How to Use Twitter for Marketing

This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to use Twitter for marketing. For more help with using Twitter for marketing for your company, contact SEO Design Chicago for help today.

Twitter for Marketing

Twitter for Marketing

Twitter is more than a social media platform–it’s also a marketing platform. There are various ways to use Twitter for marketing purposes. According to Mention, brands not only need to be on Twitter, but they also need to master the platform. In order to use Twitter for marketing purposes, you need to use Twitter more than just once a day or once a week. You will need to be on Twitter daily, just as your audience is. Because Twitter is one of the more popular social media platforms, you can increase the awareness of your company from a local scale to a global scale. 

Who Is the Audience of your Twitter Marketing?

The first step of any Twitter marketing campaign is to identify your campaign’s audience. You don’t want to advertise your product to people who are in their 60s, when your product is for people in their 20s. Age isn’t the only factor with the audience–is your product gender-specific? Is your target-audience even more specific? 

Once you know your audience, you can consider what sort of content would fit with your audience, and how to best communicate with your audience. 

Make sure you create some sort of calendar to execute your Twitter marketing. This will help organize your ideas and provide clear deadlines. How often will you post throughout the day? How often during the week? Do certain days follow a specific topic? If your target audience is mainly on during a certain time of day, focus on that being your primary time.

Do you have specific marketing goals? In order to use Twitter marketing to the fullest, you need to understand your purpose and goals. Why and how are you Twitter? Does it have to do with identity, expansion, or building a name for the brand? If you are only getting started with your brand, maybe that should be your main focus at the beginning. If you’re already well-known perhaps you should focus more on your expansion. Once you understand your marketing purpose, using Twitter to market becomes more meaningful. As you interact with your followers, you can increase your brand awareness and site traffic.  

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

Twitter Marketing Strategies 

People like brands that have a good reputation. Through customer feedback, you enable the follower to see success stories from people like them. When you post feedback on your page, it sparks your follower’s interest. There are a number of Twitter best practices that can help you be successful. 

Make sure you leave your audience with more information than they had before. Your audience wants to learn why they need your product, so keep them informed. Even if the new information is not grand, if they know you have more information to share with them, it keeps them interested. 

Even if your product isn’t on the market yet, make sure you promote it during the time before its release. If people have already used your products before, and see you have a good reputation, they’re going to be interested in what else you can bring to the table. 

If your customers know you’re getting ready to release a new product, it gives them more time to prepare for it and tell others what’s coming. Once the product is released, make sure you keep up on advertising that product, so people don’t forget.   

Tell your customers about sales, and let them know about coupons and discounts that are currently available. If you tell your customers early about potential sales, they’ll be more open to buying your products. When you let your followers know about discounts and coupons, 37% of them say they buy more than they normally would.

Even though it’s good to promote your brand, you should have some balance in your posts. Customers want to hear more about your brand, instead of only what you’re selling. Tweet things that they can relate to–not just what you’re selling. Show your customers that you care about them and that you’re connected. 

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Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing Tools

The way Twitter sets up its posts is ideal for marketing. Even the limitations on a Twitter post can be a benefit for your business. For example, each post needs to be less than 140 characters. With so few characters, you need to be creative in how you say something to-the-point in a way that catches your audience’s eye. With only 140 characters, your audience doesn’t have to spend as much time reading, and more time learning about your product.

Use Graphics

Because of the nature of the short posts, you can use the aid of graphics, links, and numbers to interact with the audience and let them become interested in what you have to offer them. There are several strategies for successful Twitter content creation.

Photos or graphics are also a great marketing tool. When you use photos on your Twitter post, you receive 89% more favoriting or retweeting. The more frequent the audience retweets your post, the more your post is seen–creating a way for the audience to be a part of your marketing.

Images also let the audience see what the product looks like and familiarize themselves with it.

Interact with Your Audience

When an audience member interacts with your post, such as leaving a comment or question, make sure you interact back–your target audience is who helps you succeed in your goals

Use Videos

You may have stopped your Twitter scrolling when a video caught your eye. Videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than images. You can increase your user interaction by adding videos of your company’s purpose, products, and other relevant information that reflect your goals.

Marketing on Twitter

Utilize Hashtags

With the hashtag being less than fifteen years old, some people aren’t as familiar with the proper way to use it. As you use hashtags, make sure they’re relevant to what you’re marketing, and make sure they don’t confuse your audience. Hashtags can be used to promote items and sales on your page, but try to use no more than three on each tweet. By using more than three on a single post, your audience might get confused in what you’re actually trying to market. By using one to three hashtags, your audience can understand what your company is all about and what is important to you. To make hashtags more beneficial, narrow down current words or phrases that are relatable to the post and company. This helps the audience can find more information quickly. 

Conduct a Poll

Twitter polls are a way to market and get your viewers involved–as long as you use them sparingly. If your viewers feel like they’re included, you will have more activity on your Twitter page. When you include your audience in polls, it also helps validate their opinions by letting them know you care about them. Twitter polls can have up to four answers (but it can have less too.) You can also decide how long to run the poll. Polls help add engagement, as the audience spends more time–even if it is an extra second–thinking about your poll and their answer.

Tag Your Location

When your audience is local, tag a specific location. This engages the locals to learn more about your company, including sales or promotions. Twitter marketing based on location can also increase awareness. The locals who know about your company can spread the word of your company. 

Timing is Everything

If you’re new to using Twitter for marketing purposes, it’s a good idea to know when to post and how often. Even if you don’t initially have a lot of followers, the average Twitter user is logged in frequently–daily, or every other day. Just as your Twitter user is on frequently, make sure you are on frequently enough to communicate and connect with your customer.

There are specific times during the day and days of the week that people are more active on Twitter. Some studies show that between 12pm and 6pm is the best time to post, while others suggest the best time to post is 12pm and 3pm, Monday through Friday. The most ideal times depend on your targeted audience. To figure out what time works best for your audience will take some testing. But as you experiment, and post frequently, you’ll figure out what time(s) meet your needs. You can then add your posting times to your calendar to help you stay on top of your marketing.

Twitter Marketing Strategies

Benefits of Marketing through Twitter

  • Free: to use Twitter for marketing, it doesn’t cost you a penny. Even if you want to pay for Twitter ads, the cost is variable (as low as $0.50) and can fit any of your marketing needs.
  • Easy to Access: audience members don’t need to have a Twitter account to view posts
  • Widely used: Twitter is one of the top used social media platforms with a range of users.
  • Frequent use: your customers use social media, such as Twitter, frequently
  • Advertisements: you can advertise through trends, tweets, and accounts. 
  • Communication with your valued customers  

Now that you know more about using Twitter for marketing purposes, your campaign will gain more awareness and traffic. However, you still might have some questions. Our team at SEO Design Chicago is here to help you if you have any questions on how to use Twitter for marketing, or if you want to learn how to improve your Twitter marketing skills. Contact us today! 

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