Why Local SEO Is Important for Podiatrists

The podiatry market has grown to the size of $4.3 billion in 2020 globally and has an expected growth of 1.9% from 2021 to 2028 according to Grand View Research. The research further shows that foot problems have become widespread. Because of this, preventative measures are being put in place through awareness, which is also leading to large market growth. Since podiatry services are in higher demand, it is important for podiatry clinics to allow their services to be easily accessible to clients in the local community who are in need of treatment. The best way to do so is to improve the clinic’s visibility on the search engines such as Google. Patients who are looking for nearby clinics should be able to find your clinic among the search results, see what injuries you treat, and schedule an appointment with you. You can make this happen by incorporating strong local SEO strategies into your podiatrist marketing activities.

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How to Build Successful Local SEO for Podiatrists

The first step to drawing in your target audience is applying the right keywords to your website. To find out the key terms that users often key in to search for podiatry clinics or services. For an easier generation of key terms, you can use a special tool called Keyword Planner, which is a part of the Google Ads platform. The tool provides ideas of different keywords you can use based on the word you type in. It generates various suggestions for keywords that you can apply so that you can integrate them into your website. Some examples of keywords include “podiatrists located near me” or “nearest foot doctor.” The more you tailor your website to the specific keywords that your target audience would use, the higher the flow of traffic to your site and the greater the opportunity to find long-lasting customers. 

Create a Local Presence

Having the right keywords is not the end. Creating your local presence is essential to building a good reputation and connection with the community. Your Google My Business profile should be among the top options of the search results. Moreover, you should maintain your position as a top podiatry clinic by continuously creating new and innovative content. 

The content you create should be relevant to the needs of the customers and easily accessible. It should also be informative to guide the patient on exactly what each condition entails and how it can be treated in a simple way. The more information you provide, the stronger the trust with your patients as a reliable podiatric clinic. Content creation can be done both online and on social media.

SEO Analysis

How can you know how to boost your podiatry business from the current level to its highest potential? Thorough SEO analysis helps you have a better understanding of your SEO and what needs improvement. You get to see your current rankings and track your traffic and conversions through Google Analytics. SEO Design Chicago has over a decade of digital experience with podiatrists and can help your business rank higher through a more original and tailored search. To stay within the bounds of the current laws and regulations, SEO Design Chicago remains HIPAA compliant, ensuring all efforts made to serve its clients are approved. 

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Obtaining Reviews

More than what you say about your clinic and its services, patients are more interested in the experience of others. They want to know about the experience of your previous patients. Asking for good reviews from your patients is key to creating a good reputation for others to reference when they search for a podiatric clinic online. 

Benefits of Local SEO for Podiatrists

The competition for podiatry practices is growing year in and year out. Standing out at top of the market comes with good management of local SEO. Research shows that 60% of searches are done on mobile devices and half of them are locally based. Below are a few reasons why podiatrists should actively work on developing their local SEO:

Improve Visibility

With the rise in competition among podiatrists, local SEO does a phenomenal job of easing the process of potential target clients finding you when they search for services that you offer. The higher your visibility, the higher you rank on the search engine results page. The goal is to have as many patients as possible from within the local community find your clinic.

Increase Website Traffic

To encourage a large number of patients to explore your website, your landing page should be both aesthetically pleasing and informative enough to provide answers to the key questions that patients are likely to ask. SEO Design Chicago helps small businesses come up with marketing strategies that can guide them to dominate the local market, including podiatry! They help resolve some of the most common issues podiatrist websites face. Often, these include slow site speed, poor navigation, and duplicate title tags. You should focus on developing the core parts of your website such as the title, the headline, and the content of your homepage while making sure it is mobile-friendly. 

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Start Link Building and Get Citations

Creating links on your website helps create a stronger connection with potential clients and also builds a brighter reputation when other companies cite your company on their website. Internal links are links that go to another page of your own website. External links go to another company’s website. Both types of links are extremely important to your overall SEO strategy for podiatrists. 

Social Media

Podiatrists venture into social media marketing to promote their services on sites such as Facebook. Using your social media analytics, you can figure out the types of posts that are most successful for your business.

How to Overcome Local Podiatry SEO Challenges

First, you should have profiles on online business listings websites. You should keep the business profile, addresses, and contacts consistent on all business listings. A specific business listing you should have is a Google My Business profile. Make sure you flesh out your profile on Google My Business to keep all information fresh and up-to-date. This also allows for excellent reviews to be posted online through the patients’ responses. 

Perhaps most importantly, you should always track the results of your marketing strategies. Make sure you stay up to date on the latest metrics, as they can change dramatically between months, weeks, or even days. 

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SEO Design Chicago and Podiatry SEO

SEO Design Chicago is here to help podiatrists who want to increase their online visibility. Among our many other services, we can provide you with a free local SEO analysis to help you see their current rankings and possible areas of improvement. Our team of digital marketing experts is here to support your business growth. We can do things such as provide you with a wide range of location-specific keywords and links that will enhance your online presence.

If all of this talk of search engine optimization has left you with more questions than answers, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the knowledge and resources to take your SEO strategy to the next level – and increase the profitability of your business.


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