Top SEO Strategies for Career Coaches

SEO has many features to add to your career coaching services. Are you wanting more brand exposure, but just don’t seem to be getting anywhere? Maybe you have tried SEO (search engine optimization) before but felt like it was too overwhelming. Stop wanting more brand exposure and start getting it by using these SEO strategies. Throughout this article, you will learn about the top SEO strategies for career coaches. These strategies will include ways to advertise, how to create content, and more ways to use SEO.

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Why is SEO Needed for Career Coaches?

Using SEO for your brand is how clients will find you. It’s 2021, and everyone is using their phone to find anything and everything. Potential clients will use a search engine, like Google, to look up what they want and don’t always scroll past the first one or two results. For your business to stay relevant and keep gaining clients, SEO needs to be a part of your business strategy. SEO allows your website and social media to climb higher in the SERP (search engine results page). This will gain your company more eyes on your website and a many more potential clients.

SEO is Still Important

Search engine optimization is a way to organically increase your website’s traffic. It is important today more than ever. There are so many competing career coaching websites that you have to do something in order to make yours stand out. SEO has a variety of benefits it can bring to your brand.

To Name a Few Benefits…

  • Brings organic traffic to your website
  • Builds credibility
  • Gives the user a better experience
  • Cheaper for your business in the long run
  • Creates a long term, long-lasting strategy


Those can sound too good to be true, but if you learn or find a company that can do SEO effectively, you will see those benefits come to your business. Not all digital marketing companies are the same. Make sure to take some time and find a quality company that fits all your needs. If you are feeling adventurous and determined to learn on your own, keep reading to find out the strategies to include on and off your website.

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On-Page SEO Coaching Strategies

On-page SEO is the SEO of the elements on your own site. This is done by increasing your content, optimizing keywords, making sure your site’s speed is fast, and internal linking to keep people on your website. When you get started with SEO, knowing your audience is key. You can start to tailor how you word your messages, find keywords, and figure out the best ways to influence your market. After you know your audience, you are ready to start implementing SEO into your career coaching business.

Make a List of Long-tail Keywords

By using long-tail keywords, it will help the right people find your website. It is called “long-tail” because these keywords are usually more than three words. Since the keywords are longer, only a select group of people are going to be searching for them. This select group should be your audience. See why getting to know your audience is so important?

Post Quality Content Regularly

Do you have a blog on your website? If you don’t, Google and other search engines probably skip over your site. Your website can increase on the SERP dramatically by adding a blog.

This is because search engines love when content is updated frequently. Posting content allows for potential clients to get a feel for your brand’s voice before they decide who they want to work with. Content creation is a way to market to your audience whether it is in the form of a video or blog post is up to you.

Blogs and Keywords

You can add keywords throughout the article to help increase how Google categorizes your content. Knowing what your audience is searching for can help you determine those keywords. Feel free to also incorporate long-tail keywords frequently. It can help target your specific audience to find your content.

Upgrade User Experience

As mentioned earlier, everyone is Googling on their smartphones. People’s main device to browse around on the internet is now their smartphone, instead of a desktop computer. Google and other service engines have taken notice of this. They want to give their audience the best user experience by rewarding websites that do the same. This includes making sure your website looks good on all devices, especially mobile devices.

Page Speed

Having a fast-loading page will lead to a search engine favoring your website. It goes back to the user’s experience on your site. If your images take forever to load, it decreases the user’s experience on your website. People expect their pages to load instantly. That is why when they don’t, the website sticks out like a sore thumb. Google has created a space that will rate your website’s page speed. Use this to increase your visitors and help your clients.

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Off-Page SEO Terms to Use in Career Coaching

Off-page SEO is mainly the backlinking and social media that can bring people to your website. By adding off-page SEO it can help build your website’s credibility and attract existing and potential clients.

Add Backlinks

Another element search engines look for are backlinks. Having backlinks allows users to move around from one website to the other, typically to provide more information. This can help your website on the SERP by linking to websites that rank higher than you. By including those, it gains your website credibility. Make sure you are not linking to an ad. The websites that pay just to get to the top of the SERP aren’t always the best ones. You want to link the ones after the ads to link to the highest results into your content range. Are you unsure of what kinds of pages you should be linking? Think of linking as citing your sources or providing more information to your customers. Backlinking is perfect for informing and helping make things clear.

Social Media

Adding social media to your brand can help you gain brand awareness. Although building SEO with social media can seem difficult, it is still very possible. Your social media handle becomes its own URL. That means it can show up in SERP, along with your website. When you post content on your social media channel, others might find it worthy of sharing. When other users share your social content with their audiences, it gains your brand more attention. They become “organic influencers” for you. That is a free advertisement!


Other content creators can also notice your content and save it for when they sit down to write their next article. Social media allows you to be directly in front of your audience. It can be a place where you encourage people to click the link in your profile to go to your website. Or a place where people can see who is behind the words they read about your brand.

Add Local SEO 

If you are a career coach that meets in person, meet local SEO, your new best friend. Local SEO sounds like a process, but in reality, it is simply putting your website where your clients are. It wouldn’t matter if you were at the top of SERPs, but the user was nowhere near your location. Local SEO allows you to target specific geographical locations to attract local clients. Google My Business is a key element in local SEO. Make sure you are using all Google My Business has to offer to help you reach the maximum number of people in your area.


Use Coaching Keywords

SEO is so much more than keywords. Keywords are great but creating consistent and quality content will get you farther. Don’t try to add as many random keywords into your content. Create content with the intent behind it. This article showed you that SEO has many elements to it.

Benefits of SEO

Remember all the benefits SEO has when you incorporate it and it will be worth the work. These benefits are bringing in organic traffic to your website, helping build credibility, giving the user a better experience on your website, and saving you money over time by creating a long-lasting strategy. By utilizing multiple functions of SEO, you can take your career coaching business to the next level.

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Take Charge of Your SEO Strategy!

Wanting more for your career coaching brand? We want more for you! That is why we are here to help. SEO Design Chicago can help personalize the best SEO strategies for you. We have experts standing by to help your business implement these strategies and more. We are a far-reaching digital marketing company that has personalized strategies for a variety of industries. Get more out of your website by putting these SEO strategies into practice.


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