Debuts Schema Markup Validator Tool has launched its own schema markup validator tool. The tool was announced by the website on Tuesday, May 11. You can use the schema markup validator tool to help improve your website and ensure that your structured data reflects your content accurately.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is the structured data vocabulary that helps search engines better understand your content in order to serve rich results. You can use schema markup to improve your web pages in a number of ways and to help improve your rankings on search engines like Google. 

Schema Markup Validator Tool

According to the website’s announcement, is the new home for the structured markup validator tool that was previously called the Structured Data Testing Tool, or SDTT. It is available for testing now. The schema markup validator tool helps you validate your structured data on your website that is used for general purposes, outside of the Google rich results testing tool. 

Differences Between Google and

The tool was first developed at Google back in 2010 and was known as the Rich Snippets Testing Tool. In 2015, Google launched its structured data testing tool. In 2017, the search engine then launched the rich results testing tool. Then, in July 2020, Google moved the rich results testing tool. Following that announcement, Google said it would deprecate its structured data testing tool. Due to backlash from the industry, Google announced it would move the structured data testing to 

Google’s rich results testing tool is meant to only show you the Google supported structured data schema. However, the markup validator tool is for general purposes. Its purpose is to help you debug many more types of structured data, rather than those supported by Google. 

Google Rich Results Tool

The Google rich results tool will be on Google’s website and its purpose is to show you the Google Search rich results types.  

Structured Data Testing Tool 

Google will migrate the Structured Data testing tool to

New Markup Validator Tool

The new schema markup validator tool at is “simpler than its predecessor SDTT because it is dedicated to checking that you’re using JSON-LD, RDFa and Microdata in widely understood ways, and to warning you if you are using types and properties in unusual combinations,” according to the announcement. 

However, it does not check your content against the information needs of specific services, tools, or products. 

“But it will help you understand whether or not your data expresses what you hope it expresses, and to reflect the essence of your structured data back in an intuitive way that reflects its underlying meaning,” according to the announcement. 

Schema Markup Validator Tool 

Why Should I Care About the Schema Markup Validator Tool? 

This tool is important because it allows you to validate the structured data you add to your website (or sites.) Schema markup helps you provide searchers with detailed answers to their queries. It is an additional tool in your arsenal to support your site and debug any issues. 


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