Why Is SEO Important for Career Coaches?

Incorporating SEO into your career coaching business will be a game-changer. No matter what kind of business you run, SEO is important to help you be successful. SEO is search engine optimization. Get ready to be enlightened by what this can do for your business. If you think it sounds like a lot, we have some tips to make it more manageable. If you are wanting more clients, organic traffic on your website, and brand exposure, then you are in the right place. Are you doing the same old thing in your company’s marketing? It is time to upgrade and update your traditional marketing plan for a more modern, affordable, and expansive option.

Traditional Marketing Vs SEO

SEO can improve your coaching business so much more than traditional marketing in this day and age. Getting more clients is so essential to career coaching, and traditional marketing can gain your business attention, but SEO marketing gains conversions. No need for the guessing game of traditional marketing. This guessing game is placing commercials on TV hoping for the right audience to be watching at the right time. Instead, SEO targets specific audiences.

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Traditional Marketing

In traditional marketing, a wide audience is targeted through tv commercials, magazines, and billboards. Traditional marketing is basically any marketing that is not found online. Though outdated, it can still drive some attention to your business. It is often expensive and only sees an increase in clients when the advertisements are out. Traditional marketing has evolved into the world today to bring forth digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization in Advertising

Digital marketing is all the advertisements found through search engines, social media, and other online areas. SEO is only a piece of digital marketing. It is a process of improving your website that makes search engines like Google like your site more. By enhancing your website, Google will push yours higher as it fits Google’s standards. Compared to traditional marketing, SEO is less expensive. It can also have longer effects on your brand because it is pushing your website to rank higher on search engine pages. People are always searching to find the right business. If your website ranks high, your company will be considered when people are trying to select a coaching service. Improving your website is a marketing plan for your coaching service. It is simple if you have the right people guiding you.

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How Can I Promote my Coaching Business with SEO?

Using SEO to your coaching business advantage will give your company more brand awareness. SEO is known for increasing organic traffic. After all, organic search is often the highest source of website traffic. It is pretty inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing. You don’t have to pay-per-click (PPC) to have traffic brought to your website. It is all organic traffic that is given as a reward for checking all the boxes Google believes makes a trusting website.Using this also allows for potential clients to have a better user experience. This is important for SEO, but also users to continue to come back. It is 2021, clients won’t work with you if your website is a mess.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

One area Google focuses on for your SEO ranking is how mobile-friendly your site is. If it is hard to use on a smartphone, Google won’t recommend your website for its viewers. This ensures easy use for all users. Providing potential clients with a site that is adaptable on all devices benefits you greatly. You also need to make content people will actually see. There is no point to writing or having an amazing website that no one sees. By using the right keywords, your website will climb higher in the rankings. It will allow people to see all the time you’ve spent creating content for your website.

SEO is Long-Term

It provides a long-term strategy. By adding these SEO tips, your website isn’t going to jump on the first Google search page right away. SEO takes time to implement. It doesn’t improve your site overnight. It takes some time to start seeing results but can turn into consistent traffic and clients if done correctly. These benefits can make your company stand out. SEO isn’t hard but can take a lot of time and effort to put into your website. There are a variety of SEO strategies out there but finding what fits your company’s needs best is important. Your career coaching reach just became a whole lot bigger by using SEO to be a part of your marketing plan.

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Easy SEO Tips for Life Coaches 

If you think SEO sounds overwhelming and time-consuming, you’re not alone. Most website owners only know basic SEO. Having some SEO in your website could be the difference on your ranking. Some SEO is better than no SEO. Here are some easy tips for you to add your business.

Know What Your Clients Search

Create a list of phrases you think people search. A good way to approach this is by thinking about how you would find your business without using the business name. You can even ask existing clients to help. Once you know what people are searching for, you can create keywords to use on your website. It is important to note that overusing keywords doesn’t make you rate higher in the search engine rankings. Keep it natural and remember you’re talking to a human.

Use Content Marketing 

If you don’t have a blog on your website, consider adding one. Search engines love when content is updated regularly. This can also be a way to add personality to your brand or allow people to get to know your life coaching style. If you are wanting more SEO to add to your content, backlinking to sites that rank higher than yours can improve the credibility of your website. Search engines like links jumping to other sites, but don’t forget to include links to help viewers to stay longer on your website as well. 

Update Your Website

Does your website look outdated or is it not mobile friendly? Fixing these problems can help clients and search engines trust your page more. Don’t be afraid to spruce up your website and add a sitemap to easily move around your website.

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Google SEO for Life Coaches

Google owns 75% of the search engine world. Not to disregard any other search engines, but Google is the standard for SEO because more people use it. Also, Google has high standards since so many users rely on its service. Making your business fit Google’s algorithm is important. If you can form your website to be #1 with Google, then other search engines will like you too. By forming your website to have proper SEO, your life coaching page will have a high standing on Google’s SERP, or search engine results page. That is the ranking page where your website ranks compared to the other websites that pop up in the search.

Google My Business

Google My Business, also known as GMB, is a free way to advertise on Google. You can create an account and highlight the important information you think your clients should know about you. This can include contact information, your hours of operation, or promotions going on. It is an important way to get your business on Google searches and Google Maps. Your coaching service will come up when people look up similar businesses as well, providing the client opportunities to see your business. A great feature about Google My Business allows you to see the locations from where people search most for your business. This can be great to know where to target your local SEO.

Local SEO

Not only does Google My Business help let your clients know more information about you, but it can also be used to target specific locations using local SEO. Because life coaching is done in person, your clients will want to know where you are. This can really help with the surrounding competition. If you use GMB and local SEO together, your business could see a significant increase. Local SEO helps bring customers around you, and SEO increases your ROI and helps optimize your business as a whole. Using Google and local SEO together could be a pivotal change for your career coaching to start reaching more goals.

Google Analytics

With every good marketing strategy comes ways to measure the data received. Using Google Analytics can help see where your website and business can improve. It can also provide insights on if your business is producing content people are engaged with. It lets you know your next steps for the future.

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Start Reaching Your Clients Today!

SEO is a great way to start reaching people organically. If you are still wanting more SEO tips for your career coaching business, we can help! We offer a variety of ways to help you reach the audience and engagement you wish to achieve. SEO Design Chicago is ready to make your career coaching business as successful as possible.


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