Social Strategies That Work for Painters

As a result of the move from traditional to digital marketing, social media has become a fantastic way for businesses to get more customers. To grow your painting business in 2021, it is very important to have an effective social strategy. Social media marketing for painting contractors is a crucial part of any well-rounded marketing plan. Not only will it help generate more traffic and leads, but it can also help boost customer satisfaction. In this article, we will discuss the importance of social media marketing. We will also teach you how to utilize social media for your painting business. Lastly, we’ll discuss some helpful tips for marketing a painting business.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Internet users spend an average of 144 minutes a day on social media! When marketing a painting business, you’ll need to find a way to reach these potential customers. A great social media marketing strategy can help get your business in front of these users. Social media marketing has many benefits. With social media marketing you can:

Grow Your Audience

Social media is one of the best ways to increase exposure for your brand and grow your audience. It is also one of the fastest ways to reach people who may be in need of your services. Social media is where you can showcase your products and services. Creative and varied content will help to bring in more visitors to your profiles. This will, in turn, lead more visitors to your website. Social media platforms allow you to tell potential customers exactly what you do and how you do it.

Learn About Your Competitors

Competitor research is also one of the benefits of social media for businesses. With the many tools available, you can find businesses or brands similar to your own. Check out their content and do research on their followers. You will be able to see how their followers are engaging and what content performs the best. Use this information to create better content for your own profile.

Increase ROI

An added benefit for businesses on social media is the opportunity to increase their ROI (return on investment). Running ads on social media is a fairly inexpensive way to increase traffic. The returns are also often far greater than other forms of advertising, increasing your revenue. Targeted ads can reach hundreds, even thousands of visitors. These new visitors have the potential to become marketing leads.

Build Customer Relationships

One of the best benefits of social media is the ability to create and build relationships with your customers. As you build your audience on social media, they will begin to interact with your content. Communication between businesses and customers can help to build trust. Be sure to listen to customers and respond to their comments. Potential customers will be more likely to follow through if they feel like they are being heard and understood.

Social Media Marketing for Painting Contractors

Social media marketing is an essential part of growing your business in 2021. Over 3.6 billion people use social media and that number is only going to grow. If you want to get your business in front of as many eyes as possible, social media is a great way to do it. You can use social media for your business in many ways. Below are some of the best tips for utilizing social media when marketing your painting business.

#1: Research Your Target Audience

Before you begin to think about your social media marketing strategy, you need to figure out what audience you are targeting. If you don’t have a target audience in mind, it will be hard to create content that reaches the right potential customers. So how do you find this audience? First, think about who would be most likely to need painting services. Consider customer demographics, economic status, and interests. Build an ideal customer profile and then market to them.

#2: Post Creative Content

Creative content is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing for painting contractors. After all, the painting business is very visual. The content you post is where you will be able to show off your products and services. There are various forms of content you can choose from. This includes text posts, photos, videos, and much more. It’s also important to keep your content varied. Customers don’t want to see the same type of content all the time. Keep it creative and varied to bring in more users.

#3: Use a Content Calendar

While it’s great to post varied and creative content, it’s also important to be consistent. Being successful on social media requires frequent posting and consistency. However, it can be a challenge to keep up with constant posting. This is especially true if you have multiple accounts on different platforms. In this case, it may be a good idea to create a content calendar for your posts. Create multiple posts ahead of time and set a schedule for when and where you will post them. There are even some social media management tools that will do this for you!

painter hand in white glove painting a wall with paint roller.

#4: Engage With Your Customers

Social media is a great place for painters to engage with current and potential customers. When you post something to a social network, your followers can engage with it. They will do this by liking, commenting, or sharing your content. When users reach out like this, it is important to engage with them. A great way to do this is by posting questions. You can also have polls in your social media stories. For example, you might show a room and ask customers what color they would paint it. You could also ask your followers what kind of content they would like to see. This kind of open communication builds trust with your audience.

#5: Run Paid Social Ads

A great marketing strategy for painting contractors to get more leads is to run paid ads on social media. These ads will help your business reach qualified leads who might be interested in your services. Many platforms have built-in advertising options that you can use. Some of the most popular social media platforms for advertising are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also run PPC Google ads to help your business get to the top of paid search results.

How to Market a Painting Business

Beyond social media, there are a variety of marketing ideas that you can use for your painting business. Learning how to market a painting business effectively can create a huge boost in sales. Successful marketing for painting contractors usually involves a mix of traditional and digital strategies. Below is a list of the top ways to market your painting business.

Utilize Local SEO

The number one tip for effective marketing for painting contractors is to focus on local SEO (search engine optimization). Since painting businesses are looking to increase their business locally, this is where they should focus. The main way to accomplish this is by claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing. Having a correct listing will help people find your business.

Create Effective Landing Pages

When marketing a painting business, landing pages are a great way to increase conversions. This is where you will draw in potential leads and gain some valuable marketing information. Make sure that your landing pages are designed well and easy to navigate. Include plenty of trust signals, like reviews and feedback. Be sure to only ask customers for information from them that you really need. Finally, craft an effective call to action for an extra boost in traffic.

Redecoration, renovation, new home and people concept - woman painter doing repair by herself.

Make Use of Business Cards or Lawn Signs

These kinds of traditional marketing materials can still be a great option for your painting company. This is also a great place to get creative with design elements like colors, fonts, and graphics. Painting is a visual business and this starts with your marketing materials. Be sure to include your business name, services, and contact information.

Create Referral Programs

Referral programs can be a great lead-generating marketing strategy for painting contractors. In fact, it’s like two strategies in one. You will be able to reward your existing customers with a bonus while introducing your business to new customers. Make sure to advertise your referral program on your website, social media, and email newsletter. Keep in touch with past customers and make sure they know about the program.

Utilize Direct and Email Marketing

Lastly, you can utilize both direct and email marketing strategies. Mailers have been a successful marketing strategy for years. Combine this with an email newsletter to generate even more potential conversions. As mentioned above, a good landing page will help to build your mailing list. You can use email marketing to advertise promotions, your referral program, and even new products or services!

Social Strategies For Painting Business Marketing

Social media marketing for painting contractors can produce fantastic results. Not only can it help you increase traffic, but it can generate more potential leads. In this article, we learned a few of the best ways to use social media for marketing. Need help getting started? SEO Design Chicago’s digital advertising team has worked with painting companies all across the United States and Canada. They can help you to choose the best advertising options for your business and perfect your marketing plan!


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