Why Is SEO Important for Personal Trainers?

Being a personal trainer requires a lot of self-promotion in today’s world. You want to make sure that people come to you first before others for their personal training. If you want to reach more clients and help them get fit, look no further than personal trainer search engine optimization or personal trainer SEO, to help you reach these clients. Personal trainer SEO with personal training keywords and more can help you boost your website’s presence so it can be in the top search results on Google. Being in the top search results with SEO for personal trainers can help you get noticed more than other local personal trainer ads. 

First, What Is SEO?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic coming to your website. It does so by getting you to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Personal trainers should be using personal trainer SEO to help reach more clients. 

How to Get Started With Personal Training SEO

Here are some tips to get started with personal training SEO. Think of this as your very own personal trainer’s guide to SEO! 

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1 – Optimize Your Website Using Personal Training Keywords

For personal trainer SEO and other SEO efforts, keyword selection is probably the most important aspect. When a potential client does a Google search, they use certain personal trainer keywords to get the results they want. By using the right personal training keywords in your personal trainer ads, you can make sure your business appears in search results as it’s attuned to search engine optimization for personal trainers.

When Google crawls your pages, search bots look for certain personal trainer keywords to help better understand the page. Targeting personal trainer keywords on your site helps Google better understand the context of your pages. Keywords can be put in the heading, title, body text, and even meta descriptions on your website. These are all great places for Google to find these keywords.  In order to find out which keywords you should be using, conduct keyword research. This research will show you which relevant personal trainer keywords are being searched for the most.

When looking at SEO for personal trainers, focus on keywords that have three or more words, which are called long-tail keywords. These keywords are better for your personal training advertisements because there is generally less competition for them. An example of a long-tail keyword is “personal trainers in Chicago, IL.”

Long-tail keywords are specific and show user intent. If someone searches “personal trainers in Chicago, IL”, you know exactly what they want to find. A keyword like “personal trainer” could point to anything from how to become a personal trainer to how much a personal trainer costs. With long-tail keywords, you know exactly what a user hopes to find and can help lead the way to your business.

2 – Create Quality Content 

A lot of search engine optimization for personal trainers and other SEO is about quality content creation. Creating content involves sharing information with the audience that needs it or wants it. This includes content through the mediums of blogs, videos, infographics, or ebooks. Content is important in SEO because it keeps leads better engaged on your page. When they find your website and find the content that you post on there, they can spend time on your website. Google uses the length of time people stay on your website as part of their criteria for SEO rankings.

To know what kind of content to create, think about the kinds of questions that potential or even current clients might have about personal training. This will ensure that the content you create is relevant to your audience.

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3 – Incorporate a New Kind of Design 

To provide the most optimal user experience, think about looking into responsive design. Responsive web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. Make sure that your website is mobile and tablet-friendly, in addition to being desktop-friendly. User experience will vary across various devices, which is why you need a site that will respond to how a user is visiting your site. A responsive design ensures that every user has a good experience across all of their different devices.

4 – Monitor Your Website’s Performance

You want to monitor your website’s performance constantly. One of the most important aspects to monitor is how quickly each page is able to load. Page speed is so important because users do not have the patience to wait for slow-loading pages. Research shows that 47% of people expect your site to load in less than 2 seconds. That’s why site speed is so important when you’re trying to attract new business. Without it, user experience and conversion rates are likely to suffer in the long run. 

You can utilize a lot of great apps or plugins to monitor changes on your website that affect the user experience. For example, Google PageSpeed Insights is a good program that allows you to see where you need to make changes to improve the experience. Then, you know where you need to implement these changes.

5 – Do Some Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging is when you write articles and submit them to other fitness websites. This has two benefits. First, you establish your business as an authority on everything related to fitness Second, you’ll get high-quality links that go back to your website or blog. These backlinks are another extremely important part of SEO. The more backlinks you have pointing to your website, the more trustworthy Google finds your website, which will lead to a higher ranking. You can also link your personal trainer ads on these blog posts so that potential customers know where to reach you. 

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What Else Can I Do to Optimize Personal Training SEO? 

Create Engaging Content 

We mentioned creating quality content earlier, but you also want to include engaging content. When it comes to SEO for personal trainers, the more people you can get to like, comment, or share your content, the more exposure your company will get. Three of the best ideas for engaging content for personal trainers are:

  • Advice Articles: These can be anything from career tips for other trainers to training advice for potential clients. For example, you could share tips for home workouts or staying fit while on vacation. 
  • Podcasts: Podcasts are great for engaging with other people in the industry and showing your expertise. No matter what kind of industry you are in, it is always important to know others who work in your industry. Local personal trainers are always a good group to get closer to. The podcast can act as another personal trainer ad. When people listen to your podcast, this is another chance to convince them why they should choose your business.
  • YouTube Videos: Having a YouTube channel is a great way to communicate with visual learners while also boosting SEO at the same time. Each video that you post to the channel can be tagged with different keywords and link back to your website. The content you might want to create on your YouTube channel includes workout tips or nutritional advice. Over time, this practice helps your business be higher in search engine results. 

Also, do not be afraid to use social media! Being active on social media is the perfect place to increase brand awareness. Actively posting on social media and engaging with followers is a great way to make sure that you always stay at the top of their minds. 

Stay Organized With a Content Schedule

Once you have some ideas for the content you want to create, decide how often you want to publish it. When it comes to SEO for personal trainers, just as with other SEO efforts, there is really no ideal number of times you should publish content. According to HubSpot, companies that publish 16 blog posts or more a month received 3.5 items more traffic than companies that blogged less than four times a month. Building out your schedule in advance ensures that you always know what your next post will be and gives you a timeframe for when you need to have it posted.

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Key Elements to Include in Content

When optimizing the content on your website, make sure you include these 4 aspects. 

  • Header Tags: These act as signposts for your content, helping people understand what your post or page is talking about. 
  • Page Titles: Make sure the title of your page clearly explains what the page is going to be about.  
  • Focus Keyword: This is the keyword you focused on the most within that content. 
  • Meta Description: This is a short summary of up to 160 characters that goes underneath the page title. It should be interesting enough to give people a reason to click on your website.

Maximize Your Local Personal Trainer Ads

You can begin doing this by securing a local profile on Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local. These listings should have your business address, phone number, a link to your website, videos, reviews, and directions to your business. You should always include customer reviews, as these act as an ad for your company.

The Bottom Line Is…

SEO can help your personal training business reach new clients with search engine optimization for personal trainers. It can work along with your personal trainer ads in other formats to help your business grow. If you need help with your SEO strategy, reach out to SEO Design Chicago today! We will show you how to use SEO to grow your personal training business effectively!

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