SEO for Chiropractors 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about search engine optimization, or SEO, for chiropractors. If you need help with SEO for your chiropractic practice, contact SEO Design Chicago today.

SEO for Chiropractors

SEO for Chiropractors

If you want a competitive edge, then SEO is beneficial for your chiropractic business. There is a high chance that your competitors have a website to market their practice. Why is this important? Because in this day and age, having a website is crucial for growing your business.

Not only does it build your credibility in the industry, but it can also attract new patients.

Think about it.

If you were looking for the best bicycle repair shop nearby, where’s the first place you look? Google. The same thing applies to when looking for any healthcare provider.

Potential patients are most likely to develop trust in a practice if it has a website. If a website is informational and easy to navigate, that’s a plus. This is why having a well-designed website is important.

Why exactly?

Because the more traffic (or clicks) your website gains, the higher your business ranks on Google search results. This means that whenever potential patients search for nearby chiropractors, your business could show up first in search results. Since people are more likely to click on the results that are on the first page, SEO is crucial for chiropractors.

What is SEO?

According to HubSpot, SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the techniques that increase your rank in search engines. Digital marketing companies like SEO Design Chicago offer services in search engine optimization. An SEO campaign will optimize your meta descriptions, title tags, and keywords.

It’s important to remember that keywords play a major role in SEO. For example, let’s say that a patient looks up a chiropractic keyword, like the phrase “back pain.” If your website uses the phrase “back pain,” it’s more likely to pop up first on search engines. This is why using top chiropractic keywords on your website is a must.

Chiropractic Marketing

Benefits of SEO for Chiropractors

  • Targets the right audience

Unlike traditional methods such as cold calls, spam emails, and interruptive ads, SEO is more customer-centric. This means its goal is to make information and resources accessible. In other words, SEO focuses on the needs of the consumer rather than the advertiser’s. This results in attracting quality traffic to your business.

  • No need to pay for ads

The beauty of SEO is that it solely relies on an algorithm, rather than pay-per-click ads. In other words, if Google finds your website worthy of directing users to, it will continue to gain traffic. This also means that you have to invest time into writing high-quality content, which is why many businesses opt for hiring marketing agencies to do the work for them.

  • It greatly helps with PR

A lot of healthcare providers rely on word-of-mouth or referrals. While this has been the main practice of gaining patients, SEO has the power to extend your network.

Even though PR focuses on reputation and relationships, rather than traffic, you can combine them to maximize results.

Outreach is a factor that goes into SEO. Sometimes we can’t solely rely on Google’s algorithm to drive traffic to our website. This is where PR comes in. That’s why placement or coverage of your content by others can immensely help with your reputation. If you can get recognition from other providers or high-profile people in the industry, this can be a huge plus.

  • Get ahead of your competition

61% of marketers claim that SEO and maintaining online presence is a top priority for businesses. In other words, your competitors are most likely taking extra measures to keep their search result ranking high.

This is why SEO for chiropractors is important when trying to keep up with competition or move ahead of it. Utilizing SEO for your chiropractic business reaps numerous benefits and this just scratches the surface.

So now you’re probably wondering, what exactly goes into SEO? There are a lot of techniques that can help increase your SEO. Creating social media pages, content marketing, building a website, and even blogging can all help.

Ultimately, good digital marketing is what brings organic traffic to your website.

Chiropractic Marketing Companies

Chiropractic Marketing

Not only are you competing against other local chiropractors but other specialists, like spas, that help with pain relief.

It’s no secret that SEO and marketing for your chiropractic business will do wonders. In fact, 77% of users will use Google search before booking an appointment.

In order to effectively and organically drive traffic to your website, here are some helpful chiropractic marketing tips:

  • Keep your website updated

Assuming you already have a chiropractic website, the first step to improving your SEO is updating your website. Making sure your website is user-friendly and compatible for mobile. Another thing to keep in mind is how well your website is designed.

Ultimately, the goal is to steer your potential patients towards a call-to-action in booking an appointment with you. This all can rely on the user-experience of your website. If you’re unsure whether your website is effective or not, make sure it has the following:

  • State why your practice is best suited for a potential customer

  • Consider what your ideal patient is 

  • Make sure your website looks good on a desktop and is mobile compatible

  • Be able to persuade through professional information

  • Professional photos of you, your team, and office establishes credibility. 

  • Has informational and testimonial videos

  • Be active on social media

There are many benefits to having social media pages for your practice. In fact, another great chiropractic marketing tip is creating different social media pages and staying active. Not only does it increase your online presence, but it also helps your patients connect with you on a more personal note.

This gives your practice the opportunity to help you stand out among competition as it solidifies your brand. Although there are two things to consider when deciding what platforms you want to be a part of.

  • What demographic of patients are you targeting?

  • Which platform would provide the most engagement in learning about your business?

If you’re trying to attract a younger demographic, platforms like Instagram and Yelp cater more to millennials and Gen Z. Whereas Facebook is mostly used by Gen X and boomers.

Another thing to remember is that each platform has different features when it comes to marketing off your practice. If you’re looking to post more visual types of content like photography, Instagram is best used for that. Facebook gives more leeway to add longer text to multimedia.

Since you’re probably looking to reach out to potential patients that are local, an app like Nextdoor is great for advertising. Next-door is the hub to help neighbors to connect and exchange information, goods, and services.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing is another way to drive traffic to your website. This can include newsletters, welcome emails to new patients, or even happy birthday notes. It can also be a great way to keep your patients informed on how to upkeep spine health or lessen back pain. Ultimately, email marketing is an effective way to keep in touch with patients and encourage them to make appointments.

Even though this can be a cheap way of marketing, coming up with the content for email marketing can be daunting. This is why companies like SEO Design Chicago offer email marketing services.

  • Blogging

Remember how keywords are a major factor for SEO and traffic? Well blogging not only builds trust among current and potential patients, but gives you the opportunity to utilize keywords.

Blog posts on topics like new studies currently happening in the industry or tips on how to relieve back pain are beneficial. This will help increase SEO for your chiropractic business and help direct traffic to your site. What happens when your site increases in traffic? Your ranking on Google also increases. SEO Design Chicago also has experts that can create high-quality blog posts for your site.

Chiropractic Ads

How chiropractic marketing companies can help

Now that you know how beneficial SEO is for chiropractors, you should also note the importance of chiropractic marketing companies.

It’s pretty evident there’s a lot of tweaking that goes into improving the SEO for your chiropractic business. It’s also a time-consuming task where tapping into your creative side is a must. That’s why marketing companies like SEO Design Chicago can help your chiropractic business flourish both online and in revenue.

Before making the financial decision of hiring a company for chiropractic marketing needs, consider the goal you want to achieve:

  • Does your chiropractic website need improvement?
  • Do you need help with creating content for social media or blogs?
  • Do you need tools for keeping track of traffic and/or social media analysis?

If so, then companies like SEO Design Chicago can help. SEO Design Chicago offers a variety of packages that cater to your needs and achieves your desired results.

Chiropractic Ads

Another component of digital marketing is ads. You can use ads for your chiropractic business to drive traffic to your site.

A couple ways to do this is through Google Ads or Facebook Ads. A benefit of Google Ads is you can choose keywords and it shows up on the front page of results. Google Ads also does pay-per-click ads and increases its price as you get more traffic.

Facebook ads are another great way to up your SEO game for your chiropractic business. Because over 1 billion people use Facebook, posting your sponsored chiropractic ads has the potential to reach a large audience. What’s also great about Facebook is that it microtargets audiences. In other words, you have the option to have your ad reach out to people around your geographic location.

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