Why You Shouldn’t Be Your Own Social Media Content Creator

Nobody would ever tell you that you should not have a social media presence for your business, and that is not what this article is meant to relay to you. Rather, expert opinion suggests that you probably could get more out of it by letting someone else do it. After all, you probably have more important things that are crucial to your business’s operations that can only be handled by you. Social media is key, but it can be tricky. If you are interested in unlocking the benefits of social media, one of the best tips you need to hear is this: do not be your own social media content creator.

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Is Social Media Content Creation Complicated?

Making content and posts for social media can be difficult to do well. If your social media pages are sloppy and feel unprofessional, the investment could end up just making your business look worse to potential clients and customers. There are two overarching reasons that you should not manage your own social media content: Time and Strategy.

Time Involved With Social Media Management 

Multiple aspects of operating successful social media pages for businesses are time-specific and time intensive. Unfortunately, this may not be the best investment of your hours if you are running your own business.

Timing Posts for Business Social Media

Although also an aspect of strategy, timing your social media posts correctly can be very important for any business’s social media page. Imagine that you want a live video or an announcement post to go upright as you are participating in a panel discussion or some sort of public presentation of your business. How exactly are you going to be able to make these crucially timed posts to remind people? Being in charge of a business means that, realistically, you will not be, and probably should not be, available to post about the most important things you will be engaging in.

Following the data would show you that each social media platform has different ideal times to post. That means that if you were to be running your own social media content in an optimized way, it would be an all-day affair.

Frequent Uploading and Recent, Up-to-Date Information

When customers access your social media page, they want to see that your business is making an effort to be current with information. Anyone who surfs the web enough can tell you they have come across many accounts that have been silent for years. If this is the case for your profile, or if your posts are highly irregular, people will not think that they can get a reply from you. They may even think you have gone out of business.

The most important aspect of social media content creation posting is consistent quality and consistency over time. The industry average for social media posting is 11 times a day across all platforms. This usually equates to 1-2 per platform used. If you are not going to be able to generate that many original posts (you should not reuse the same posts on all platforms: more on that in the Strategy section!), then you really should not be your own social media content creator. 

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Replying to Your Followers and Customers

Social media customer service has not yet been perfected by most. Only roughly 60% of complaints on social media get a response within 24 hours. But, around 40% of consumers expect brands to respond in under an hour. However, the average is sitting at about 5 hours before a response is given. Handling complaints is not the only response that people should get through social media. You should also respond to favorable mentions, reposts from customers, and more.

Social Media Distractions

The last major problem when it comes to time with doing your own social media content is the countless directions it contains. Any regular person is at risk of spending a little bit too much time scrolling, which is not the best way to spend your time. A professional service that has its own tasks and schedules more thoroughly planned is not going to face the same problems as you are. This is especially true considering you might be accessing your company’s social media profiles on the same devices as your personal accounts. 

The phenomenon of doom-scrolling is known due to the many accumulated hours in scrolling sessions that people experience at times. Social media usage has no natural end, meaning scrolling is capable of continuing on endlessly, especially. Not only does excessive social media use burn time off the clock, but research also links it to low motivation, confusion, and other issues that you are much better off avoiding.

Strategy For Social Media Content Creation

With many companies rushing to keep up with social media trends, the overall effectiveness has declined. This does not mean that driving organic reach through social media is dead though. On the contrary, it simply means that refining the art of social media content creation matters more than ever. This section focuses on the content strategy aspects of social media content creation.

The Best Styles of Posts for Each Social Media Platform

If you cannot answer this question confidently, you should not run your own social media. Although there are definitely general rules for social media content creation, such as trying to post things that interest your followers and drive engagement, making sure posts are on-brand, and so on, there are discrepancies between what works best to accomplish your goals depending on what platform, as well as what users of each platform expect and look for on each. 

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Industry and Demographics for Social Media

Understanding who your target audience is plays a tremendous role in developing marketing strategies for reaching them. Failure to grasp whether you are appealing online to the people you want to be seeing your offerings means low conversion rates. Trying to create content for your social media pages without doing the research on your demographics is hard work with minimal rewards. This is especially true when compared to what a professional service can do. One example of SEO Design Chicago helping a company is this case study in which a construction company benefited from Google Analytics and SEO services with a 356% increase in organic traffic. Google Analytics services are one part of what a professional company can offer that makes all the difference with social media and marketing in general.

Using Social Media Management Tools

Great social media usage for businesses might involve social media management tools. If you are not familiar with the best social media management tools and how they work, you cannot take advantage of what they offer. Somebody who knows the ins and outs of these pages would be best as your content creator.

Using Ads on Social Media

Making posts to engage, grow your following, and keep the world updated about what your business is doing is not the whole picture when it comes to social media marketing. Even for someone who does all of that well, it still does not necessarily mean success with ad campaigns. Experts like SEO Design Chicago help companies see over 200% increases in traffic from their usage of Facebook and other social media advertisements.

The best overall results occur when the social media content creation of a company aligns with their usage of social media marketing, a good understanding of their audience, and other relevant factors.

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Tracking Whether Social Media Marketing Is Working

Lastly, a good social media strategy is one that works. How can you tell if your efforts are working? Knowing when to stop paying for ads and changing strategies is the most important strategy for businesses trying to use social media to grow. Getting a return on your investment matters, but if you cannot calculate it, it is impossible to know what the net effect is. Professional services will offer a much more comprehensive understanding of the many different metrics associated with a successful social media optimization strategy, successful ad campaigns, and so on.


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