by using their Facebook profile or page. One of the best perks of using this system is that people will be encouraged to share the comment on Facebook. Those who leave the box checked will end up sharing a link to your post with their Facebook audience. 

7 – Using Other Social Media Sites to Get More Promotion 

Some options for using other social media sites to promote your Facebook post are:

  • Tweeting about your content on Twitter 
  • Set up an IFTTT recipe, which is an app that stands for “If This Then That”. This app lets you create a lot of powerful automations (called “recipes”) between different apps & services. 
  • Share your content with your email list 
  • Set up alerts on niche forums for more promotion opportunities 
  • Find influencers who share similar content, then contact them to see if they would be interested in sharing yours 

If you need a social media expert to help you out with this, don’t be afraid to reach out to an experienced social media expert. They know exactly how to promote a post on Facebook and can cater it to what works best for your industry. 

Promote a Facebook post

What to do After you Promote Your Post

So now that you’ve promoted your Facebook post, what’s the next step?

First, you can pin the post to the top of your profile. Just make sure you remove it if or when the content of the post becomes outdated or irrelevant. For example, if the post is promoting a sale, make sure you unpin it when the sale ends. 

Next, continue to watch your comments. Always make sure that you look at your comments. Unanswered comments can lead to missed sales and a negative brand image.

Then you will want to check the results of your post. Make sure you give the post enough time after your promotion before you check the analytics. Checking it too soon will not give you valuable results. Finally, you can save your stats. You can use a website such as Agorapulse to report the stats from your post easily! 

Is Promoting on Facebook Really Worth It?

Promoting a Facebook post can definitely be worth it in different cases. In fact, using Facebook can be one of the best ways to effectively measure your social media marketing success. For instance, if one of your posts does really well organically, it’s a strong sign that your content will do well as an advertisement that you could boost to an audience. Here are some scenarios where promoting on Facebook is worth it: 

  1. Promoting posts get better than average engagement 
  2. Promote posts that contain important announcements, like events 
  3. Promoting your best performing Instagram posts as Facebook ads 
  4. Promoting posts to custom or lookalike audiences 
  5. Automate post promoting so that it all happens without a second thought 

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