How to Rank a New Website Quickly

In a world where the Internet is being consumed every second of every day, the value of a business having an online presence is undeniable. Yet, as more people are online, more businesses are online too. There are more websites, online advertisements, and marketing campaigns online than ever before. Consequently, the Internet has become flooded with competition. The odds that your particular website or advertisement will be displayed to the masses are becoming slimmer and slimmer.

If you are a new brand looking to expand your business, how can you compete with the big dogs on the Internet then? This article is going to answer this question and help you on your way to forging a successful online presence. 

how to rank a website fast

How Do Search Engines Rank Your Website? 

Before we dive into how to rank your website fast, let us first talk about how exactly search engine algorithms work. As mentioned before, the Internet is an incredibly vast place with billions of pages worth of content. It’s not very often that you stump Google with a question. That being said, when people inevitably search questions that they have on platforms like Google, oftentimes the first or second link is the one that they end up clicking on to find the answer to their question. 

Thus, the value of having your website ranked that high is extremely significant. This is also a reason why search engine optimization (SEO) has become of such importance for so many businesses and organizations in today’s day and age. So then how exactly does Google’s algorithm actually rank these pages? 

Google’s Search Engine Algorithm

Google’s algorithm looks at two things when deciding its rankings: authority and relevancy. Google creates rankings based on information gathered by its search engine “spiders.” These spiders have been specifically coded with a variety of different algorithms to determine how well a particular page can answer the search query. The spiders take into account the quality of content, keywords, optimization, and backlinks of a given site. With this information, they forge their ranking based on which one checks the most boxes as it relates to the question asked. 

These spiders are constantly being updated by Google engineers to improve their algorithm so that the best websites show up right away. Despite this, there is nothing that you can do with 100% certainty to get the number one ranking on Google. However, there are a few things about the algorithm that are important to take into consideration if you want to improve your overall ranking. 

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Search Engines Value Content Significantly 

Google’s algorithm, and other search engines’ algorithms, see quality content as one of the most important factors in determining a website’s rank. Creating content that is comprehensive, relevant, and informative is key. You want to be able to answer all of the questions that someone coming to your page for information will want to know. That being said, this information should be written in a way that is easy to navigate and understand. Including catchy headlines, keywords, and images can also improve the quality of your content in the eyes of Google’s algorithm. 

Optimization is Key to Search Engine Success

One of the things that Google’s algorithm searches for when coming up with its rankings is how well your page is optimized. What exactly does “optimized” mean you might ask? A successfully optimized website typically includes metadata, meta titles, meta descriptions as well as onsite H1 and H2 tags on each page. 

In simple terms, metadata, titles, and descriptions are the information that appears when your page is searched for. For example, say you look up a question on Google. The highlighted information underneath the search results that may help to solve your problem or answer your question is the meta description. The title or link that you click on the results page to arrive on that page is the meta title. The better the description or title does in answering the question, the higher the odds that your website will be ranked near the top. 

Search Engines Feed Off of Backlinks 

If you don’t know what a backlink is, they are essentially the links that direct people toward your website. Search engine algorithms use the number of backlinks as a benchmark for the popularity or importance of your website. Obtaining backlinks is one of the ways to get the fastest SEO results. 

Still, including thousands upon thousands of poor backlinks that have little to no functionality is not the way to go. Google’s algorithm, for example, has a method of differentiating good, useful backlinks and bad, useless backlinks. Thus, it is important to only include quality backlinks on your site. This is the only way that Google’s algorithm will reward you for including backlinks, so take advantage of it! A few ways to improve the quality of your backlinks is by using link-building techniques, focusing on outreach, bringing in guest bloggers, and utilizing digital PR. 

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How to Get Your Website To Rank Amongst the Top Fast

Now that we understand more about what exactly search engine algorithms take into consideration when ranking websites, let’s dive into some of the methods that will actually improve your website ranking.

Use Niche Keywords

One of the most difficult aspects of SEO is starting out. This is primarily because there are so many different competing websites out there. They are most likely dominating certain popular keywords that relate to the product or service that you are trying to provide with your website. You will get much faster SEO results by targeting less popular keywords that relate to your product

Typically, this means that you have to shift your business to a more niche or specific product or service. For example, say you are a company that specializes in smartphone repairs. Instead of targeting the key phrases such as “smartphone screen replacement”, try using “12-hour smartphone repair.” That key phrase is less popular amongst the industry, which means there will be significantly less competition for success within a search engine’s algorithm. It will also help to advertise the value of your particular service. 

Regularly Add New, Relevant Content 

As previously mentioned, one of the most important factors that Google’s algorithm considers is the quantity and quality of a website’s content. If you want to be ranked amongst the top on Google, you must constantly be adding quality, useful content. It should include information that is relevant to your target market. 

There are two reasons why this is so crucial. The first reason is that the more content that you add to your website, the more keywords are also being added. This yields more opportunities for people to arrive at your site. The second reason is that the more content you add, the more links you accumulate. This also yields more opportunities for people to arrive at your site. To sum it up in an equation, more content = more opportunity. 

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Acquire as Many Links As Possible 

Another point was mentioned earlier was the importance of backlinks within a search engine algorithm. You want as many quality backlinks as possible to drive more traffic to your website. Some strategies to acquire more links to your site include: 

  1. Adding your site to business directories and review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor
  2. Guest posting on other popular sites creating useful content such as how to’s or tutorials
  3. Searching for broken links on industry websites and talking to domain owners to see if they would be willing to replace them with your links

Ultimately, the goal is to improve the chances that your article is deemed high quality to a search engine’s algorithm. 

These Tips Will Have Your Website Ranked in No Time 

There is nothing that can guarantee your website will be ranked #1 within a search engine’s algorithm. However, a solid foundation SEO foundation can prove to make a profound impact on your business. Following the steps in this article will undoubtedly improve your website’s overall ranking. And who knows? Your website may be ranked amongst the top dogs in the industry much sooner than you think! Give these tips a shot and let us know how they helped you! 

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