How to Refine and Improve Google Search Results

Using a Google search is one of the best ways at finding out new information. You can quickly find out the weather, restaurant locations, what time the game is at, and much more from the practically unlimited topics Google can search for. But with these limitless options, it can be overwhelming to be presented with so many search results. That’s why this article is all about how Google searches work and how to refine and improve your Google search results. We’ll teach you some advanced Google search tips!

how to refine Google search results

Improve Google Search Results

Most people generally have some kind of idea what they are searching for before they enter it into Google. This is why it can be annoying when a ton of results appear that are not involved in what you are searching for. Being able to streamline your search results can save a lot of time and make it easier to find the result you want. The more precise you can get with your Google search, the more likely you are to find the result that you desire. Here are a few ways you can use Google more efficiently:


A great way to refine your Google search results is to use filters. These are easily accessible on Google, and are quite simple to use as well. Simply type in what you want to search for on the Google’s homepage. Proceed with the search by pressing the Google search button. This will bring you to the first page of your Google search results.

To further refine these results, use the filters that appear right under the search bar. With these filters, you can search for just image or video results, results that are news-related, shopping-related, or yo can go to Google Maps if you are looking for a specific destination. Just by using these filters, you can easily narrow down your search to a more specific result. Google filters can drastically improve your search results.


Another Google search tip to refine your searches is to try and use quotes. If you are looking for song lyrics, a movie quote, or a sentence in a book or paper, using quotes will give you more success in finding the result you desire. Many quotes have very general words in them, so searching for them without using quotes can bring back a large variety of results. Applying quotation marks to your search will only allow Google to provide results that are the exact phrase that you are looking for.

Google hacks

Exclude Words

A lesser known trick to narrow down search results is to exclude words that may be involved with your search result, but you do not want to view. For example, if you are searching for sharks and you want to exclude great whites, you can put a – in front of the great white keyword. This will cause Google to filter out those results, and show you all kinds of sharks besides great whites. This can be a good Google search tip to use in narrowing down which results will be presented to you when you initiate the search.

Search Within Websites

Searching within specific websites or for related websites is another great way to improve Google search results. This allows to search for pages and articles that are on a website, and not do a general Google search for the topic. To perform this action, type in what you want to search for in the search bar, then put a colon after what you are searching for, followed by the URL of the desired website. This makes it so that only the pages from that website appear in your search results.

Find Related Websites

You can also do a similar method to find a website that is related to another one. For example, if you enjoy sports but want a different website than ESPN, you can type in “” which will then conduct a search for similar websites. These are two great methods of refining search results to have a better chance of finding what you are looking for.

improve Google search results

Google Search Tips

There are a myriad of different tips and tricks you can use to improve your Google search results. Many of these simply make it easier to find the results that you desire, or bring you to your desired result quicker than usual.

Search by Text or Title

A good tip to improve Google search results is to only search by text or title. This helps you avoid websites that have the wrong correlation to what you have searched for. For a text search, simply type “intext” followed by a colon, then what you want to search for. This method removes both the title of articles, and the websites themselves from the search equation. It will only search for text on website pages, narrowing down the results you will get. A similar method can be used to search for the titles of website pages. This is similar to the “intext” method. First type in your search topic, then type “intitle” with a colon, followed by whatever word you want to find in titles about your topic. To search for multiple words in a title, use “allintitle” with a colon.


Another Google search tip is that you can change the time frame of your search, and what results are shown. To change the time frame of a Google search, perform your search first. Then, click the tools option that appears just below the blue magnifying glass in the search bar. This will cause the any time option to appear, just below the all button underneath the search bar. From there, you can select various time frames from which to view articles.

This is a great way to ensure you are finding relevant Google search results. Right next to the any time option, there is the all results option. By clicking this, you can choose to only display results that are verbatim with what you searched for. Clicking this option means that only results that are match word for word with what you searched for will appear. Both of these Google search tips are great at improving your Google search results.

Wildcard Search

An interesting and little known Google search tip is to use what is called a wildcard asterisk. This is called a wildcard search because it is not guaranteed what will appear between the asterisk. This method is great for researching something that forgot a part of. For example, if you know part of a song lyric, quote, historical event, or anything else, using the wildcard asterisk can help you find the missing component. To use this trick, type in the words that you know, and use an asterisk anywhere you do not know what the word is. Google will fill in the asterisks with words based on what you have already typed into the search bar. This method is great for finding new information, and remembering old information as well.

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Google Search Results

Improving Google search results is something that everybody can benefit from. Whether they are getting more precise answers, or saving time, there are numerous benefits that using Google search tips can bring you. Google search results are a key part of learning new information, as you can find them for practically any subject imaginable. So far, this blog has shown you various methods for making Google searches run better, and now we are going to finish by covering some ways that you can use Google hacks to improve Google search results, and for some fun Google features.

Google Hacks

Google hacks are tools that unlock some of the hidden features that Google has. These features do not necessarily relate to Google search results, they can be a variety of things. One interesting Google hack is the ability to find out the busy hours of a restaurant or business. By looking at the search results box on the right side of the page, you can see a graph indicating when people usually go to the restaurant or business. Some Google hacks are just for user enjoyment, as they provide no new information to the user. Examples of these are typing do a barrel roll, askew, or Google gravity. Each of these will make Google do something unique and fun, and not impact your search results.

If you want some stress relief, one of the most fun Google hacks is called breakout. By going to images and typing in breakout, you will be able to play a fun game that loads right from the Google images screen.

Another example of this is the ability to play PAC-MAN on Google, simply by typing PAC-MAN in the search bar. Google hacks are generally used to do interesting things with the Google search engine, and there are ones that can also be useful for getting better search results.

Over this blog, we have gone over a variety of ways to improve Google search results. Getting the best results on your first search will save you time and energy, so it is important to learn some of these tips to make you as efficient as possible. There is a massive amount of information contained on Google, and learning how to sift through it is a critical skill to have in this day and age.

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