Best Linktree Alternatives for Instagram

Instagram is an excellent platform. We all love it. But it’s pretty annoying that you can only add one bio to your Instagram profile, right? Like most businesses, you are most likely trying to promote more than one product or service at a time. This makes Instagram’s limited linking options pretty frustrating. That is where Linketree comes in handy. We are all familiar with Linktree on Instagram and the all-too-common phrase, “check out the link in my bio!” But what are some of the best link–in-bio alternatives for Instagram? Linktree isn’t the only option out there. We will break down some of the best Linktree alternatives and best link-in-bio alternatives for Instagram.

best linktree alternatives

Instagram Link In Bio

Your Instagram bio is important. And it is also important to implement Linktree or another link-in-bio alternative in order to drive traffic from Instagram back to your website. Yes, it’s true that Instagram did add link stickers to stories. But additional links back to your website from your profile are still necessary, especially if you want to monetize your Instagram presence.

Linktree: What You Need to Know

Linktree helps Instagram users create a link to an external landing page. This allows you to add multiple links, like to multiple products, pages of your website, external sources, and even other social media platforms. Linktree is one of the most popular link-in-bio services, with more than 12 million users as of March 2021. It is one of the original link-in-profile tools on the market.

linktree alternatives for instagram

Best Linktree Alternatives for Instagram

If you’d rather not use Linktree for whatever reason, these are a few alternatives you can try: 

Create Your Own Landing Page

Sure, there are plenty of third-party link-in-bio tools out there. While they are easy to use, there is an alternative to consider: creating your own landing page. If you already have your own website and blog, then creating your own landing page is the perfect solution. When you design your own landing page, you get complete control over its appearance and content. 

Creating your own landing pages not only helps you display your content exactly how you want, but also can save you some money in the long run. Just like most third-party tools, link-in-bio tools are rarely free. 

And if you need assistance creating your own landing page for Instagram, SEO Design Chicago can help you. Our team has experience creating landing pages that convert for a variety of businesses and industries. 

Try Sked

Sked Social is a scheduling tool for Instagram (and Facebook.) Sked Social offers Sked Link, which allows you to add shoppable links, buttons for common destinations, galleries, and more. If you wish to have a customized landing page, Sked allows you to edit the entire CSS of your page. This means you can completely customize it to fit your brand.

contactinbio vs linktree

Try ContactInBio 

Another alternative to Linktree is ContactInBio. ContactiInBio also offers extra features, like the direct integration of contact forms on your landing page. While this sounds like a common feature, ContactInBio was the first link-in-bio tool to offer it. 

Try Campsite

If you are looking for an alternative to Linktree that is pretty similar, you want Campsite. Campsite’s pro version allows you to integrate your landing page directly with Mailchimp. This is an excellent option if one of your goals is to grow your email marketing list. 

Try Swipop

Swipop is another excellent alternative to Linktree for a link-in-profile tool. If you are looking for some e-commerce functions, you will want to choose Swipop. Swipop integrates directly with Stripe and allows users to sell premium content directly from their landing page. If you want to become an influencer who monetizes their Instagram feed, Swipop is the right option for you.

instagram link-in-bio alternatives

Social Media Management Services at SEO Design Chicago

There are all different types of link-in-bio alternatives to pick from, and it is important to find the right one for you. SEO Design Chicago offers top social media content creation and social media management services for businesses across the U.S. If you need help finding the right Linktree alternative for you, or need help creating original Instagram content, contact us at SEO Design Chicago today! 


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