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Search engine optimization can be a business game-changer, but you may have wondered how much SEO costs when outsourced. Maybe you have dabbled in SEO yourself for a business and are looking up your optimization! You’ve come to the right page as we’re going to cover everything you should consider when looking at SEO costs to outsource services. 

To put it shortly, SEO is a multifaceted tool great for all content writing. It goes beyond mere keywords and links. There is a whole method to the SEO madness! Professionals do in-depth keyword research, legitimate backlinks, and way more to save you time and frustration. As a business or blog, you want to cut to the chase and make sure you’re being seen among the thousands of search engine sites already flooding the internet.

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Outsourcing SEO

Search engine optimization is a great tool that should be outsourced to guarantee higher viewability. Professional and legitimate agencies use retainers (or monthly payments) for continual SEO services. Occasionally you’ll see an agency work at an hourly rate instead of a flare monthly fee.

Expect to see an average of $500 to $2000 at a monthly rate. As stated in Entrepreneur, because agencies are held by competition instead of industry standards you may see agencies charge large retainers with an additional percentage sales commission. However, some agencies like working at an hourly rate. At an hourly rate, expect agencies to charge anywhere from $100 to even $150.

SEO Pricing

It’s important to consider if SEO cost is going to be an advantage compared to the work the agency will be putting toward your business. Are they overcharging? Or, what price will make an agency the right fit for you? Let’s dive in!

When looking at SEO pricing, you want to consider what your goals are. If you’re pushing a high quantity of content into the search engine, you want to be investing fully in SEO. While that is important, it’s also important you partner with an SEO service agency that focuses on quality at a reasonable price. While SEO is the king of ranking in the search engine algorithm, quality of SEO content does best.

Look for an agency that has reputable reviews and charges near the competitive standards of $100 an hour minimum. Agencies may offer a la carte services at more budget-friendly rates. Never stick with an agency that is below the industry standard. A bad SEO job can hurt business in the long run!

An agency that offers a variety of pricing for different types of SEO services to best fit your needs is perfect. The agency should provide SEO consulting to work with you to optimize your content if you’re unsure of your needs. An agency should never provide you a flat rate with standard one size fits all service unless the shoe fits!

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How Do I Spot Good SEO Costs?

Good SEO costs begin with the values of the agency. Consult with an agency about their pricing model. Are they Input, Output, or Value pricing? Weigh the pros and cons of the strategy when discussing your plans for your business. Pricing models will vary between agencies. All agencies choose pricing models that fit their business goals. Make sure their pricing model fits your goals too!

Keep in mind what SEO score the agency typically sets per campaign as you are considering SEO costs. You can review past SEO costs while reading past client reviews and by asking during a consultation. SEO score is a top factor in ranking. They must be prioritizing campaign SEO scores to be charging good monthly retainers.

Are Professional SEO Services the Right Fit for Your Company? 

If you want to optimize reach for potential customers, then professional SEO services are for you! Any business can and will benefit from a good search engine ranking. There are plenty of success stories of small businesses becoming a growing success with the help of professional SEO services. Professional agencies have the knowledge to use A/B test groups to optimize conversions

Businesses thrive off of SEO services, even in unconventional ways. Conversion rates and overall increased viewability are the most discussed benefits of SEO. 

What To Look For When Buying SEO Services

Buying SEO services can be tricky! Listed below are a few questions to consider when buying SEO services at any rate. 

  • Is the company reputable?
  • Are their reviews above customer expectations?
  • Do they offer different types of SEO?

These are all questions that prove the legitimacy and knowledge of an agency. Today we will break it down and answer these questions for you. Once these questions are answered, you have a perfect SEO match!

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Is the Company Reputable?

You always want to know if a company is reputable before partnering with them. As an SEO specialist, an agency should be ranking on search engines. It is not a good sign for a professional SEO service not to be ranking on sites like Google and Yahoo. A good SEO company has domain authority already established for potential clients to find them.

A reputable company shows legitimate proven results of past client SEO rankings, especially if they have been in the business for some time. It is an SEO service agency’s job to provide past clients with supported data of growing results. 

SEO costs should not be cheap! SEO pricing should always be in the happy medium of a good investment and within the competition’s pricing range. Do not overpay and do not underpay. Both will leave you stranded in your business’ future. No one wants that!

Are Their Reviews Above Customer Expectations?

As mentioned before, SEO costs should be backed by past client results. When an SEO company is doing its job well, the reviews will be above average. This is a green light.

Read reviews on the agency’s site and 3rd party review sites. Any recurring comments that SEO costs are too high is a red flag. Any recurring comments on proven results at a great SEO cost is what you want.

Do They Offer All Three Types of Professional SEO Services?

Not many people know that there are three different types of SEO services. This is why some agencies have a la carte SEO costs.

Here are the three SEO services and a summary of their uses:

  • On-Page SEO: On-page SEO is categorized as all copywriting on your webpage that will help you rank. It’s the most blanket general type of SEO most people are familiar with. It’s incredibly useful. On-page SEO costs are most common because the results are great. It’s used for all things from blog posts to alt-text on webpage images.
  • Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO is categorized as all actions that build webpage authority without taking away from the on-page strategy. This can look like creating reputable backlinks. This boosts internal circulation within your site and builds external links for search engine authority. Off-page SEO can also include social media marketing. Off-page SEO is overlooked by the general public when doing their SEO.
  • Technical SEO: Technical SEO is an advanced and very effective feature you want to consider when looking at SEO pricing. Technical SEO is any action taken to tweak rankings in favor of your webpage. This could look like reducing image file size so your web page loads quicker or optimizing your web page to be mobile-friendly. It’s the cherry on top that makes a grand impact on your SEO ranking that no one considers too important. 

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Cost of SEO

We want your scouting for SEO pricing to be a breeze. With the information we discussed today, it should be easy to see if an agency is legitimate. SEO costs are competitive as there is no industry standard. Monthly retainers are recommended over hourly agency rates. This is to ensure quality lasting service and not being overcharged. Monthly retainers can range from $500 to $2000 and hourly rate ranges from $100 to $150 an hour.

We want you to feel confident that the agency you partner with is going to meet the quality and expectations in comparison to their SEO costs. Scoping out an agency for reputability and professionalism is recommended. We hope this article helped you in making an informed decision and look forward to seeing your business rank.


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