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HTML5 is the current version of HTML used for structuring content on the internet and includes features similar to Adobe Flash.

HTML5 replaced HTML 4, XHTML 1, and DOM Level 2 HTML. HTML 5 added many multimedia functionalities to HTML. HTML 5 become web standard in October of 2014. Even CMS websites make user of HTML 5.

HTML5 is the backbone that we build all websites at SEO Design Chicago. Our web developers use web best practices at all times, and that means using the latest HTML5 coding guidelines. By using HTML5, we ensure that websites will be viewed on all current browsers correctly.

E-commerce Solutions

HTML5 makes the perfect backbone for e-commerce websites.

Responsive Websites

We ensure all our HTML5 websites are completely responsive and will work on any specific devices or browsers you request.

Website Training

Once the website is live our team will teach you how to make simple updates to your website.

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Secured testing environment for your web project

All HTML5 website development takes place on a secure staging environment hosted on our servers. Our secure development servers stop your customer base from seeing your new site before it's ready. We also use complex tools to visualize your site architecture and enable us to make changes before the site goes live.

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