Larry King Orchestra

Larry King Orchestra

Larry King Orchestra hired SEO Design Chicago to create a website that showcased their band, all their artists, and add an audio player to their site. The site also showcases their past events, client reviews, and contact form for booking. SEO Design Chicago continues to manage their website and add new content as their band grows.

The Larry King Orchestra (LKO) has been servicing the entertainment needs of private event clients spanning the globe for over 18 years. Approaching events from a musical perspective allows LKO to provide the ultimate in modern live performance. Whether it be a live mash-up for a first dance or a unique awards presentation, LKO provides a personalized musical experience for each event. From ceremony and cocktails to dinner and dancing, our guests travel on a sonic journey that accentuates the intended emotion and vibe from scene to scene. Whether it’s the delicate nuance and beauty of a classical string ensemble, or the high energy of an electrifying band/DJ combination, LKO is the ultimate compliment to your special occasion creating the unique affair you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

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