LiveWire Entertainment

LiveWire Entertainment

LiveWire Entertainment was launching their new brand needing to create on online presence. Working with SEO Design Chicago we created a mobile ready and responsive website. Now their current customers and prospects alike can see easily navigate through their services, entertainment packages, and book LiveWire Entertainment.

LiveWire Entertainment was formed by Larry King of The Larry King Orchestra and Matthew Schumacher, an industry veteran of the mobile entertainment industry. During their time together over the course of the previous eight years, they created a unique product that revolutionized how weddings are now done. Once they perfected their method of seamlessly integrating a DJ into a live band, they realized that there was no limit to the potential of their special brand of sophisticated, high energy, top of the line entertainment. Thus, with the drive to once again revolutionize weddings and private events, LiveWire Entertainment was born.

LiveWire Entertainment

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