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Programmatic Ads Tips for Marketing

Programmatic advertising is quickly becoming the best platform to spend your advertising money on. Due to its preciseness and value, many businesses are turning to Programmatic advertising.

Programmatic Audio Ads

Programmatic audio ads

This article explains programmatic advertising with programmatic audio ads. It dives into the nuances of placing, tracking, buying audio ads. Covered in this article is the importance of digital audio, impact of programmatic audio and methods for advertising programmatic audio.  What is Programmatic Audio? Digital advertising in audio content like podcasts, digital radio, and music-streaming […]

Your Ultimate Introduction to Programmatic Advertising and Using a DSP

Demand Side Platform

Your Ultimate Introduction to Programmatic Advertising and Using a DSP You were researching the best marketing strategies for your company when you came across the terms “programmatic advertising” and “DSP.” You were originally leaning towards buying some Instagram ads, but now you’re wondering if programmatic advertising is a better option.  The answer depends on your […]

Becoming an Expert in Programmatic Advertising-SSP

Programmatic ad buying

Picking Away at the Intimidating Language: Programmatic Advertising and SSP When implementing a programmatic advertising SSP within your company, it’s easier to acknowledge the two as separate pieces before understanding the whole picture. Programmatic Advertising is an ad tech software used to purchase and sell automated advertisements. Through the ability to access your entire company’s […]

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