What Product Photography Hashtags to Use

Product photography is something that any company selling physical products should invest in. If you have good product photos, it can be very beneficial for your business in bringing in new customers, standing out against competitors, and enhancing your branding. In this article, we will further discuss what product photography is, some tips for product photography, as well as hashtags, and why you should incorporate them into your social media posts. 

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What Is Product Photography?

Product photography is the art of taking high-quality photographs of a product to visually highlight its features, benefits, and details. These photos are often taken and used in advertising to help drive the sales of your business or a product. They can usually be seen in product catalogs, websites, social media platforms, and e-commerce websites. 

The goal of product photography is to showcase a product in the best way possible. A good photo should make anyone who sees it want to purchase it. A lot of detail goes into creating a good photograph that accurately depicts the product such as lighting, composition, and styling. This can be done either in a studio or outdoors, with natural or artificial lighting. 

Knowing the current product photography trends may also be helpful/ For example, an emerging trend is 360-degree product photography, which allows customers to view the products from all angles. With a 360-degree photo, customers are also able to see all the details of the product, not just the “attractive” parts of it. This will improve the overall shopping experience for the customer as well as increase customer engagement.

Photoshoot Tips for Product Photography

These are some tips for you to create the best product photographs to attract customers:


Lighting is one of the most important things to keep in mind for product photography. It can highlight the textures and details of the product and also create depth and dimension for the product. Try to avoid harsh lighting, and make sure your product is evenly lit. Usually, artificial lighting is the best choice. But for certain products, natural light may be more beneficial.

Background Composition

Composition involves organizing the product in a way that is visually pleasant and highlights its key qualities. It is important to have a simple and clean background to not distract from the product. You should also pay attention to negative space. Negative space can be used to balance the composition of the photograph and draw the viewer’s attention to the product. The photo styling should also be consistent with the brand’s image and target market. 

High-Quality Equipment

You want to produce high-quality photos that can capture every detail. Images that are poor quality will turn customers away because it will make it seem like the brand is unprofessional and the product is unreliable. In order to produce high-quality photos, you need to invest in a high-quality camera, lenses, tripod, and other essentials to produce a good photo. A tripod is a great way to keep your camera stable and produce clearer photos.


Consistency in product photography is crucial for a brand because it gives your company an overall unified and professorial look. It is also easier for customers to recognize your brand and products when your product photographs follow a consistent style, composition, and lighting scheme. Some things to keep in mind to achieve consistency are

  • Using consistent lighting for all your product photos to show consistent exposure and color
  • Using the same background for a lot of your photos, whether that is a simple background or a fun textured one
  • Having the same editing technique for all of your photos
  • Creating a style guide that specifies the rules for your photos, such as what kind of lighting, background, color scheme, and composition to use

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Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a composition principle in photography that divides an image into thirds both horizontally and vertically. It creates nine equally sized places where the subject of the photograph should be placed. They should be placed at the intersections of the lines or along the lines, rather than at the center of the frame. This principle can be used in product photography because it can produce a balanced and visually appealing photograph.

Editing Your Photos

After you have taken your photos, you need to edit them to enhance their quality. This would include modifying the saturation, contrast, and brightness as well as covering or removing any flaws or blemishes in the photo. It also includes resizing and cropping the image so that it will properly display on the platform you are choosing to upload to. There are many different platforms available for photo editing like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. To figure out what tools and methods are most helpful for you, it is useful to test out many different platforms. 

20 Product Photography Hashtags To Use

These are some popular and effective hashtags to use for product photos when you are posting on your social media account:

  1. #ProductPhotography
  2. #ProductShoot
  3. #ProductPhotos
  4. #ProductPhotographyStudio
  5. #ProductPhotograpyTips
  6. #ProductPhotographyBackgrounds
  7. #ProductPhotographer
  8. #PhotoOfTheDay
  9. #ProductPhotoshoot
  10. #ProductPhotosession
  11. #ProductVisualization
  12. #ProductAdvertising
  13. #Product Launch
  14. #EcommercePhotography 
  15. #Brand
  16. #BrandingPhotography
  17. #Branding 
  18. #ProductDesign 
  19. #Design
  20. #SmallBusiness

In order to reach your target audience, use hashtags that are related to your target audience and relevant to your product. Suppose you use hashtags that are not relevant to your product. That will bring in the wrong audience and be misleading to anyone who sees your content. Additionally, if you are a small local business it may be beneficial to use location-based hashtags to reach customers within your local area. Finally, if there is a current trend going on, using relevant and trending hashtags will expose you to more people.

Why Should You Use Hashtags?

Hashtags are a crucial tool for increasing your engagement and audience online. You can also develop your own unique hashtags to promote your brand and products. Using a unique hashtag can make you stand out against competitors and reinforce your brand values. Consistently using the same unique hashtag across all your social media platforms will boost social media visibility and brand recognition. If you create your own unique hashtag, you can also monitor its performance. For example, if you created hashtags for a new campaign, you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaign by keeping track of how many people are using your hashtag.

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Why Is Product Photography Important?

An essential part of any marketing strategy is to build up a strong social media presence. Product photography can be a key part of that presence, bringing you valuable brand recognition. Once you are past that point, you need your products to be desired by your potential customers and product photography can help you achieve that. 

Attracting Potential Customers

Customers are drawn in by high-quality photography. For example, if someone sees an ad for your product, and it is a good-quality photo, the customer will be more inclined to click on your ad to learn more about the product and even make a purchase. 

Building Trust

Building trust among your customers is important because it will help your company attract and retain customers. Part of that trust is producing photos that accurately portray the product that you are selling. This shows that your company is honest and open about the representation of the product they are selling. 

Differentiating the Product

Effective product photography can help your product stand out from your competitors. Potentially, it could be the reason your product is chosen over another brand. You are able to showcase the product’s unique features, highlight the quality of the product, and provide a clear view of the product. 

Sales Growth

Eventually, attracting customers, building trust, and distinguishing your product from others will lead to increased sales. Also, an accurate depiction of the product can help the customer visualize themselves using your product. As you increase sales, you’ll also see a rise in your bottom line.

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Professional Photography Services

Having high-quality images to show off your products is great but if nobody can see them, your efforts have gone to waste. That is why having multiple good hashtags is an effective way to get your brand and products noticed by others and there are so many different options and directions that you can take it. Have something that is short and easy to remember but is unique to your company. It may take some time to find the hashtags that are best for you but the growth in your business will make it worth it. Professional product photography is not an easy thing to do. That’s why at SEO Design Chicago, we offer photography services to help make the job easier for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.


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