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Why is Anchor Text Important?

Why is anchor text important? And what does it have to do with SEO? Understanding the importance of anchor text will lead to more success for a website. Anchor text provides information to users and search engines about the content of the destination of that link. Rather than just having a link, the whole text describes what the user can find on the web page if they decide to click on the link.

Anchor text can also help the ranking of a web page, if it is relevant enough. A search engine will determine the ranking of your web page on the search engine results pages. Search engines have become so advanced that they also know when anchor text is not relevant as well. The words you choose have more and more of an emphasis than ever before. As we dive into more aspects of anchor text, you will have a better understanding of it, and know why anchor text is important. 

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Understanding Search Engines & SEO

Before going into anchor text’s importance, first we must understand how search engines work. A search engine is basically an answering machine that gives you results on what you want to see. You enter a search query and receive results. While results come back relatively fast, behind the scenes that search engine has ranked millions of pages, finding the most relevant one to the search and displaying it on top. Some pages pay for ads, so they get preferential treatment and come out on top. The pages that do not use advertisements, but instead have great optimization, are called organic traffic.

The most popular search engine by far is Google. The word Google has even become a verb due to its popularity. Search engines analyze anchor text on websites, and it is a big reason why anchor text is important. On the other hand, search engine optimization is the technique that digital marketers use to drive traffic to their sites. It is commonly referred to as SEO. SEO is crucial to understand and apply in order to drive organic traffic results. So, why is anchor text important to SEO? It can improve the ranking of a web page on a search engine results page, thus making the digital marketer’s job easier. 

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text can best be described as the blue text, sometimes underlined, that is often found in articles all across the internet. It is crucial for SEO purposes to have a good understanding of how it works. Having this text on web pages could lead to a better position on the search results page of a search engine. There are multiple factors that determine good and bad anchor text. Being able to come up with good content for a website is only part of the key to success.

There are many other factors that contribute to the success of a website, and link building is one of those factors. If your website links to other websites which also have good content, the search engine will be favorable. But, if any poor quality websites link to your page, your SEO rating could drop. Being aware of which websites link to your page is crucial. Good link building is very important to SEO. 

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Backlinks and Internal Links

There are multiple types of anchor text that you can use to increase performance of a web page. Perhaps the two most important ones are backlinks and internal links. A backlink is the aforementioned link to your web page from another web page. It is important to monitor these links as they can come from a shady website that can reduce the SEO ranking of your website.

Internal links are the links that go from one page on a website to another page on the same website. These links can be used to make a web page seem important, thus raising the SEO ranking of your web page. Since internal links are controlled by the editors of the website, they can be used to guide readers to more popular pages of the website, thus generating more traffic. Why is anchor text important to these aspects? Anchor text provides the structure of how these types of links work. 

SEO Anchor Text

When optimizing SEO anchor text, there are multiple sophisticated methods that can help along the way. Google has released Penguin, an algorithm update that keeps the system in check by penalizing low quality SEO anchor text links and poor link building. Although Penguin is a very sophisticated algorithm, many manipulative sites use the time between each update to have poor SEO anchor text in their sites until Google releases an update to fix the anomaly. This momentarily pushes a site up on the SERP (search engine results page), even if the site is manipulative and risky for users. It is a common scam seen on the internet.

Having a quality website with well-thought-out design and good business ethics is always more important than trying to scam a handful of people. In the long run, sticking to the rules will benefit every company. 

Is It Possible to Over-Optimize a Site? 

Another answer to the question ‘Why is anchor text important?’ is that too much SEO anchor text can be bad for a site. For example, an essay in high school would always have criticism from the teacher if there was a repetition of the same sentence over and over. Well, when doing link building, repetition also can be problematic.  Repetition of SEO anchor text and having too many similar link anchors will lead to a penalty from the algorithm.

Google’s engineers work on improving the algorithm day by day, and trying to outsmart them will most definitely end in a disaster. Play by the rules in order to have a higher chance of succeeding. Therefore, keep the SEO anchor text simple, and make sure it is of the best quality, as Google becomes more and more advanced. 

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Follow and No-Follow links

There are two more types of links that play a big part in the SEO of a site. Follow and no-follow links can make the difference in the ranking of a web page. A follow link is a link that takes a user to your website and bumps it up in the rankings. On the contrary, a no-follow link is one that also leads back to a website but gives that website no boost in the SERP. Both of these links are crucial to SEO and how anchor text is used for SEO, because one is less beneficial than the other one. They are similar to the backlinks and internal links, in the way that they play a huge part in how much a search engine utilizes them to rank your site.  

Link Anchors and HTML

Link anchors are different from the anchor text we have discussed so far. They still contribute to anchor text, but in a different way.  A link anchor is located in the HTML of a web page and is used to generate the anchor text. HTML anchor links are crucial and are another reason as to why anchor text is important.While link anchors are not as simple to understand as regular anchor text, they are just as necessary for a proper web page. The link anchor is seen as plain text most of the time. That’s because all of the HTML coding happens in the background. 

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is the language that is specifically designed to be used in a web browser. It is not a simple language, but you can learn it with online tutorials or in school. HTML5 web development can be used to make a great-looking website, where SEO anchor text can be used to return great rankings on a search engine. 

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Why Anchor Text is Important

So, why is anchor text important? Its many uses make it a crucial part of building a well designed website.  SEO anchor text builds trust between your web pages and a search engine. More trust means that there is a higher possibility of your website ranking higher on a search engine results page. Higher results lead to more potential clicks and conversions as well.

Ensuring that all links leading to your page are safe is also another reason why anchor text is important. A link coming from an unsecured page could possibly lead to a search engine penalizing the website for having that link. Keeping in touch with the latest updates by Google’s Penguin algorithm will prevent any mistakes being made that can reduce the ranking of your site.

While link anchors are not as visible as regular SEO anchor text, they still make up a big part of the optimization of the web page. They are located in the HTML of the page. Having a broad knowledge of why it is important is essential for anyone who works on a website. It is also important to know how to use it without being penalized. Applying these tips and remembering what to avoid can increase the chances of success for a website. 

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